The Rebirth of My Father in the Body of an Aloof Academic Genius

The Rebirth of My Father in the Body of an Aloof Academic Genius

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    Two years ago, Lin Chou Sui’s firefighter father sacrificed himself in a fire.

    The last conversation between father and daughter ended in a big fight.

    Lin Chou Sui woke up crying countless times in her dreams, wishing that if her dad could be reborn, she would obediently listen and never talk back.

    Little did she expect that her dad would actually be reborn!

    His soul possessed the body of Xiao Yan, the academic god of their high school.

    Xiao Yan excelled in both character and academics. His total scores never dipped below 700. All the girls at their high school knew: getting into Tsinghua or Peking University was easy, getting close to Xiao Yan was difficult.

    But Lin Chou Sui noticed that recently, the way Xiao Yan looked at her was very strange. His aloofness contained deep affection; his affection…was full of fatherly love?

    So Lin Chou Sui’s daily life became:

    Before exams, Xiao Yan would give her his notes to copy.

    During her period, Xiao Yan would brew her red date tea and cook porridge.

    Bad boys who blocked her path and harassed her would get kicked flying by Xiao Yan.

    Lin Chou Sui was very touched. Other than her dad, no one had treated her this well.

    On a hot afternoon, Xiao Yan sat with Lin Chou Sui on the stairwell to do homework, his gaze tender beyond words.

    A light breeze blew by. The youth was about to lean in to kiss her.

    Suddenly, a cold, icy male voice sounded in his mind:

    “Young Xiao, may I ask what you intend to do with my daughter?”

    Xiao Yan: ……

    Xiao Yan crawled out from the mud. Beneath his cold and aloof appearance was a sinister and vindictive nature.

    To climb from the lowliest dust to the summit out of reach, the path was filled with thorns. For this purpose he would stop at nothing, sparing no cost.

    However, all the darkness and gloom in his life ended with that one strange encounter…

    From then on, the skies cleared and his dead end led to new life.

    A sinister genius boy meets a muddled Failure girl

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