The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband

The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband

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    [The country finally matched me with a partner—the richest man in the world.]

    Ye Xingguang, dumped on the day of her graduation, stormed to the civil department to get in the queue for matchmaking, and somehow got Ye Junqing, the billionaire who topped the Forbes Rich list?

    Everyone was saying that Ye Junqing also topped the list of celibates, and Ye Xingguang had expected that he would be difficult to get along with.

    However, after their marriage, her husband taught her how to dance, play the piano, survival skills, high society etiquette, and the art of death. He’s a harbor in the storm like a father, and a brother who entertained her whims.

    She had thought that she had used up all her luck for this moment, but greater surprises were in store for her… Was she dreaming?

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