The Path of Survivor begins with obtaining titles

Chapter 153 - 108 Did your parents cheat on each other? 1
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Chapter 153: Chapter 108 Did your parents cheat on each other? 1

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Watching as Zhi Ling kicked up her heels and ran, Lin Yi chuckled. He activated his Wind Transformation Technique and Wind Law and donned the title “The Road is at the Feet,” quickly capturing the little creature. fr(e)ewebnovel

“You can’t escape, come here.” He grabbed Zhi Ling with one hand and vigorously rubbed her small head with the other.

Without awakening her Lightning Mink Bloodline, she was certainly not able to outpace him.

Zhi Ling, struggling desperately and chirping nonstop, appeared extremely nervous.

Lin Yi smiled, setting Zhi Ling down, and said, “Zhi Ling, I have a way that might awaken your bloodline and turn you into a spirit beast like Fire Feather.

Would you like to give it a try?”

Initially, he intended on starting the Little Luck state as usual, without mentioning it to Zhi Ling.

Realistically, only a 7% chance exists for a bloodline to awaken under normal conditions. Entering the Little Luck state would enhance his luck, but how that luck would translate to success was a complete mystery.

Therefore, a high likelihood of failure existed, and he did not want to provide Zhi Ling with hope only to plunge her into disappointment.

Later, however, upon reconsideration, he thought it necessary to tell Zhi Ling about this. After all, belief was sometimes capable of creating miracles.

If Zhi Ling has an incredibly strong desire to awaken her bloodline, then this would certainly increase her chances.

Upon hearing his words, Zhi Ling, without the slightest hesitation, nodded vigorously, then hopped into Lin Yi’s hand and uttered two squeaks.

“Alright, let’s begin,” Lin Yi patted her little head, and moved into the cultivation cave mansion, initiating the defensive array.

Then, he donned the titles “Junior Dung Cleaner” and “Little Compassion Little Mercy”, took out some Monster Beast Meat, and prepared to create that 7% miracle.

He looked towards Zhi Ling and said seriously, “Zhi Ling, are you ready?” If the bloodline awakening failed under Little Luck state, they would have to wait until after Foundation Establishment and attempt again once the title “Junior Dung Cleaner” has ascended to the second stage.

Zhi Ling nodded once more, extending her little paw towards Lin Yi.

Lin Yi smiled and placed his hand over hers, joining them together. “Let’s give it our all.”

Then, he activated the Little Luck state. This state couldn’t directly enable Zhi Ling to awaken her bloodline. Instead, it served to enhance the luck effect and amplify the probability of the 7% chance.

This was different from when he breached realms. During a breakthrough, the Little Luck state provided profound enlightenment. But now, it just amplified the chances and increased luck.

He now had over two thousand virtue points, but the Little Luck state would consume different amounts of these points under different circumstances.

This meant that the Little Luck state would automatically discern the present situation, including his actions, and provide the appropriate effect enhancement.

As soon as he entered the Little Luck state, Lin Yi took out a strip of Monster Beast Meat, pinched off a small bit, and handed it over to Zhi Ling.

The “Junior Dung Cleaner” title mentioned that there was a 7% chance of awakening the ancestral bloodline through long-term feeding. Long-term feeding was just a basis for it to take effect; the key was to feed them every day.

Zhi Ling’s stomach could only hold so much, so they had to feed her in small amounts if they wanted to do it multiple times. Otherwise, she would quickly reach her limit, and they wouldn’t be able to feed her again.

Looking at the tiny piece of dried meat in its owner’s hand, Zhi Ling felt an irresistible attraction and ate it.

Lin Yi continued feeding her, constantly encouraging Zhi Ling, “In order to awaken your bloodline Zhi Ling, you need to be steadfast in your beliefs. You can do it.”

Zhi Ling constantly ate what Lin Yi had given her, her little eyes filled with determination.

Previously, when he was breaking through realms, the Little Luck state provided profound enlightenment. But now, under the current circumstances, he felt nothing unusual. Likely, the luck effect was completely focused on increasing the chances of awakening.

Lin Yi also checked the consumption of virtue points. Every time he fed her, his virtue points would decrease dramatically, but the decrease was much slower when he wasn’t feeding her.

In a short time, he had consumed hundreds of virtue points, but nothing had changed about Zhi Ling.

It was a pity that he couldn’t control the consumption of virtue points. The amount consumed was automatically determined by the Little Luck state based on the current situation. Otherwise, he would have liked to throw all two thousand virtue points into one feeding attempt.

At that moment, Lin Yi had a brainwave and thought of another approach. The current environment, his emotions and thoughts could all influence it, since the Little Luck state was operating on him.

For instance, if he wished to attack someone, the Little Luck state would increase his chances of striking. If he wished to escape, it would decrease his chances of being discovered or attacked.

The stronger his thoughts are, the more virtue points he estimated would be consumed, and the stronger the effects would be.

Looking at the small piece of Monster Beast Meat left in his hand, Lin Yi said earnestly, “Zhi Ling, are you willing to remain ordinary like this forever? An opportunity is right before your eyes.”

“I don’t want my little buddy to remain unable to awaken her bloodline, to be just an ordinary Purple Mink for the rest of her life. Your victory or defeat hinges on this next feeding. Let’s increase our chances..”

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