The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1342 Continue to Up the Staircase
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Chapter 1342 Continue to Up the Staircase

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As Chu Yunhan returned to the first step and stood there in a daze, many people did the same, including Gu Qingning.

Now, only the five people from the Yellow Class were far above the 30th step and were still climbing.

Xue Fanxin was a little faster than the others from the Yellow Class. She had already reached the 50th step and felt completely different. Gravity, resistance, and wind were all gone. Her entire body was light, as if she had entered a completely different realm. The stamina and spirit energy she had consumed previously were quickly recovering.

From this, it could be seen that the 50th step should be a place similar to a supply depot.

After a long time, the others from the Yellow Class came to the 50th step one after another. All of them were so tired that they lay weakly on the ground, panting heavily.

"I'm exhausted."

"I'm really, really tired. I'm about to die of exhaustion."

"Fanxin, I don't think I can go forward anymore." Shui Moning had actually long reached her limit, but seeing that her companions were all insisting on walking forward, she had also been persisting. Every time she wanted to give up, she would look at the others.

She did not want to fall behind, so as she walked, she actually reached the 50th step.

This was simply a miracle to her.

"The 50th step can allow everyone to quickly recover their stamina and spirit energy. Rest well and wait until you recover. According to my guess, the last 49 steps might be very difficult. Even I don't have 100% confidence in reaching the top. Do your best. If there's really no other way, don't force yourself, okay?"

Just as Xue Fanxin finished speaking and before the others from the Yellow Class could respond, an ancient and mysterious voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

"Those who reach the 50th step can choose to go straight to the Land of Inheritance, or they can choose to continue climbing the stairs. Those who reach the 99th step can go to the Spirit Inheritance Secret Land."

"Wow… There's actually such a choice. It's simply amazing. Why don't we go straight to the Land of Inheritance?" Shi Bo said excitedly.

The others looked at Xue Fanxin to see what choice she would make.

Xue Fanxin smiled and said, "I suggest that you all choose to go straight to the Land of Inheritance now. With your current strength, it's impossible for you to walk through the last 49 steps."

"What about you?" Jin Zhengming asked. Although he had already guessed Xue Fanxin's choice, he still had to ask.

"I'll continue to climb the stairs." Xue Fanxin looked at the 49th step in front of her. No matter how difficult it was, she had to climb it. Even if she failed in the end, she had no regrets.

The others in the Yellow Class knew that Xue Fanxin's strength was far stronger than her cultivation level, and her identity was extraordinary, so they did not dissuade her. Instead, they let her choose to continue climbing the stairs.

After Xue Fanxin rested, she set off again. She stood in front of the 51st step and carefully sensed the aura here, adjusting her condition to the best.

Sang Ruoxin, who was still far away on the ninth step, saw that Xue Fanxin had actually chosen to continue climbing the ladder, so she mocked her, "You really overestimate yourself. Why don't you take a look at yourself? You actually want to continue climbing the stairs. Just wait to fall."

While Sang Ruoxin was mocking Xue Fanxin, Chu Yunhan had already taken a step forward and walked up the tenth step.

When Sang Ruoxin saw this, she immediately caught up, but she had forgotten that the tenth step was in front of her, so she was tragically sent flying again.


Chu Yunhan saw with his own eyes that Sang Ruoxin had been sent flying. He sneered coldly and ignored her. Instead, he continued to climb the stairs.

Xue Fanxin had chosen to continue climbing the stairs on the 50th step, so he had to make this same choice.

He wanted to see if this woman was stronger than him.

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