The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1343 Hidden Cultivation
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Chapter 1343 Hidden Cultivation

Xue Fanxin stood at the edge of the fifty-first step and could clearly sense the powerful resistance and gravity from the fifty-first step. Even taking a step forward was extremely difficult, let alone taking a step forward.

From here on, there no longer seemed to be any floating power or wind force. If she wanted to take a step forward, she could only rely on her own ability.

In order to reach the 51st step, Xue Fanxin had no choice but to use her spirit energy to resist the resistance and gravity pressing down on her. It was like pushing open a thick stone wall and finally standing where it was.

After climbing a step, Xue Fanxin was so tired that she was panting. She knelt on one knee under the gravity of the 51st step and could not even straighten her back.

When the people from the Yellow Class, who were still on the 50th step, saw that it was so difficult for Xue Fanxin to climb the 51st step, they were all on tenterhooks and nervous.

They really wanted to advise Xue Fanxin to give up, but they all understood her personality. It was impossible for her to give up easily, so everyone tacitly did not say anything. They only stood on the spot and looked at her worriedly, praying for her. fre

Xue Fanxin knelt on one knee on the 51st step and panted heavily. She could not straighten her back and stand up for a while, so she might as well sit on the ground to rest and study what was so mysterious about this step.

The result made her a little disappointed. There was nothing mysterious on the 51st step. Apart from powerful resistance and gravity, there was nothing.

However, the spiritual energy here was very rich. If not for such powerful resistance and gravity, this would have been an excellent place to cultivate.


Xue Fanxin had a flash of inspiration and immediately sat cross-legged, cultivating against the powerful resistance and gravity.

Since there was nothing mysterious about the 51st stair, she would let herself adapt to the resistance and gravity here. This was like running. Those who did not run often would feel exhausted after running a kilometer. Those who ran often would have no problem running for four to five kilometers.

If she trained and cultivated on the 51st stair and let her body's strength and lightness gradually fuse with the resistance and gravity here, then in time, the resistance and gravity of the 51st stair would be useless to her.

In the beginning, it was very difficult to cultivate against the powerful resistance and gravity. Often, one would be unable to gather spirit energy and absorb Qi. No matter how rich the surrounding spirit energy was, there was only a small amount that could be absorbed into one's body.

However, this was only the results in the beginning. As the amount of spiritual energy gathered and absorbed increased, her resistance to the surrounding resistance and gravity became stronger and stronger. In the end, the resistance and gravity actually made her feel nothing.

Could it be that the mystery of the 51st step was cultivation?

Xue Fanxin did not know if the profundity she had comprehended was right or wrong, nor did she know how long she had been sitting on the fifty-first step and cultivating. When she opened her eyes, what she saw was no different from before. The only difference was her own feeling. She could already easily stand up and straighten her back.

The other four people from Yellow Class were still on the 50th step. All of them were staring at Xue Fanxin. When they saw her stand up easily, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Xue Fanxin looked at her companions who were still on the 50th step and smiled at them. "You don't have to stay here. Quickly go to the Land of Inheritance. We'll meet again in the academy after the trial is over."

"Fanxin, we'll leave first. You have to be careful."

"Fanxin, good luck. I think highly of you."

"Fanxin, we'll wait for you in the academy."

"Fanxin, you can definitely do it."

The four people from Yellow Class bid farewell to Xue Fanxin one by one. Then, with a thought, the four of them disappeared and instantly went to the Land of Inheritance. As for what inheritance they would obtain, that would depend on their own luck.

Xue Fanxin watched the four of them leave and continued to climb the stairs.

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