The Princess And The Lord

Chapter 1144 Compensation
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When there were only the two of them, Zhao Li Xin asked Lory [When they found us in the forest, they seemed to be asking about the Beast we killed, what answer did you give]

[I said we managed to get the Beast free and I didn't tell them we killed it so they might think the Beast is still alive somewhere] Lory replied.

[You're not telling them the truth?] Zhao Li Xin wondered why Lory had to hide it from them.

[Because the Zhyger we are facing is not a normal Zhyger I know exactly because I have faced a Zhyger a few times before and none of that beast has that kind of ability. You saw for yourself how the beast can still live even after I split its head open, what Beast can do that? not even a Parasite Beast has such an ability] The corners of Lory's eyes crinkled with worry.

Zhao Li Xin pondered for a while then he held Lory's hand [Lory, there's something I need to tell you...]

Lory looked at him uneasily [What's wrong?]

Zhao Li Xin was silent for a moment thinking about how to convey it but what she did only added to the tension between them.

Zhao Li Xin then took a deep breath and started to narrate what the crimson Lightning sword spirit had told her back then. Throughout the story, Lory's face changes from shocked to worried and then turned to calm as she discerns the situation, later on, her whole demeanor became quiet, needless to say, Zhao Li Xin knew that Lory was currently calculating all the possibilities that might happen and making plans for what to do from now on.

[Actually, just when we arrived in my world Girsha had warned me about this before but I forgot about it...because...] Lory felt embarrassed he always ended up forgetting important things.

[Being separated from Lord Girsha must have shocked you so this is understandable…] Zhao Li Xin pulled her into his embrace.

A familiar scent wafting through his nose giving him a sense of comfort and security sometimes he wonders why his smell never changed even after he came to her world but then again he hasn't changed much he is still the same gentle and quiet man who loves her.

[Looks like another big problem is waiting for us] Lory chuckled dryly.

Zhao Li Xin stroked the back of her head, [We have nothing to fear when we have each other...] his voice was calm and reassuring. freewe(b)

Lory giggled at his complacent words but she couldn't help but believe him, she looked up and their eyes locked and the corners of Lory's lips curved up into a bright smile.

[You're right, whatever happens, we will face it together]

[As always] Zhao Li Xin kissed Lory's forehead.

The trip from Riverblade to Eagle rock city went smoothly without any problems even though it took several hours until they arrived in the afternoon.

Lory parked the motorbike and headed to the Beast's Slayer guild with Zhao Li Xin but they were surprised because Madeline's looked at them in pleasantly surprised.

"Miss Jane - Mr. Zhao, you're back, I'm glad nothing happened to you" Maddy greeted Lory happily.

Lory and Zhao Li Xin walk to the counter "Hi Maddy! Why do you look so worried?" Lory lean on the counter table lazily.

"You had no idea, we just got new information that Zhyger appeared in Riverblade, we were afraid something might happen to both of you"

"Oh, so you know?" Lory didn't surprised they eventually know even though the time seem odd.

"Did you meet the beast?" Maddy widened her eyes.

"We did.." Lory replied nonchalantly.

"WHAT? HOW?" Maddy subconsciously raised her voice as a result she immediately got the attention of all the hunters in the room so Maddy immediately covered her mouth, then whisper "But you guys look okay"

Lory scratched her head "Luckily we met Garrof and Lloyd from the Great Saber group so everything turn out fine"

"Oh, I know them, they're quite well-known Hunters!" Madeline then understood how Lory and Zhao Li Xin survived, luckily they got some help.

Lory knew what Madeline was thinking but didn't bother telling her what had happened because no one would believe her so she rather wait for Garrof's recommendation letter.

"Well to be honest we didn't finish our job we just killed a few Wild hounds so we just took payment for selling the Wild hounds tusks we got" Lory took several plastic bag from her backpack and placed it on the table.

"No Miss Jane, instead we have to compensate you because we provided wrong information that could put both of you in harmed, so we will provide compensation by paying in full according to the fee for the task given and we will include the selling price of Wild Hound tusk in your payment," Madeline explained with a guilty look.

"I see, I don't know how the guild will compensate for the misinformation" Lory was surprised because the rules in the guild had changed.

Madeline gives a serious nod "Yeah, it's a new regulation to avoid Hunters getting hurt on their jobs"

"Oh that's good news" Lory received the news happily because she really needed the money.

"Yes, we will calculate your payment in advance and we will contact you in a few hours, in the meantime you guys get some rest, I know you must be tired!" He looked at Lory and Zhao Li Xin with a pity look.

"Thanks you Maddy!" Lory couldn't wait to take a shower after a long day.

Zhao Li Xin and Lory returned to their humble room.

[Do you want to take a shower first?] Lory asked.

He knew Lory couldn't wait to take a bath, [No, you can take a shower first]

[Okay then] Lory then ran into the bathroom she took off her dirty clothes then threw them in the laundry bag she rushed into the bathroom then noticed there was no hot water.

[God, I hate cold showers!] she grumbled before resigning herself to her fate.

Funny how the cold never bothered her in the past actually there's not much that could bother her but not because she was sensible or because she was strong but mostly because she felt numb.

After all, she's been through, she's lost all purpose and a reason to live maybe Girsha also knew about it because of that the old bird used to entertain her with bits of gossip around the Lao Manor but of course, it didn't make too much difference until she met Zhao Li Xin.

Zhao Li Xin said that she was his savior but actually, he was the one who saved her. Lory couldn't imagine what if Zhao Li Xin didn't persistently search for her, what would happen if he didn't find her, what kind of life would she have? One thing is certain she will not win against Lazarus alone.

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