The Record Of Barton's Fantastical Events

Chapter 25
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Chapter 25

Translator: Doggotranslation Editor: Doggotranslation

Benjamin left, and Anthony already opened the notebook and quickly wrote ‘Changes of the privatization of funeral business, and the access of...’ Some problems from the privatization of the funeral business have been exposed, and as the mayor, he needed to solve it.

James saw Anthony’s notes and had a new understanding of the mayor who was friends with the vampire and the werewolf. This understanding was good and reassuring. Anthony was on the side of Barton City, not nonhumans.

Anthony drew a key point in the note and closed the notebook, “Then? Rumors have been spread out, but I can’t let our citizens face these creatures! There are also Cologne and Coulson, they need protection! Zach, you need to protect them! ”

“I will do it even if you don’t ask me.” Zach leaned back on the seat and put one hand on James’ shoulder: “In order to win the trust of this James Rance, it is necessary to protect his boss and partner.”

“Huh!” Anthony rolled his eyes: “You are right, the places I can take care of is limited. I can only guarantee that Barton’s upper-class society will not be infiltrated. You need someone to look after the middle and lower class society for you.”

Anthony stood up, leaned forward, pressed his hands on the desk, leaned toward James, and said seriously: “I know, you must be confused as to why I know the vampire, even become friends with him! However, I must say that having him here is good for Bartron City! I don’t ask you to believe him, or me, but, for Barton city, we have to cooperate! ”

Zach smiled: “Oh! Thank you, mayor, for speaking up for me. But Anthony, James is very similar to you, he will not trust me so easily. However, I am very confident in my charm, he will understand, just like you.”

James frowned, why Zach’s words would give him the illusion that he was not here! Why would he say something like this in front of him so carelessly? Did this ‘noble’ vampire really want to cooperate with him sincerely?

Anthony’s seriousness became helpless, shaking his head: “You know, Zach, this is your fault! You always do this, giving the impression of erratic! You suck blood, and you have a long life, but it does not mean that you are superior to us! James is the son of General Rance. You say we are similar, but we are all former soldiers, cautious and fearless! However, you should be clear that his background will not allow him to have the patience to slowly understand you like me!”

James looked at Anthony, who was slightly frustrated and then looked at Zach, who was stuck in thought and began to think. Indeed, Anthony was right. Zach gave him a bad impression. Even if he was rescued by Zach, he was hardly grateful, and it was more of an aggrieved cooperation. The fearlessness of the soldier gave him the courage to cooperate with ‘creatures’ that were completely beyond his understanding, but after this, James’ cautiousness would never allow him to have any relationship with the vampire!

“Okay.” Zach replied after finishing his thoughts, “Anthony, my friend, you are right.” He then turned to James, no longer had a smile on his face: “James, I offered you a proposal to cooperate to protect the city of Barton, but I never said why. As Anthony said, I think I am above you, and there is no need for me to explain it to you. But now, with the reminder of my friend Anthony, I realized my mistake. I can tell you.” Zach said indifferently: “I don’t care about the city of Barton at all, no, I don’t care about any humans at all.”

James’s brows suddenly frowned. He thought he would hear some touching speech, but unexpectedly, he heard the exact opposite!

“Let him finish.” Anthony sat back in his chair, leaning back, calmly nodding at James.

“I only care about myself, Benjamin, and Alice.” Zach looked at James: “Their stories are not for me to tell, but I can tell you my story. I’m an exiled vampire, I was expelled from most of the land, Barton is the only ‘home’ I can live in.”

Anthony’s brows frowned slightly, the disappointment flashed past his face. The vampire lied! But James was paying attention to Zach, he did not see Anthony’s expression. The training he received as a soldier made him able to distinguish whether the person who was talking was lying or not, but, looking at James’s shocked expression, obviously, his lie detection skills didn’t detect Zach’s lies!

“I don’t care about others, but I cared about Barton city’s land. I can no longer lose this only shelter, so I cannot allow this land to be occupied by other nonhumans, every wilderness starts with a weed, I will not allow any weed to appear in Barton City!” Zach’s expression became serious and cold, and there was a hint of red in the light green eyes!

James quickly lowered his head, not looking at Zach: “Don’t try to control me!”

“I didn’t want to control you.” Zach said coldly: “If I want to control you, you won’t have a chance to resist. This is just my appearance when I am serious.”

