The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 391 The Words That Raised A Wave In The Firmaments (Part 5)
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Rox saw the black-haired boy who had stolen the attention of "his" girl, smiling with disdain at him, and his eyes got bloodshot, he then tore off a small bag which was hanging from his waist to take out its contents.

A little bottle with a viscous liquid inside of it, which he gulped down in a single go.

"Crash!", Rox threw the empty bottle at the ground, and unlike what one would have expected, instead of the bottle exploding into little pieces, the ground shattered.

Rox then took a deep breath, and his body suddenly expanded until he has reached about 2.5 meters of height, his originally slim figure became bulky and his tanned skin became darker.

"Do you know what's the attribute of my Black Vulture family?", asked Rox with a hoarser voice than before.

But Aster's response was a shrug, he could tell it was related to darkness, but in his opinion, it couldn't compare with Felicia's one, her darkness was similar to a black hole from which nightmares threat come out, while Rox was at most a low illuminated night, the difference of a firefly in front of the sun so to speak.

"Humph, normal vultures follow and wait till their prey dies before feeding on them, quite cowardly if I say so myself, but my Black Vulture family instead "create" prey, by causing pain and distress to our enemies we can collect their despair in our feathers at the moment of their death, for further usage, like cultivation or temporal boosting".

A pair of sinister looking black feather wings sprout out of Rox's back, Aster could see some black dense liquid dripping from a couple of the feathers from time to time, which upon contact with the ground caused a small hissing sound as it was corroded.

"This is the magnificent power of the "Black Sin Wings" manual of my family, even the heavens recognize us, as we don't get marked by our way to get stronger, I wonder would I be able to refine a whole bottle from you if I skin that little girl alive...".

Before Rox could finish his sentence, he fell as if the sky was falling down on him, while his current strengthened body combined with his body cultivation allowed him to stay standing, his legs were buried into the ground all the way to his knees due to the massive pressure that was threatening with crushing him.

"So you have the heavens on your side, is that what you say?", asked Aster, Rigel's flames were absorbed back into his body and then without a second of delay golden light exploded out of him, something normal you might say, but this time there was an extra layer, an ash-red light added to his usual golden spirit energy.

Once the light faded away, Aster who was now wearing a different armor slowly opened his eyes to reveal that his normally round golden pupils akin to humans, had changed to be elliptical, like the ones of a reptile... or the king of reptiles to be more accurate, in other words a dragon.

As for the armor, he still had the chest plate, arms and legs golden pieces, but there were extra ash-red plaques added to them, similar to the ones his soul avatar wears since Sarina became a star maiden.

'Oh, so this is how it works, mothers are really something', thought Aster as a torrent of information appeared in his mind, Sarina had originally unlocked "Determination" and "Love", two of the abilities of her soul constitution.

Normally Aster keeps his cool, because he knows that his dragon lineage is pretty volatile, and until it his evolution has finished, he has to keep a tight grip on it, but since they appeared the pair of idiots from the Storm Roc and Black Vulture races, had been threatening his precious family, so how could he not be furious about it.

A moment ago, his blood was literally boiling due to anger, which triggered a small advance into the evolution of his lineage, his eyes now looked like the one's of one of the fiercest, warlike creatures, a dragon.

And at the same time, due to the connection he shared with the star maidens, Sarina could tell someone had such horrible intentions towards her daughter, based on how angry Aster felt, so she unlocked another of the abilities of her power as a star maiden.

"Wrath: The heavens aren't fair like they should, when anger cause by love manifests, Antares's retribution mist will be unleashed upon your enemies, burning them with ten times the anger they have caused on the Ruler".

Aster extended his arm and an ash-red mist mixed with his golden spirit energy on his hand, it was similar to the one Sarina used back with the bandits that had taken control over the border station in Rodia.

Sarina is a good woman by nature, Kana inherited her softness from her after all, but unlike her daughter, she is also a naturally talented warrior thanks to her father, the old general Sylas, and after living and surviving hell, while experiencing the father of her child trying to kill both of them for selfish reasons, of course she was like a fierce lioness who protects its cub, when it came to Kana, something she had in common with Aster.

"The havens might overlook an asshole like you... but I can't help but notice the stench of blood and pain that comes from you, and I don't like it", said Aster with an authoritative voice.

"Haaaa!", Rox who was experiencing a strange oppressing sensation for the first time in his life, roared as he swung her saber with all his strength at Aster, unlike before that black liquid which dripped from his wings covered its blade but didn't corrode it, apparently the saber was made with a similar idea to Aster's sword, mixing blood or other things from members of the Black Vulture family to enhance its resistance and the capacity to inject their attribute into it.

