The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 582 - Someone Wants To Invest In Your Project
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Chapter 582: Someone Wants To Invest In Your Project

The look on Jiang Shenghe’s face was intriguing after he hung up the call.

“Jiang?” Meng Qiuyue looked at her husband worriedly. “Are you alright?”

“I’m al- How can I be alright?!” Jiang Shenghe couldn’t help pulling his own hair while shaking his head. “It’s totally mind-boggling!”

Puzzled, Meng Qiuyue asked, “What’s wrong? What did Doctor Xia say? I also heard you talking about approving her leave or something. What was that all about?”

Him approving Doctor Xia’s leave? That was ridiculous!

They should try to please and flatter Doctor Xia now! Who dared to order her around?

“Have you any idea who she is?”

“Doctor Xia? Of course! Who else can she be?”

Meng Qiuyue looked extremely baffled.

“Do you know her full name?”

“Full name? I don’t know.”

“Her name is Xia Xibei!”

“Xia Xi- Xia Xibei?!” Meng Qiuyue cried out. “Are you sure?!”

She paid regular attention to entertainment news, as her husband worked in the entertainment industry.

The name “Xia Xibei” had been trending for the past couple of days. Who wouldn’t have heard about it? It was a huge splash!

But hold it right there... Xia Xibei and Doctor Xia were the same person?

He must be joking, right!

“You’re kidding me, aren’t you?” Meng Qiuyue shot her husband a glare.

“I’m kidding you?!” Jiang Shenghe shook his head. “The opening ceremony of my new film clashes with her appointment time with Rui. Do you still think I’m kidding? She even admitted it herself!”

Meng Qiuyue was utterly confused by then.

Were Xia Xibei and Doctor Xia the same person? For real?!

“But... But she’s so young!”

They had thought that Doctor Xia was at least thirty years old before this, and that she looked young only because she was great at skincare.

Who would have thought that Doctor Xia really was just a teenager?!

She must have started learning medicine back in her mother’s womb!

The husband and wife exchanged a glance, their expressions equally dubious.

If Xia Xibei hadn’t admitted it in person, they wouldn’t even have thought of it!

Jiang Shenghe mumbled under his breath, “I was just speculating... I didn’t expect that it would turn out to be true!”

In fact, Jiang Shenghe had purposely scheduled the opening ceremony and his son’s appointment on the same day, as it was an auspicious day.

He didn’t expect Xia Xibei to be so forthright and actually admit it for real!

He was mind-blown by her confession!

His phone rang out of nowhere, and Jiang Shenghe drew a sharp gasp, nearly passing out.

He patted himself on the chest to calm his breathing before answering the call.

It was from a friend.

He asked about his son’s condition before saying, “Jiang, I know you’ve been caught up with Rui’s treatments and all, having spent a lot of money. My heart reaches out to you, really.”

Jiang Shenghe raised his brows, “Just get straight to the point.”

His friend must have felt somewhat insulted as he paused for a moment, but quickly got to the main subject.

“I have an acquaintance who wants to invest in your project.”


“Yes, ten million!”

Ten million yuan wasn’t exactly a big sum to his new film, but Jiang Shenghe did not turn it down immediately.

“What’s the condition?”

“It’s simple. He wants a minor role.”

“Which one?”

“The queen of animals-”

“That role is taken,” Jiang Shenghe cut him off right away.

“Don’t get all worked up! If the amount isn’t enough, we can increase it!”

After all, it was just an ordinary, minor role with just a handful of scenes. He felt like ten million yuan was sufficient.

“No need for that, it’s been decided,” Jiang Shenghe declined decisively. “I’m busy, so I’ll hang up for now.”

Then he hung up, despite the shouting on the other end.

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