The Princess And The Lord

Chapter 40 - Frivolous Lord
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"When would I see Lao Min Na's fight?" Lory changed the subject. Everyone praised Lao Min Na's talent. She wanted to see for herself how good Lao Min Na was.

"I don't know," Zhao Li Xin beckoned at Mong Yi to answer.


Mong Yi cupped his fist respectfully as he approaches Zhao Li Xin, "There are two more competitions before Second Miss Lao fight."

"En…" Zhao Li Xin grunted in responses.

'Milord, can you at least answer normally? This subordinate is hurt by your actions' Mong Yi lamented to himself.

An excited Lory stopped Mong Yi before he retreated, "Brother Mong, I heard Lao Min Na did great in the Black Forest. Do you know what happened?"

"Yes. We heard she managed to kill a pack of ape snow beasts," Mong Yi replied.

"Not really. There are only profound level beasts," Mong Ki said "These beasts are slightly cleverer than the normal beasts at their level. It is hard to handle them as and they like to move in packs."

"Did Lao Min Na kill them by herself?" Lory was amazed. Lao Min Na seemed really good. It was no wonder she was always confident.

"She didn't kill the whole pack. She used a sleeping powder to make them unconscious before she took the 'frozen fruit jade' from their nest. She only killed the few apes that were still awake."

"What is the fruit used for?" Lory heard another interesting matter.

"It's…" Mong Yi felt the air around him turn cold. He raised his head to find a certain lord glaring viciously at him. Zhao Li Xin was not happy with Lory speaking to Mong Yi for long while ignoring him. Seeing her smile or being friendly with other men made him irritated.

Mong Yi could tell he had touched a land mine. He gave Lory an awkward smile, "That... You must ask our lord. He knows more than this servant."

'Sorry, sister Luo. This servant still wants to live!' Mong Yi bowed at her before leaving swiftly.

Lory was stunned by how quickly Mong Yi left. It reminded her of her friend Radcliff or Cliff who had a knack of appearing and disappearing like Mong Yi. Their temperament was almost the same too. Lory smiled unconsciously as she thought of her old nagging friend.

Zhao Li Xin saw her bitter smile. It wasn't the first time he saw it. She was always cheerful and bubbly, but she could have a sad expression once in a while.

"Okay, tell me more about this… fruit!" Lory abruptly clapped her hands and smiled cheerfully at Zhao Li Xin. She was back to her happy mood. Her quick-change baffled Zhao Li Xin.

"Frozen Jade Fruit is used to accelerate cultivation. However, you must have first reached Knight Level at Perfection Stage," Zhao Li Xin said with an expressionless face. Unlike others, He had never been interested in using boosters like pills, elixir, or 'food supplement' to help him cultivate.

The only thing he ever took was related to suppressing his poison. But Zhao Li Xin was probably the only person in this world who would think like that and what he did probably worked because of his 'Divined Body'.

"Lao Min Na has probably reached the Master Level," Zhao Li Xin said lazily. Others may say Lao Min Na was a peerless genius at the age of sixteen as she was already at the Master Level. Most people reached this level in their twenties yet Lao Min Na was not only a strong cultivator but also a talented alchemist.

If the elders learned about this, they might fight each other to recruit Lao Min Na into their sect. However, Zhao Li Xin considered Lao Min Na's talent so-so at her age as he was already at the Peak Stage Grandmaster Level, yet the poison suppressed him.

"Is it so hard to raise your level?" Lory was curious to learn more. Cultivators were always secretive when it comes to their cultivation levels.

"It depends on your talent and luck. Some people need six to eight months, some take a year or two, while others may need a decade to breakthrough. The higher your level, the harder it is to raise it."

Lorry nodded as she began to understand more about cultivation. In her world, people who had the 'Gift' didn't try to raise their power but learn to control it instead. This also depended on your talent and hard work. People who born with great potentials, like a Lucient needed to learn to control their powers or their powers would control them. Some were scared by their powers and choose not to explore them further as they worried about the consequences.

