The Princess And The Lord

Chapter 1106 [Bonus ]Fredhardt Story
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Once upon a time on one sunny day at one of the upscale malls in Herriond the capital city of Harland, Stephan was competing to stare at a beautiful woman with short brunette hair, but unlike Stephan, the woman smiled sweetly, she seemed to enjoy it.

"Are you kidding me?" Stephan's voice is strained.

"No" the woman answered plainly.

"How is that possible, we only once..." Stephan held back his next sentence while glancing nervously at the figure of a small child staring at him blankly.

"I also didn't know it was possible especially since I had an IUD installed so I thought everything was safe..." he said while glancing at the boy beside him "Apparently not..." he chuckled while stroking the head of the little boy next to him.

Stephan massaged his forehead while complaining annoyed "You should have told me Adrianne earlier"

Adrianne sighed "I want to do so but I found out you already have a lot of problems on your own, I heard Queen Lorenna got pregnant then later I heard that the King and Queen had disappeared for a few weeks making an uproar to the whole world and then the prince and princess were born but not long after that Queen Lorenna got sick and...therefore I know you and the other Archknights are busy taking care of internal and external matters since the King was in mourning period so I didn't have a chance to tell you after all I have my own matters too…"

Stephan blow his cheek he realize he couldn't blame Adrianne after all his relationship with Adrianne was only a momentary fling and they both had other priorities they cannot leave behind.

For Stephan nothing was more important than his devotion to the King as one of the Archknight and Adrianne was an ambitious young journalist at the time so she can't just follow him back to Harland just like Stephan she had her own dream to discover the truth and because of that she become the founder of one of the biggest news Channel in the world called Skylight.

Stephan turned his gaze back to the boy who was no more than twelve years old. The boy had brown hair like him and blue eyes like Adrianne, but all his features were so similar to him when he was young to the point he had no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the child.

"What's the boy's name?" Stephan has finally come to terms with the fact that he is going to be a father.

"Ask him he is big enough to answer all your questions," Adrianne said nonchalantly but there was a strange glint of amusement in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Stephan was too nervous to notice as he was in the middle to interact with his newfound son. Stephan slowly turned his head to the boy who didn't seem too excited to meet his father for the first time.

Stephan clear his throat to calm himself before he asked in a rather formal tone "Um... what's your name?"

Normally his stern expression would make a small child at Fredhardt's age scared or at least anxious, however, the boy's expression remained impassive.

"Fredhardt" he answered simply.

Stephan was slightly taken aback by his 'Son''s calm reaction.

"Oh, and how old are you?" Stephan asks again.

"Eleven years old and nine months" The boy answered in the same dry manner.

Stephan turned his worried gaze towards Adrianne who was struggling to hold back her laughter. Please visit f𝓇𝘦𝚎𝑤e𝗯𝑛𝗼ѵe𝗹. c𝒐𝘮

It was then that Adrianne and Stephan developed the ability to speak with their eyes.

'Is my Son hate me?'

'No, he's just like YOU!'

Stephan might not remember but it was how he answered Adrianne's questions the first time they met, therefore, she was delighted to finally had her long-awaited revenge.

Stephan loosened his tie a bit before turning awkwardly toward the boy.

"You must be surprised to meet me right?"

"No, not really" Fred shook his head.

"Oh, is that so" Stephan smile got stiff.

Fred shrugs nonchalantly seemingly indifferent.

"Well, I'm happy to meet you, why don't we have dinner together maybe we can know each other better"

Fred shook his head "No, it's fine. I know you are busy and mom busy too, I am just here to ask you if you are willing to share your medical record with my doctor"

"Are you sick?" the corner of Stephan's eyes creased with concern.

Fred shook his head again "No, it's just a precaution in case something happens"

Stephan frown "OH...."

Fred shrugged "Just In case I get sick and need a bone marrow transplant or blood transfusion because my blood is different from mom's so I might need your help" he stated his needs in a direct manner, unlike eleven years old kid which is quite scary.

Stephan then throws another worried look at Adrinne.

'You SURE this kid doesn't hate me!'

Adrianne almost laughed out loud but she held it in only her shoulders shaking violently.

Actually, Fred didn't hate his father at all because he had learned from Adrianne and 'interviewed' people who knew Stephan quite close, that's how he knew how much Stephan had sacrificed for King Marcus and the kingdom, he also learned Stephan is not only smart and strong but also upright, strict and honest not only as a man but also as official besides Adrianne never said anything bad about Stephan.

On many occasions, Adrianne always explained to him that the reason Stephan didn't know about his existance was entirely her fault that's why Fred had no reason to hate Stephan instead he was quite proud of his father's loyalty and patriotism to his kingdom even though he didn't show it on his face but that because he was never an expressive boy from the beginning.

"Uncle Stevie!!"

the sudden loud call startled Stephan, Adrianne, and Fredhardt, when they turn around they were welcome by a pair of cute kids wearing brown bear hoodies running towards them, and the little girl waving her arms excitedly while the boy next to her looked resignedly as he pulled by his sister.

