The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1109 - Not a Veterinarian
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Chapter 1109: Not a Veterinarian

This was a small village in the middle of the country with a unique accent.

It could be said that not many people understood the dialects here.

This kind of dialect was simply from another world to these celebrities, who were used to the national language.

So, everyone was stunned to hear Xia Xibei open her mouth and speak this dialect.

Never mind Nie Zehai and Shi Shuhang, even the villagers were taken aback.

The villagers saw how beautiful she was and couldn’t help but look at each other.

Wasn’t she the beautiful star who came here to shoot a show? How could she speak their dialect? Could she be someone from here?

A middle-aged man stepped forward and spoke in broken but understandable national language to explain, “This ox ate something and is not feeling well.”

Only then did they realize that what was lying on the ground was an ox.

This ox should be in its prime and well taken care of by the owner’s family, so it grew to be massive and fit.

This was a small and hilly mountain village, so it was very difficult to plow with machines, and they had to rely on the help of oxen.

So, this ox was a valuable asset to them, and to this village.

The ox was sick now, and everyone was anxious.

There were not many oxen in the village, and even if there were more, everyone would be anxious if something went wrong.

“So what should we do? Should we call a veterinarian?” Nie Zehai carefully suggested.

The middle-aged man shook his head, “Our village’s Uncle Zhuan is the best veterinarian, but there’s nothing he can do.”

If there was a solution, they wouldn’t gather here and worry.

Moreover, it would take a long time to find a veterinarian outside the village.

It was not easy to get in and out of here with the lack of transportation.

The ox had a trembling, weak, and pathetic appearance, who knew how long it could survive?

“Let me do it,” Xia Xibei stepped forward.

“You?” Everyone was taken aback. “Don’t be ridiculous, this is not a joke!”

Xia Xibei shook her head, “I can do it. I know what to do. ”

This statement made everyone suspicious.

This is an ox!

She wasn’t a vet!

The ten or so older village elders looked at them, also a little confused.

They couldn’t understand the national language, so naturally, they didn’t know what Xia Xibei said.

Xia Xibei used the dialect again and explained what she meant.

This time, everyone was agitated.

“You want to try?” An old man stepped forward. “You know what to do?”

Xia Xibei nodded, “I do. I can try.”

“Don’t mess around!”

Nie Zehai couldn’t resist tugging on her shirt, “If you mess up...”

Oxen were a valuable asset to the people here, and although they could buy them another one, who knows if anything would go wrong with it?

It was not that they were cold-blooded, but this kind of thing was not something they could get involved in.

If they intervened and something went wrong, what could they do?

They wouldn’t be okay just because they were stars. This was someone else’s turf, after all.

“Don’t worry, I am alright.”

Xia Xibei smiled at them, did not wait for the others to react, then squatted down.

The ox was huge, and even after it fell to the ground, it was not small.

Xia Xibei squatted down and was just about overshadowed by it.

“Watch out!”

Seeing Xia Xibei really reach out to touch the ox’s stomach, everyone was nervous.

Although the ox was uncomfortable, what if it kicked her?

Such a huge ox’s hooves were not easy to deal with.

Xia Xibei was so delicate, she’d be broken if the ox kicked her!

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