The Rise of Phoenixes

Chapter 155
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Chapter 155

And why had that flute playing person stopped coming when he heard the Tian Zhan Family’s whistle?

Feng Zhiwei was just about to open the door to check who this Tian Zhan person was when she heard the sound of sleeves whistling through the air. The rustling robes neared, and then the person snorted quietly and fell silent.

Immediately after, Feng Zhiwei heard a familiar voice.

“Over here? Go in and check!”

Then she heard an annoyingly familiar voice chewing as he replied: “Noisy! Smelly!”

Feng Zhiwei slammed the door open.

Helian Zheng, Gu Nanyi!

Really! Either nobody shows up to help or you show up together!

Feng Zhiwei turned toward Ning Yi with teary eyes, quietly chuckling.

When Helian Zheng saw Feng Zhiwei, his mouth fell open and he choked on his words.

Young Master Gu finally stopped munching on his walnuts, stuffing them into Helian Zheng’s open mouth as he flashed forward, grabbing Feng Zhiwei and checking her wounds.

He patted his robes and took out a handful of pills, stuffing them all into Feng Zhiwei’s mouth like so many beans, never giving her a chance to speak.

His Highness Prince Chu was quite pitiful in comparison; no one checked on him, and he even needed to go save Helian Zheng from death by walnut.

Helian Zheng was furious when he regained his breath: “You directionless idiot! Without me you would have never found this place! Burning bridges after crossing! Shameless!”

Young Master Gu completely ignored him; he had no concept of insults.

“Do you have medicine for the eyes?” Feng Zhiwei asked as soon as she swallowed the pills, pointing to Ning Yi, but Ning Yi calmly cut her off: “There’s no need. This is beyond his ability.”

Young Master Gu reached into his sleeves for more walnuts, ignoring His Highness’s provocation.

Feng Zhiwei leaned down and examined a small porcelain bottle beside the leader’s corpse; it was labeled ‘Chang Xi Incense Antidote’ and was probably the antidote for the poison that they had inhaled. The Tian Zhan fighter had probably searched the corpse already and placed the bottle neatly beside the dead body, but why had they left as soon as Gu Nanyi and Helian Zheng arrived?

Something was strange. The bamboo flute player had hidden from the Tian Zhan Family, and the Tian Zhan Family had hidden from Gu Nanyi — was an amusing situation.

She would not be able to figure out this puzzle any time soon because Little Gu would not explain.

So she relaxed, resting and absorbing the pills. Young Master Gu circulated some of his True Qi through Feng Zhiwei, and after she sincerely begged aid multiple times, he reluctantly took Ning Yi’s pulse and withdrew an extremely unpleasant and ugly pill. As he offered it to Ning Yi, his face was filled with such unwillingness that if Ning Yi showed even the slightest hesitation he would immediately take away the pill.

But unfortunately His Highness did not show any hint of unwillingness, taking the pill and thanking Gu Nanyi, immediately swallowing. Young Master Gu could only reach back into his clothes for walnuts, taking out a large stack of eight!

As they rested, Helian Zheng explained what happened after she left. As everyone had expected, Young Master Gu had gotten lost and wandered somewhere thirty Li away from the post house; a worried Helian Zheng set out later and picked up Gu Nanyi along the way.

When the two arrived at the post house, they were met with a sea of burnt corpses; after much searching, they found Feng Zhiwei’s marks along the foot of Ji Yang Mountain and followed her guide to the temple. They had to spend a lot of time finding the markings, so they only just arrived.

When they explained how they went to Hua Yan Du Village, she had to ask: “Did you see Chunyu Meng...”

Helian Zheng’s eyes fell and he shook his head.

Feng Zhiwei silently lowered her eyes, and Helian Zheng spat hatefully: “We lost dozens of guards and all the soldiers at the post house! These bastards have gone too far!”

“This debt will be repaid.” Ning Yi declared as he stood, turning to Feng Zhiwei and asking her to collect the stamped letters wrapping the beef. He spoke calmly: “Let’s depart. We’ll follow the original plan and head for Ji Yang. Ji Yang is not far from Shen Xuru’s capital city, Feng Zhou. It’s time for us to have a heart to heart chat.”

Young Master Gu slowly stood and grabbed Feng Zhiwei with one hand; an angry Feng Zhiwei twisted in his arm and cried angrily: “I can walk by myself!”

Unfortunately, Young Master Gu’s tenderness and pity for weak women was not really piteous or tender, and he threw her over his back and dashed away like a bolt of lightning.

The Ji Yang Magistrate’s Mansion was ten Li from Mount Ji Yang. Feng Zhiwei had talked the matter over with Ning Yi, and since neither of them were familiar with Magistrate Peng Hexing, they decided to present themselves using the Chang Ying Guard Token rather than their higher Imperial Court identities. They did not wish to beat the grass and frighten away the snake before they could determine Magistrate Peng’s character. The Chang Ying Guard was a branch of the Imperial Guard and demanded respect and care everywhere they went.

Magistrate Peng was a mildly handsome, middle-aged man, refined and obedient to the law. He arranged for them houses in the Jing Yang Magistrate’s inner yard and invited physicians to tend to them, wearing worry on his face all the while.

When Feng Zhiwei attentively asked after his troubles, Magistrate Peng smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying: “Thank you for your care, but a great dragon is not stronger than a local snake. You cannot help me in this matter...”

Feng Zhiwei smiled and replied: “For better or worse, we are still Imperial Guards.”

“Imperial Guards...” Magistrate Peng smiled bitterly again, shaking his head as he turned away. “In Longxi, the Shen Family is the Imperial Family. A guard cannot change anything...”

Feng Zhiwei smiled politely before sending Helian Zheng off to discreetly gather information. Before Helian Zheng could return, however, a fuss rose up in the front yard.

The front yard was Magistrate Peng’s main hall and the place of his work; it was the most important government establishment in the entire county — who dared make trouble here?

Magistrate Peng’s indignant voice filled her ears: “I passed the highest Imperial Examinations in the Tenth Year of Chang Ye and have obediently followed the Emperor’s edicts since I was granted the duty of Ji Yang Magistrate. I have always been loyal to the Dynasty! For what offense does your honor wish to strip me of my title!”

Quarrelling and noise followed, and a small, cold smile crossed Feng Zhiwei’s as she listened.

Helian Zheng soon returned, excited and angry as he spoke: “Longxi Commissioner Shen Xuru has accused Magistrate Peng of suspected bribery and is stripping him of his office while he is investigated. Vice Magistrate Shen Junxin, a distant cousin to Shen Xuru, will temporarily take up the duties of Magistrate.”

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