The Queen of Everything

Chapter 774 - Him and the Killing Alliance
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Chapter 774: Him and the Killing Alliance

When she returned home, a certain someone had been waiting for a long time.

When Su Cha saw him, he was sitting alone. His handsome face was cold and tense. It was obvious that he was gloomy.

Everyone knew that he was in a bad mood.

No one dared to provoke him when he was in a bad mood. At this time, no one was waiting around.

Seeing that Su Cha had returned, he raised his head. His tense expression gradually eased.

“Didn’t I tell you I’ll come straight back after the talk?”

She walked over and sat next to him. Holding his forehead, she lifted Bo Muyi’s face. This joking action did not disgust him. He looked at Su Cha with bright eyes and said in a clear and hoarse voice, “I just don’t want you to meet another man.”

“I interact with other male celebrities every day when I’m with a production crew.”

Bo Muyi frowned. “That’s different!”

The nature of work and private contact could not be compared.

He would be jealous, but not unreasonable.

Su Cha found it unreasonable.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what I talked to him about.”

She told Bo Muyi what she had said to Lian Chi today and did not hide anything from him. When he heard about Lian Chi asking Su Cha if she could forgive him, this petty man felt that something was wrong. “What does he need your forgiveness for? He has nothing to do with you!”

It did not matter why he left.

At that time, Bo Muyi thought that Su Cha had someone to rely on and did not pay much attention to her. Of course, as he grew older, Bo Muyi felt increasingly anxious. Fortunately, Lian Chi had left early, so he did not investigate him.

However, in his eyes, such a person did not deserve to have anything to do with Su Cha after he left without saying goodbye.

Even if Lian Chi jumped out to say that he wanted to become like siblings with Su Cha again, he would never allow it.

“Yes, I said it very clearly.”

She really did not have any feelings for Lian Chi now. Even her hatred had faded a little. It was not that she did not hate him, but her mind was now a little calm.

However, she still told him what she saw at the cafe. “Muyi, didn’t I tell you that Greya is a parasite breeder? I saw that Lian Chi has a parasite following him today. I can’t be sure if Greya is the only one raising a parasite in the Imperial Capital. Or does it mean something else? Why would someone send a parasite to follow Lian Chi?”

Bo Muyi’s expression turned serious. “A Gu worm?”

Su Cha nodded, and Bo Muyi frowned slightly.

“I’ve never relied on him in the past.” Su Cha pondered. “But would Greya send a Gu worm to a stranger for no reason?”

That would really be hard to explain.

Bo Muyi suddenly said, “If the Gu worm is really Greya’s, have you thought that she did it on purpose?”

The angle of his conjecture was different. Su Cha was stunned and found it unbelievable. “Are you saying that she’s giving me hints on purpose?”

What was it?

Greya sent a Gu worm to follow Lian Chi, and this was to warn Su Cha that Lian Chi was related to Greya.

This meant that Lian Chi was related to the Killing Alliance!

She straightened her body and suddenly thought of something.

Her expression became serious. “I can’t be sure. There’s no evidence.”

Even if Bo Muyi hated Lian Chi, he would not do anything to slander others.

It was indeed possible.

Firstly, she had to confirm if the Gu worm was Greya’s.

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