The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Chapter 411- What happened? (1)
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Chapter 411- What happened? (1)

[He’s the Primordial god?]

The gods who had swarmed this location heard the words of the gods of punishment. All of them were shocked. This included Lee Gun, his Constructs, and the gods that had come to get rid of him.

This name had that much weight.

In that silence, someone let out a forced laugh. It was almost like a sigh.

[Did you say the Primordial god?]

[What nonsense are you talking about?!]

The forced laughter turned into anger.

[He was the king of the gods!]

[As it happens, he was murdered by those evil gods…!!]

The Primordial god was the king of the gods and ranked above the Great Spirits. He was also the god whom the Creators served.

He was the one who had ordered the Creators to create the Divine world, the early Divine items, and numerous systems making up the Divine world.

The Primordial god had been tricked by Eternal Change and was weakened. The five great calamities had taken advantage of the situation to kill him.

‘After stealing the power of the Primordial god, those five sold it to the monarchs.’

As proof of their fallen status for killing the Primordial god, their appearances had turned grotesque.

‘This was why we didn’t bother interrogating them and immediately took them into custody.’

‘They were the reason the Divine world almost faltered and the Great Spirits went through so much hardship!’

What if one of those five was the Primordial god? The gods had a mental breakdown.

[Are you kidding me? How can you say such a thing? There is no way an evil god is the Primordial god…!]

[Shut up. There is no way the gods of punishment would make a mistake in identifying someone!]


The gods who had come to strike down Lee Gun let out a cold sweat.

The gods of punishment needed to have the ability to control the power of the gods. This was why they could analyze their opponent’s power. Their assessment of their opponent’s power would never be wrong.

At this point, the gods stood frozen as they murmured amongst themselves.

[That means we… The king of the gods…]

They couldn’t hide their shock.

Moreover, the ones that they had tried to use against Lee Gun were actually on Lee Gun’s side?

[Master! Are you ok?]

At this moment, Yeonwoo and the Constructs with her came running toward Lee Gun. Yeonwoo had awakened and gotten rid of the gods who had spoken nonsense about punishing Lee Gun.

However, the problem was the evil gods.

[We heard the five evil gods converged upon you, so we rushed here!]

[Are you ok….]

Their eyes turned menacing when they saw the enormous evil god behind Lee Gun.

[As expected, that bastard is here…!]

“Get out of the way, Gun!”

When Yeonwoo’s eyes flashed savagely, Lee Gun stopped them. He held back their power.


“Mmm… You won’t have to attack him. I don’t think he is an enemy.”


[What are you saying? How can you say something so treacherous?]

“They say he’s the Primordial god.”

[Still!! Even if he is the Primordial god— What?]



Everyone’s face turned pale, and they looked back and forth between Lee Gun and the evil god. They were frozen as if he was speaking nonsense.

[Primordial god…!]

[Are you saying the Primordial god is with the beings that harmed him?]

They were surprised, but they soon realized a startling truth.

“Wait a moment. There were five evil gods in the beginning.”

The five great calamities were the leaders of the evil gods, and there had always been five of them. There had been five aides who served the Primordial god. If one of these evil gods was the Primordial god…

“Where is the remaining one?”

Lee Gun laughed when he heard this. “One went over there. She became the Zodiac of the Scorpio temple.”


He knew it since he had conversed with Scorpio. The Zodiac of the Scorpio temple used to be one of the first Creators.

Of course, Eternal Change’s machination had ensured that she no longer possessed the appearance and power of a Creator.

“Since these Evil gods are all Creators, the remaining seat is filled by him.”

[What? The Evil gods are all Creators?]

The Constructs were shocked, and Yeonwoo had a realization.

‘That is why they were able to pierce through the Scorpio temple’s barrier.’

Scorpio was a Creator. Since the evil gods were of the same tribe as her, the barrier didn’t register them as enemies. That wasn’t all.

‘The reason the evil gods were looking for Master…’

The evil gods had escaped their prison and come looking for Aslan. They were tenacious enough to look for his grave. Was it because they wanted to protect their descendants?

Of course, it didn’t matter right now.

[Wait a moment. If that’s true, the story doesn’t make sense at all.]

[That’s right. If the evil gods are Creators… they sold the corpses of their members to the monarchs…!!]

Logically, it made no sense. It seemed the punitive force had the same thought. They were flustered as a commotion broke out.

[I doubt they would have gone as far as to sell their own… The Karmic debt from such actions would have made sure that they would cease to exist.]

The appearance of the gods with Karmic debt turned hideous. And when there was enough debt to crush the god under it, the god would cease to exist.

This was why the gods had an easy time finding the apostates. Deceiving this system was very hard.

[Then who killed the Primordial god?]

[Was it a false charge?]

The high-rank gods, who came as a punitive force, glared at them.

[False charge! Don’t you dare say such a thing!]

The Great Spirits were the ones who had suppressed and punished the evil gods. This was why these gods knew the seriousness of this situation and were having a hard time speaking their minds.

In the end, they could only say one thing.

[Look at him!]

[Even the Primordial god became corrupt…!]

The other gods, who had joined forces for this task, let out murderous intent.

[Look here now. That makes no sense.]

[The Primordial god is the standard for the gods, and he’s the absolute ruler of the Divine world. If the Primordial god became corrupt, it means we aren’t normal either.]

Silence reigned over the gods. None of them were able to open their mouths, except one.

“So? Are we done here?”


“I’m the descendant of the evil gods, so they won’t kill me. Do you want to continue this?”

When Lee Gun smiled, the gods, who came as a punitive force, froze. It was to be expected.

