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Chapter 324: Nosebleed

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Xiaofei crawled out from under the table, coughed lightly and said, “1 still have something on, so I’ll take my leave.”

“Stop right there!” Fang Yunshu grabbed Ye Xiaofei’s arm and looked at the blood under his nose. Her face darkened.

Fang Yunshu felt something sticky on her legs. She looked down and saw that her knees and stockings were also stained with blood. She was so enraged that her blood was boiling. She gritted her teeth and said, “You… You… Ye Xiaofei, you’re really filthy.”

Fang Yunshu naturally thought that Ye Xiaofei had been hugging her legs under the table, and then the blood rushed to his head, causing a nosebleed.

Ye Xiaofei was originally rather weak, but when she said this, he was no longer weak. He immediately lifted his chin and said, “You’re scolding me? 1 haven’t even scolded you yet. Your legs moved randomly, kicking and swinging. Do you know how hard your knees are? You hit my nose and it bled, yet you’re still throwing a tantrum?”

Fang Yunshu glanced at Ye Xiaofeiโ€™s nose and her expression turned colder. “Your nose didn’t even turn red? Do you really think I’m that easy to fool?”

“Not red? F*ck, my d*mned self-healing legs. My conscience is clear; this blood was definitely caused by your knees.”

“You still have a conscience? Your conscience has long been eaten by dogs.”

“Hey, you’re going a little overboard with your words. Think about it. That day at your house, you stood naked in front of me. I didn’t have a nosebleed, right? I’m not a child; would 1 be so ignorant? What haven’t the two of us…”

Ye Xiaofei was talking energetically when he suddenly noticed that Fang Yunshu’s expression was getting uglier and uglier. He immediately shut his mouth and looked embarrassed.


“Enough, I… 1’11 take my leave.” Ye Xiaofei felt that it was very dangerous here, so he quickly slipped away.

Fang Yunshu quickly walked into the suite and changed out of the bloodstained stockings.

“Bastard! You’re really hopeless!”

Fang Yunshu cursed furiously, but her face suddenly turned red, but she quickly hid it…

Ye Xiaofei washed his face and dawdled for a while before returning to the office.

Recalling everything that had happened earlier, Ye Xiaofei really had endless aftertaste.

In the past, he had thought that He Yuyao was a troublesome person.

Now, it seemed that He Yuyao was his lucky star. As long as she appeared, he could take advantage of boss Fang Yunshu, and it was the kind where Fang Yunshu took the initiative to deliver herself to him.

In the future, he could treat He Yuyao better and thank her for the benefits she brought him.

Xiao Qingyi walked in and looked at him strangely. She lowered her voice and said, “Secretary Ye, are you going to jump ship?”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiaofei asked doubtfully.

“President Fang said to erase all information about your identity in the company and not leave any traces. This…” Xiao Qingyi said. “Isn’t it that youโ€™re leaving?”

“What? No way!” Ye Xiaofei was also shocked and said, “I’m not leaving.”

“Then… can it be that you’re going to be fired?” Xiao Qingyi’s eyes widened as well. “Hurry up and talk to President Fang to see if there’s any chance to salvage the situation.”

Ye Xiaofei’s mouth twitched. Fang Yunshu couldn’t be that ruthless, could she? freeweb(n)ovel.com

After thinking for a moment, he knew what this meant. Since He Yuyao could come here once, she could come again. Fang Yunshu naturally couldn’t let He Yuyao see any information about him. ๐Ÿ๐ซ๐—ฒ๐—ฒ๐˜„๐—ฒ๐—ฏ๐—ป๐จ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ๐ฅ.๐œ๐จ๐—บ

Waving his hand, Ye Xiaofei smiled and said, “It’s fine. You don’t have to worry.”

“Huh?” Xiao Qingyi asked anxiously. “It’s fine? There’s no information about you in the company. You don’t even have a position, and you still say that it’s fine?”

Ye Xiaofei blinked and then said with a smile, “Of course it’s fine. If it wasn’t, would I still be sitting here? Wouldn’t I have been chased out long ago?”

Xiao Qingyi was confused. She really couldnโ€™t understand what was going on. Since Ye Xiaofei didn’t seem bothered, she could only follow Fang Yunshu’s instructions and wipe out all the information about Ye Xiaofei in the company.

Immediately after, Fang Yunshu asked Xiao Qingyi to make a public announcement, stating that Ye Xiaofei would no longer be a secretary in the company. He would be given another important position, but he would still be working in the company temporarily until he took up his new position.

Everyone in the company was quite puzzled by this personnel change.

A dignified President’s secretary had no status now.

There was only one possibility – Ye Xiaofei was about to be purged. What they were doing now was to take over Ye Xiaofei’s power.

When everyone saw Ye Xiaofei again, each and every one of them avoided him, fearing that they would be implicated by him.

On the other hand, Xiao Qingyi still treated Ye Xiaofei with the same attitude as before.

Ye Xiaofei grinned and asked her, “Aren’t you afraid that I’d implicate you?”

“I’m here because you helped me,” Xiao Qingyi said. “You even saved my life that day, so I canโ€™t be ungrateful.”

As she said this, Xiao Qingyi’s face couldn’t help but flush red..

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