Everything with the intention to suffocate, the fact that his legs shivered, and he felt his chest clenching, as he saw the eyes of the black-haired man who was looking at him with clear disdain.

Aster tightened his grip on his sword and welcomed Rox's saber with his own slash, both weapons clashed and after a moment where the world seemed to have lost its sound.

"Clang!!!", then a thunder like sound echoed through the whole battlefield, drawing the attention of those whose fights had already ended, among them Camila and some of the monks as well as Natasha and Charlotte.

Under their surprised eyes, both weapons exploded in tons of shards which were blown away due to the impact, the shockwave also made them both retreat by about fifty meters.

Rox snorted as he took out a second saber similar to the one who was just destroyed.

"Humph, it's no use, in this form I can take on a Genesis Manifestation from the royal lineage of my clan, there is now way a mere Stellar Const... bleghh!", as Rox was bragging about the boost he got from that black viscous liquid, a cut which went from his upper stomach all the way to his chest appeared on his body, splashing blood who had a darker color than normal on the ground.

"So, what, your strength went up but your saber intent is still lame in front my sword", said Aster with a grin, as he took out another sword from his spatial ring, one which was even bigger than the one he was using before, a two-meter claymore-like one to be exact.

"Since you are so proud of your high physical strength, let's have a little contest", Mylene who was still abusing her two enemies, looked at Aster and her pretty eyes widened a bit, since she met Aster, she has seen him fighting quite a bit, and he has always used one hand to hold his sword, despite their size or shape which varies from time to time.

But right now, for the first time, he was using his two hands to hold his sword, and she couldn't help but realize what that meant.

'He has never been fighting seriously against anyone so far', she failed to take into account that, and in her previous calculous she thought Aster would be on par with the young masters of mildly renowned forces below the Genesis Manifestation realm, but now, she had to admit that she committed a mistake.

"Oh my, he is a box full of surprises... I guess I should have expected it from the first and only man who is immune to my "schemes" ~", mumbled Mylene before she got serious with her own fight, her Genesis Core suddenly quadrupled its size practically crushing the ones from her two enemies.

The two elders vomited blood before their bodies exploded in a bloody mist, due to the pressure Mylene was exuding right now, she did it so that she was free to look at the result of both Aster and Kana's fights.


Back at the fight, Rox gritted his teeth and then with a tinge of madness appearing in his eyes, a couple of the feathers on his back withered away and the large wound Aster made him, closed in a split of a second, leaving only a pink mark since it was newly created skin.

"It didn't work you bastard; I just need to kill more people and my wings will keep growing HAHAHA!".

Aster's eyes glowed for a split of a second, as his image flashed, the ground below him exploded, and nearly at the same time Rox also flashed towards him, he even took out a second saber which he wielded with his free hand.

Once again, the clash resulted in a harmful to hear sound of metals colliding, and metal pieces flying all over the place, but unlike the previous one, there was an extra sound now... the sound of meat and bones being split apart.

"Young master!!!", the strongest subordinate of Rox who was still holding its ground against Ixas, a moment ago went blank as paper, as he saw a golden two-meter sword, nearly splitting his young master in half.

That's right, Aster's sword cut trough Rox's sabers, and entered through his shoulder reaching his chest, where it was stuck, though Aster missed Rox's heart, a but more and he would have been cut in half, so it would have been safe to assume he had lost.

But then a few dozens of feathers disappeared from Rox's wings and again he healed in a split of a second, he even jumped backwards to take some distance from Aster, while his sword was still inside his body.


He then looked at Aster with his hatred filled eyes, and with blood coming out of his mouth, as he spat before saying.

"Is that all you got, I can do this all day".

Aster smirked, then he waved his hand and countless figures appeared behind of him, right now about one hundred swords of different styles were floating at his back, and they all shared one thing in common, each one was larger and heavier than the next one, the 100th one was as big as twenty meters.

This is an idea he got thanks to one of the cultivation manuals Lilia once offered to him, "Seven Swords of Transformation" and also the "Soul Crushing Parade", it was basically a sword parade.

Why is there a twenty-meter sword among them you ask, Aster showed Rox the reason right now.

He beckoned with his left hand and a giant armored golden arm, appeared next to him, before it grabbed a four-meter sword, which looked a bit comical as the hand's size made it look like a toothpick, but let alone Rox, no one of the people present was in the mood to laugh.

'Isn't that a bit too much', they all thought.

And Rox wasn't any different, he was nearly cut in half with a two-meter sword, what would happen to him with a four meter one, not to mention the twenty meter one.

Aster craned his neck, before he charged towards Rox with murderous intention leaking through every fiber of his body.

'Let's send the divine firmaments a message in advance', thought Aster.

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