Stephan's eyes widened in shock realizing who the two kids were, "Pri...Lory, Luc! what are you two doing here?" Stephan smoothly changed the call to their nickname.

Wearing their bear hoodie no one recognizes them instead people look at them because they look like a pair of adorable little bears.

Lory jumped into Stephan's arms excitedly "Uncle Stevieeee!"

Meanwhile, Lucas bends down while trying to catch his breath, what a poor little bear.

Stephan carry Lory in his arms then looked at her sternly "What are you doing here and why are you alone?"

Lory was unfazed by Stephan's glare because she knew his barking was worse than his bite so she was not afraid at all, Lory raised her small hand and answered honestly "I'm on the mission hunting marshmallows cake and we're not alone! We're coming with uncle Zargy!"

"Zargan? Then where is Zargan?" he looked around but found the big man nowhere which would be impossible for a man of his size.

"Gone~!" Lory answered readily.

Stephan was perplexed he then turns his eyes to Lucas who was finally able to breathe, "Uncle Zargy flirted with the ice cream waiter" Lucas waved his hand as if he answered straightforwardly.

Stephan's expression immediately darkened but he refrained from swearing in front of the kids.

Fred wanted to know who this child was he wondered if they were also his father's children but apparently not as he had never heard of his father getting married or having children and his father was a very strict and righteous man so he would never hide his child existance nor did he need to.

Lucas noticed the curious look on him, his little head turned to Fred in the same curious manner.

"You look like Uncle Stevie," Lucas said while his little purple eyes size him up and down then he ask again: "Are you Uncle Stevie's son?"

"Uhm...yeah..." Fred didn't know whether to reveal his identity or not.

Lucas was startled for a second but then he rummaged through his pockets hastily then handed him candy with his small hand.

"I only have strawberry milk, my name is Luc by the way...nice to meet you" Lucas' chubby cheeks blushed from embarrassment giving his uncle a welcome gift.

On the other hand, Fred was touched by the little boy's sincerity, to be honest, he didn't like kids either his age or younger as he found them annoying and noisy but somehow his heart melted into a puddle when he saw the boy glistening jewel-like eyes.

Fred accepted the candy with a shy smile "Thanks I like candy, my name is Fredhardt but you can call me Fred"

Lucas smiled so wide his eyes turned into beautiful crescent moons. "Oh yeah, Fred this is actually Lory's favorite candy so I always save it for her but today I'm giving it to you!"

Fred thought the boy was very cute he chuckled then unwrapped the candy and popped it in his mouth "Delicious! thanks, Luc"

Meanwhile, Adrianne and Stephan's eyes widened at their son's reaction. Adrianne thought 'Since when does his son like candy? he doesn't even add sugar to his tea, like an old man!'

While Stephan thought 'Why is he so friendly, why he sounds so nice too? is he really hate me?'

Lory heard Fred was Stephan's son, she got excited then forcefully got off Stephan and ran towards Fred excitedly but stop before she got too close then clasped her hands behind her back so she not bothering him with her rude behavior "Hi Fred, I'm Lory...are you really uncle Stevie son?" she asked ecstatically though she kept his tone polite.

Fred was amazed that not only did the girls have similar features to the little boy but she also had identical eyes like the boys, he conclude they must be twins.

"Um yeah!" Fred thinks the little girl is adorable and sweet too.

"Does that mean I'll have another brother?" her round eyes twinkled expectantly.

Fred couldn't bear to disappoint the little girl so he gently nodded his head, "i guessed so..."

"Yeayy!" Lory jumped happily then she hugged Lucas "Luc, that means you also have an older brother, aren't you happy?"

Fred smiled awkwardly at Lucas wondering how the boy would react then Lucas' face lit up with joy and his smile bloomed even brighter than before "En, I'm very happy!"

Fred felt his heart turn soft his whole face turned bright red even he could feel his face become hot therefore Fred didn't dare to raise his head afraid that other people would notice his strange behavior.

Of course, they are noticed!

Adrianne looked at her son and screamed inwardly, 'Whose child are you!'

"Uncle Stevie, can we have dinner together?" Lory asked with a pleading look.

Because Fred had already turned him down before Stephan wasn't sure how to tell Lory about it, Stephan scratch his nose as he try o find an excised "Well um...I think Fred is a bit..."

"I have time!" Fred suddenly interrupted "I mean... it's just dinner and we do have a lot to share... Father"

His sudden change took Stephan by surprise he knew it was because of Lucas and Lory but he was still happy with the change to get close to his son however for some reason, he suddenly has the urge to tease this new son of his.

"Call me Daddy~"

"....." Fred's mouth twitched in blunt disgust.

"Well if we want to get to know each other better leave the formalities, don't you think? call me daddy" Stephan grinned mischievously.

"You should call him Daddy, Fred! we all call our father Daddy!" Lory chimed in.

'She lied though'

Fred made an expression as if he just swallowed a fly, he forced the words out of his mouth "Da...Dady"

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