The Princess And The Lord

Chapter 1102 Peace
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Arthea walked in calmly without rushing while the monsters under Lazarus attacked her from all sides but with just a wave of her hand they were mercilessly wiped out.

"Arthea!" Lazarus let out a scream of anger and frustration, but he ignored it.

When Lazarus wanted to get closer suddenly the fireflies flew together and then turned into a Lucient shield that blocked his way.

A burst of rage flared up all over his body Lazarus frantically smacked Arthea's shield but Arthea was no ordinary Lucient as she had outlived any Lucient she had become something imitating a god therefore her Lucient power was much stronger than an ordinary Lucient's shield.

Ming Yue Yin and Yuan Shao breathed a sigh of relief as they were also protected by Arthea's shield, only then did Ming Yue Yin lose strength in her legs Ming Yue Yin then fell to her knees and Yuan Shao quickly dashed towards her.

"Are you okay?" Yuan Shao ask worriedly while helping her to stand.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired…" sweat trickled down from her forehead only now Ming Yue Yin realized how tired she truly was.

But then her attention was drawn to Arthea who walked past them calmly while giving them a soft nod.

Ming Yue Yin wasn't sure who the woman was but Lazarus called her Arthea, and the only person she knew had that name had a very different appearance from this woman so she wasn't sure but perhaps because she had the same hair and eyes as Lory, Ming Yue Yin had a feeling they were on the same side.

On the other hand, Yuan Shao's attitude became wary when he saw Arthea approaching Lory, but when he want to stop Arthea get too close Ming Yue Yin held his hand while shaking her head.

Arthea stood in front of Lory who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, Arthea's gaze softened.

Besides herself, Lory is the only female descendant of the Lucient bloodline and like her Lory is destined to have a painful life however, Lory is stronger than her, even more, wiser than she could ever be therefore she will have a different ending from her.

"You slept long enough princess, it's time for you to wake up...." Arthea opens her arms and with a faint smile she speaks softly: "I'm ready, are you ready Lorenna?"

Lory's body was suddenly enveloped by a blue light suddenly the bluebell insignia on her body lit up and spread all over from her neck to her arms then wrapped around the small black snake tattoo on Lory's nape, the snake tattoo struggled for a while but the vines around the snake got tighter and tighter until the snake tattoo stop moving and gradually faded away soon after Lory's body lifted into the air.

"LORY!" Ming Yue Yin looked frantically at Lory.

Zhao Li Xin seemed to forget about his heavy wound, he immediately shot toward Lory, but his movement was suddenly blocked by a gust of strong wind that almost sent him away.

The light around Lory shattered into thousands of speckles of blue light then fell to the ground like glowing raindrops as soon as the light hit the ground blue bell flowers suddenly sprouted then suddenly thousands if not millions of bell flowers spread out in all directions at a high speed which soon covered the entire ground.

What happened next was that suddenly their wounds were closed up even their Qi was replenished, Jin Hao, Bei Li Yan, and the others exchanged disbelieving looks while at the same time nudging each other trying to convince each other that this wasn't just a dream.

"This flower…could it be Lory…" Bei Li Yan's eyes lit up with excitement ad delight, he could barely utter a word only his trembling lips curved upwards indicating a wide grin.

happiness was imprinted on the faces of the four kings of the palace and also the Mong brothers, they did not expect a miracle to happen before their eyes.

"Let's finish all these monsters or Madam will think we slacked off while she was sleeping!" Jiang Jin Wei laughed heartily.

"Maybe you, but I don't!" Wu San Bo lifts his chin.

"I go first!" Mong Ki suddenly shot toward the monsters without waiting for the others.

"Hey!" Mong Yi groan then followed his older brother.

"Wait up!" Bei Li Yan and the others followed suit.

Seeing everyone become lively again Jin Hao smiled while shaking his head, Jin Hao then turns his eyes to where Lory was "It's about time, Lory" a gentle smile played across his face.