Lory concluded it was easier to cultivate than to have the 'Gift'. This was because cultivators were more deliberate with their actions and they could control their power unlike the 'Gifted'. It was because of the unmanageable 'Gift' that the 'Mana Controller' was created. They were made in different sizes and colors like mobile phones and their functions were also updated yearly. ƒre𝐞𝘸𝑒𝘣𝘯𝘰νℯ𝒍 𝐜𝑜m

The uproar on the stage mingled with people screaming and cheering woke Lory from her daze. She moved her attention back to the competition. There were two women fighting against each other on the stage.

One wore a fiery red robe which made her look beautiful and fearless. She smiled with confidence as she faced her opponent. The woman in red was Xiang Feng Ran, Zhao Li Xin's crazy admirer. Her opponent was in a yellow dress and she was shorter than Xiang Feng Ran, but she also looked beautiful in a cute way.

Zhao Li Xin wasn't interested in the fight. He looked at Xiang Feng Ran with a blank look. He forgot about her in the last few days and just realized she was still there when he saw her. He turned his attention back to the excited girl beside him.

He poured her sweet tea as he sighed. She really loved sweet things. He thought of making her wash her mouth with his mouth elixir to prevent a toothache. Zhao Li Xin still thought his actions towards her were normal.

However, for someone who's never cared about other people's existence, his attitude was mind-blowing. He had already crossed the boundary between master and servant, even between friends. He had unconsciously pushed his boundaries to another level with her.

The fight between the two women was quite fierce. Xiang Feng Ran's moves were sharp and swift. In a quick move, she had hit the woman in yellow twice: on her shoulder and stomach. The small woman was pushed back by the force.

She kneeled on the floor but didn't give up. The small woman swallowed some pills and her face regain her color before she rose from the floor and attacked Xiang Feng Ran with her fist. Her strong attack was easily dodged by Xiang Feng Ran.

In a quick movement, Xiang Feng Ran raised her leg and kick the yellow dressed woman. People could hear the bones breaking as the woman in yellow was pushed off the stage. She fell to the ground with a loud yell. The referee stopped the fights and Xiang Feng Ran was announced the winner. The unconscious woman in yellow was on the floor for a few seconds later before her team members took her away.

"What did she swallow before?" Lory's eyes were still glued on the stage as she asked. Her mouth was busy munching on the pastries.

"A pill to temporarily relieve her from pain," Zhao Li Xin wiped the crumbs around the corner of her lips gently.

"T…thank you," Lory was stunned by his actions and blushed heavily. She swiftly shifted her gaze from him. She wanted to complain about his frivolous gesture but when she saw him lick the leftover crumbs on his fingers while smiling gently at her, she was knocked out. It felt like someone had done a 'Karate chop' on her fragile little heart. She was lost once again.

On the stage, people cheered at Xiang Feng Ran's win. Her father, Xiang Wu Ci, was on the podium with other elders. He nodded with a proud look. His daughter hadn't disappointed him.

"Congratulations, Master Xiang," One of the elders said.

"You have a talented daughter," Another one commented.

"She is still young and has a lot to learn," Xiang Wu Ci said with a humble smile. Deep down he sneered at them. He knew they hated seeing his daughter succeed. The situation between Xiang Feng Ran and Zhao Li Xin ruined her reputation. He never understood why his daughter was obsessed with the useless prince.

It even more humiliating when the weak prince rejected his daughter. He hated Zhao Li Xin as he had become a joke within his circle because of him. He vowed to make that useless prince beg for his daughter one day, only so that he could deny him.

His talented daughter could only marry an amazing man like Long Ming, the Hei Shen Sect master. If Xiang Wu Ci was to know Long Ming's real identity, he would cough blood and faint on the spot.

Xiang Feng Ran smiled proudly as she got off the stage. Her eyes saw the man with a white mask on the second floor. The man didn't pay attention to her as he was busy flirting with the woman next to him. His figure looked familiar to her for some reason, but she couldn't place him.

The woman beside him inadvertently looked at Xiang Feng Ran, but the man held her chin gently and shifted her gaze back to him. His frivolous actions made Xiang Feng Ran frown. She walked away and quickly forget the frivolous couple.

Lory, on the other hand, was screaming inside, 'Mind my heart... mind my heart PLEASE!!!!'

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