The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1509 - 1509 I’ll Treat It
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1509 I’ll Treat It

Looking at the information, which was not very useful, Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao were not in a good mood.

From here, it could be seen that the person behind the curtain was very powerful. Otherwise, they would not have had things so well thought out?

With the current situation of their Qi family, it would not be easy to hide it from them.

“Is it possible that someone in the family did it?” Xia Xibei raised a possibility.

“Family members?” Qi Zhi’an frowned, then shook his head, “I don’t think so.”


That was what he said, but his expression was a bit strained, and he was obviously suspicious because of it.

A family member could have made things happen if it wasn’t an outsider with great power.

After all, family members could erase some traces.

However, who would dare to do such a thing?

Looking at Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao both getting suspicious, Xia Xibei smiled in her heart.

As long as they were suspicious, it was a good thing.

“By the way, I just looked at Xinxin’s situation.”

The couple immediately looked up at those words, “How is she? Can you treat it?”

“Of course, I can,” Xia Xibei nodded. “Her condition is not too serious, I can treat it.”

The two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s good!”

“Then I’ll trouble you,” Ling Xiao looked at Xia Xibei gratefully.

“You’re welcome; she’s my sister too.”

Xia Xibei smiled and was very kind.

Seeing her so unconcerned about their past conflicts, both husband and wife were very impressed.

This child was really a good child, not holding grudges.

Seeing the children in the family love each other, they were also happy.

Xia Xibei’s face was smiling, but her heart was cold.

She was very suspicious of Qi Xin, and this suspicion would not be dispelled.

However, she would cure Qi Xin.

Whether Qi Xin was connected to this matter or not, it would not stop Xia Xibei’s mind.

As long as Qi Xin’s injuries improved, Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao would not be so worried about her and would not feel so guilty about her.

Without worrying about her, she can’t play the pity game.

It would have been easier if Qi Xin hadn’t had bad ideas and was injured.

Xia Xibei smiled inwardly, then went out.

She went to the Spiritual Plant Garden.

The spirit plants in the garden were still as lush as ever, and as soon as Xia Xibei entered, she could feel the warm welcome from everyone.

She released her aura and received more joyful responses. Many of the spiritual plants shook their branches happily.

Soon, Xia Xibei found what she was looking for.

Then she worked in the lab.

In half a day, she came out with two more bottles.

Then, she went into Qi Xin’s room again and started the treatment.

By the time everything was taken care of, it was already evening.

She was sweating and a little pale.

Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao both came over, and when they saw her like this, they were distressed.


“You don’t have to push so hard,” Ling Xiao reminded her, “Take your time. There’s no rush, don’t hurt yourself.”

“It’s okay,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “I’m fine. As long as she can get better, that’s enough.”

Ling Xiao almost burst into tears.

This child was really too good to be so kind to Qi Xin.

Then, Xia Xibei went into her room to rest.

Within the next day, Qi Xin woke up.

Her face was pale from blood loss, but it was not as serious as she thought.

“Dad, Mom, are you all right?”

She immediately became worried when she saw the two of them.

Looking at the pure worry and nervousness on her face, the couple became even more relieved.

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