James heaved a sigh of relief, but what he heard was so strange that he would not believe it easily: “You said you were expelled, what does that mean?”

Anthony glanced at Zach and decided not to expose the vampire’s lies: “This is vampires first weakness. Vampires cannot enter the area where he is not allowed to enter. He can be in Barton City because the city government recognizes his legal status as ‘Zachary Grande’, a Barton citizen. If I reject his identity, he will die here immediately.”

Zach’s eyes shifted and looked at Anthony, the corner of his mouth slightly curved up on the side face that James couldn’t see. The Vampire was thanking his friends for his support!

Anthony ignored Zach’s thanks. When there were only two of them, he must find out why Zach lied! But now, as a friend and mayor, Anthony needed the assistance of Zach and James, so Anthony had to help the vampire and create an image of that he was in despair and had nowhere to return, the only place he could stay was Bartron city, and his fate was firmly held by the mayor of Barton city!

James looked at Anthony. Anthony’s seriousness allowed him to confirm that the mayor did not lie! To be honest, this was great news for James! The powerful vampire was actually restrained by the mayor of Barton, and the strength of both parties was instantly reversed.

James nodded and looked at Zach: “I can accept your statement. We can cooperate to eliminate the nonhumans who have come or are coming to Barton city, but I still won’t trust you!”

Zach looked sideways, “I just need that.”

“Okay, the trust between the two of you can be slowly built up later!” Anthony waved his hand: “In addition to protecting Coulson and Cologne, I think I can get Barton’s this week’s entry list. Zach, James, you need to find out the nonhumans that have already come to Barton city.”

“This is why we are here,” Zach regained his usual appearance, with a faint smile on his face, “There is one more thing, I need an identity, ‘Jim Grande’, there is one more person in Grande’s house.”

Anthony stared at Zach, and suddenly raised his voice, showing that he was very angry! ” “Does he have to be a human? Isn’t he a shapeshifter? Can’t he become something else?!” .

Anthony’s anger was understandable. It wouldn’t have a slight benefit for the future cooperation between the two to openly say these violations in front of James.

“Oh!” Zach raised his eyebrows: “How come I didn’t think of this. Thank you for reminding me!”

When the three reached a consensus, Benjamin’s truck also arrived outside the Barton Telecom Building.

Benjamin parked his car, bought some burritos for Jim at the roadside stall, and then entered the Barton Telecom Building. In the lobby, Benjamin recalled the floor where David worked on Coulson’s clue wall. According to the signs on the wall, he found the stairwell and ran quickly to the fourth floor while humming a song in his mouth...

At this time, a man wearing an old coat and carrying a handbag came out of the train station in Barton City. He said to himself, “Baker Street, the public phone booth on the eastern corner of the Street.”

Oh right, oh right, I know what you were thinking. This was me again.

I looked at the pedestrians in confusion and found the street sign. I was relieved that Baker Street was in front of the station. I ran two steps quickly, found the phone booth, picked up the handset, dialed the number, and it worked.

I was very happy: “I am here! Thank you for the information! I don’t know how to thank-”

“Shut up! Now listen to me, you find a man named Fury Cologne and replace him!”

“Who? Replace him? How to replace him?”

There was a silence on the phone for a while, “Who are you, you are not a shapeshifter?”

“Er, no, I’m not a shapeshifter.”

“Click.” The phone was hung up, leaving me messy in the wind in confusion.

I once asked Zach that the so-called ‘vampires can’t enter without permission’. What’s the point of it? At least I’ve seen vampires enter the homes of others without the permission of the owner countless times, which was the ‘Illegal invasion’ that James talked about.

Zach smiled at me: “You know, five hundred years ago, the current federation was just the colony of the former English Empire, right?”

I nodded.

Zach continued: “Therefore, there were two different laws in the federation at the time that were imposed on colonists and indigenous peoples with different bloodlines. This weakness was the result of the indigenous peoples targeting the colonists and not allowing them to encroach on their legal land.”

I nodded although I didn’t fully understand it, “Oh, so even if Anthony really denies your legal identity, you will not die suddenly?”

“Unfortunately.” Zach shook his head: “I’ll turn to ashes. Because Anthony has a quarter of indigenous blood. ”

I nodded while silently added this information to “How To Kill A Vampire”

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