First, Lee Gun was able to use Cycle, the power of the Primordial god. Next, the evil gods also possessed enormous power, and one of them might be the Primordial god.

‘Shit! What is this… what is this shit show…!’

The only one relaxed in this situation was Lee Gun. He laughed since he finally figured out what had happened.

‘I couldn’t use my power against him since he is the Primordial god.’

Hadn’t the Primordial god been the master of the Creators? Lee Gun had no idea how it worked, but maybe, something was left in his blood. It was probably a spell that disarmed a Creator if they tried to attack their master.

Of course, such restrictions didn’t last indefinitely.

“Anyway, he’s the king of the gods, right? Are you sure you are allowed to attack him?”


The gods froze.

“Also, your king seems to be more on my side. Of course, I don’t mind if you want to continue this.”

In the end, they could only bite their lips.

“We’ll head back.”

“Ah. You said you were going to punish me, yet you are going to end it here?”

The gods lowered their heads.

[…We are sorry! W…We’ll come at a later date...]

[…We are sorry about invading the territory of a Zodiac without permission!]

The high-rank gods also lowered their heads when they saw the gods of punishment tremble.

Lee Gun’s Constructs were shocked.

‘I can’t believe they apologized.’

The gods didn’t want to make a big mess, so they decided to return to the Divine world. This was too important of a matter to overlook.

Lee Gun laughed as if that was all he wanted. “Yes. You made the right choice. Ah! Tell the Great Spirits that I’ll be visiting them soon.”

[Alright. We’ll go right now and deliver your words to the elders…]


Lee Gun’s eyes flashed.

“You guys better plant it.”

[Plant what?]


Lee Gun’s Death Instinct was released.

* * *

“What did you just say right now?”

“Primordial god?”

Everyone in the Divine world felt faint when they heard unexpected news. They had sent a punitive force to punish Lee Gun and had been waiting for the result. So what the hell was this?

“One of the evil gods was the Primordial god?”

All the factions had moved as one to get rid of the snake god. However, one of the evil gods who had to keep Lee Gun in check was their king! This shocking truth spread rapidly.

As this was happening, the Great Spirit of Kunlun feigned laughter.

[Primordial god? It’s the thing that we planned on using?]

“Yes…! Don’t you think something is off about this? The Great Spirits were the ones who stated that the Primordial god died to the evil gods…”

The Construct nervously looked at its owner. The Great Spirit of Kunlun had tried to make Lee Gun his bride, and his appearance had turned into something weird when he was suddenly dealt a severe blow.

Of course, he had only now been able to regain a little of his original appearance. He smirked.

[Those bastards did something.]

“What? When you say they did something…”

[Among the current Great Spirits, only four remember what happened with the Primordial god.]

“You are correct. They are the Great Spirits of… Ennead, Valhalla, Eden, and Mahabharata.”

Only these four Great Spirits hadn’t inherited their power. They had been here from the beginning.

The other four seats had been passed once or twice, at the very least. At most, one of the seats had been inherited over ten times.

It meant that these four were the only ones who knew the truth about the assassination of the Primordial god.

Soon, the Constructs surveyed their surroundings.

“We must be cautious about this… If those five were falsely charged…”

[No. We can’t be rash in coming to that conclusion.]

If the Great Spirits had falsely charged the Evil Gods and they were the ones to assassinate the Primordial god, there would have been signs.

‘Their appearance would have changed because of the Karmic debt.’

At the time, they had arrested the Evil gods because the evil gods’ appearance had changed.

[I have no idea what happened, but my predecessor must have done something with them.]

“W-What should we do?”

[We suspend our attack on the snake god.]

“What? Are you sure about this?!”

The Great Spirit of Kunlun put on a savage smile.

[I have a conviction that the enemy is the other side.]

Spreading like wildfire, the news finally reached the ears of the Great Spirit of Valhalla. Of course, the Great Spirit of Valhalla looked very uncomfortable.

[You are saying that one of the evil gods was the Primordial god.]

“Yes. From what we confirmed, the Zodiac of the Scorpio temple seems to be a Creator…”

The palace’s pillar immediately exploded.


The God of thunder, who had come to give the report, closed his eyes shut. Then he continued, “It seems Eternal Change was responsible for it. One of the five was turned into a monster. It was why no one noticed her.”

The Great Spirit of Valhalla laughed in contempt. He had wondered why they were unable to realize that the Primordial god was amongst them.

[Since the number matched, it had gone unnoticed.]

At the time, the Primordial god had been nowhere to be seen, but five evil gods were left. Of course, they had assumed that the Primordial god had died, and those five were the five evil gods.

‘At the time, we were satisfied that the Primordial god was gone.’

[That bastard Eternal Change did this rubbish….]

He had made sure the Creators couldn’t use their Divine status. It made the Great Spirits miss what had happened.

[He always worked toward his amusement. That was all that mattered to him.]

The reason Eternal Change had invaded the Divine world on his own had been baffling.

“He had heard a rumor about the Primordial god’s appearance, so he broke into the Primordial god’s bedroom.”


“He probably turned Scorpio into a monster for his amusement.”

The Great Spirit’s raven had a thought as it heard the conversation.

‘Was it really a coincidence that Eternal Change turned Scorpio into a monster?’

Soon, the Great Spirit of Valhalla sighed.

[It doesn’t matter]

“Great Spirit?”

[Since the Primordial god has made an appearance, we should bring him here.]


[He is our king. Be respectful when you are bringing him.]

An odd expression appeared on the face of the Zodiac who had been giving the report.

[What’s wrong?]

“We tried to bring him… But the snake god…”

The Great Spirit’s eyebrows rose when he heard the next part. What the hell?

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