Arthea had a radiant joyous smile on her face not long after the seven fragments of the trinity burst out of Lory's body followed by a dazzling white light.

Girsha's round eyes widened trying to figure out what Arthea would do to Lory.

"Thea what do you want to do!" Lazarus felt an alarm ring in his head. He felt that something very, very bad was going to happen.

"Thea, whatever you want to do, stop! I SAY STOP!"

The seven fragments flew around Arthea as if they were controlled by her.

Arthea turned her head in slow motion to Lazarus "End what I started...oh, by the way, I like you more when you just Zian," A faint, transient wistful smile lightened her beautiful face.

Suddenly, one by one, shards pierced his chest and blood sprayed into the air like rose petals scattering through the air, it was a beautiful sight… or so it should be.

"THEAAA!" Lazarus let out a blood-curdling scream that shook the whole land like a great earthquake, but nothing he could do.

Arthea's body fell to the ground with a thump, blood spurted from her chest and dripped from the side of her red lips together with seven pieces as if undergoing a change, slowly the pieces merged one by one into a long stick then cracked. the surface of the staff gradually fades.

Girsha's eyes turn from shock to irrevocable sorrow as he recalled his conversation with Lory.

'What can we do with a broken staff, it's not like we just glue each other together, right?' Lory complained.

'Don't know girl, legend says we need blood from a god to repair the wand'

'Where do we look for gods?' Lory rolled her eyes.

Legends and myths are always blurry most of the time only present half-true facts of what really happened, it turns out it's not necessarily the blood of the God but something as sacred like the ancient blood of the first Lucient… even though it's just as impossible but who would have thought the first ancestor of Lucient was still alive?

A serene smile swept across Arthea's face as she looked up at the sky where the Trinity staff glistened in white light, she realized she finally atones for her sins.

"Done....finally it's done" Arthea raised her trembling hand then tears fell at the corners of her eyes "Cavi....I did it... I finally did it" her smile grew wider, after a long and tiring journey she had to go through she finally complete it.


Even though it took a very, very long time, even though it was a lonely and very painful journey, in the end, she managed to finish what she started. The realization lift the heavy burden that weighed on her heart for thousand years and replace it with an indescribable feeling of peace.

Suddenly a big hand that felt familiar clasped her hand soon after a familiar face that she thought she would never see again appeared before her face, Arthea gaped in shock thinking this must be a dream or perhaps an illusion but then again what should she care for, her experience has taught her that reality and illusion is a matter what you believe, and she believes this is as real as it gets.

"" her voice choked from excitement and longing.

A warm smile bloomed on his face 'You've been working very hard sister, you should get rest now, it's time to go home, Thea'

"Yes" Her whole face lit up with a smile filled with happiness, there was no better ending she could wish for better than this, she could only thank Lory, Lorenna, Marcus, Zhao Li Xin, and everyone even Zian for fulfilling her wish, she finally got the peace she longed very much, the light in her eyes dimmed as she slowly closed soon her hand gently fell beside her, she finally at peace.

Everyone present stood silent, they didn't know how to say or react before they could understand the situation Arthea's body was engulfed in light next thing happened the light shattered into dozens of specks of lights then flew away into the sky and disappeared.

Lazarus watched Arthea disappear in utter despair, she didn't even leave her body for him to mourn, grief, pain, and sadness drown him like a whirlpool that pushed him to the point of obscurity that wipe all reason and purposes, leaving nothing but total rage.

Lazarus continued to throw his body into the Lucient shield that Arthea left without a care as he screamed wildly uncontrollably "How dare you leave me, Thea, I hate you - I hate you, you always choose them over me! I will destroy this world, your world, and all other worlds, I will kill you all!"

Lory's eyes snapped open, she raised her hand above her head and the trinity staff flew into her palm swiftly, a second later it transform into a long sword, without wasting more time Lory swung her sword, and an immediately sharp gust of wind struck Lazarus causing the snake gigantic body flung further to the air.

"Round two, Demon!" Lory smirked.

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