The Queen of Everything

Chapter 849 - Vice Alliance Master
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Chapter 849: Vice Alliance Master

He looked at Su Cha and raised his eyebrows. “How can it be so easy for anyone to step on you to get to the top? Doesn’t he want to become popular? Then I’ll give him popularity and let him become famous enough.”

Su Cha clicked her tongue. “I almost forgot.”

“How can I forget such a big thing?”

Tan Jinsui smiled. “But I heard something interesting. You liked Zhai Yao very much back then. Why did you suddenly break up with him?”

He looked at Su Cha’s slightly focused gaze and spread out his hands. “If you don’t want to say it, forget it.”

“Such things happen when the heart grows cold.”

Su Cha said lightly, “Some people do recognize it.”

Tan Jinsui sneered. “Don’t blame me for being nasty, but at that time, it was said that Bo Muyi was chasing you. You were being chased by such a person, yet you still wanted to be whole-heartedly with Zhai Yao. Have you lost your mind back then?”

His words made Su Cha laugh. “I think so too. Muyi was also affected.”

That was why she liked him so much.

Tan Jinsui clapped. “Wonderful, wonderful.”

Su Cha also smiled. “Is the endorsement from Hiberia going to be officially announced? I’ll go over after the New Year, right?”

Tan Jinsui nodded. “You will be very busy next year. If there’s nothing else, I’ll let you take a break for the time being.”

Even if it was not a holiday, Su Cha had to find an excuse.

Recently, she had been embroidering the ten-meter-long monkey-and-peach-themed work.

That was because it was taking too long to finish. She had not even embroidered half of it yet, but she still had about two months. She could still make it.

The news had been very lively recently.

The secret war between the Star Alliance and the Killing Alliance involved many people. During this period of time, they saw officials being dragged down because of reports that were coming out. The businesses of the Killing Alliance had also started to be affected.

Of late, some people who had received the news no longer went to the places run by the Killing Alliance. This was a sensitive period. If they were caught red-handed, it would not be a good thing.

Lady Seventeen was anxious.

She did not dare to have any objections.

Now that the perverted Alliance Master had placed a Gu worm in her body, she did not dare to sit still. Even if she saw the Star Alliance and the Martial Alliance officially fighting together, the Killing Alliance was forced to retreat step by step. She could only watch helplessly.

The advantage of the Killing Alliance in the past was that the Star Alliance did not dare to do most of the things the Killing Alliance did.

However, this time, their leader was indeed not a good person. As soon as someone had attacked the other party’s people, they immediately took revenge. Moreover, the entire Star Alliance was controlled by Tan Yeluo and Su Cha. The elders could not intervene for the time being, so there was nothing they could do.

Due to these matters, many of the industry chains had started to be shaken. The Star Alliance and the Martial Alliance were not doing well, and the Killing Alliance was not doing well either.

Most importantly...

The Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance did not allow them to attack.

Lady Seventeen could not figure out what she was going to do.

She was in a terrible fix when she suddenly received a message. “Lady Seventeen, the Vice Alliance Master is here.”

Vice Alliance Master?

When she saw this message, she was a little surprised.

Even she did not know who this Vice Alliance Master was.

When it came to the selection of the Alliance Masters and Vice Alliance Masters, no underling could intervene. They only knew that they had passed the selection. However, the Vice Alliance Master this time seemed to be not simple. He did not officially make an appearance, just like the Vice Alliance Master of the Star Alliance. Even if everyone knew their name, not many people had really seen them.

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