The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 545: Jackpot Nonstop – 3
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Chapter 545: Jackpot Nonstop – 3

“Who said she’s good just now? Come on out and look at her yourself. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have the slightest idea of what she’s doing right now. I don’t know how she has the nerve to accept Master Chu’s challenge.”

Wu Zhiheng heaved out a sigh of relief as he listened to the crowd.

The surrounding was noisy, but it did nothing to affect Fu Zhi.

She was looking at jade stone No. 66 and there was a frown on her face.

Although this jade stone was one of the best amongst the remaining jade stones in the exhibition hall, she could see that there were some impurities in the middle part of the jade.

It might not be the worst quality of jade, but it definitely was not the best.

Fu Zhi hesitated for a moment before picking up the number tag and walked towards the staff.

It was just that when she passed by Chu Yunsheng, she came to an abrupt stop and something inside of her head snapped as she stared in disbelief at the jade stone in Chu Yunsheng’s hand.

Right now, Chu Yunsheng was evaluating and studying the jade stone with torchlight and a magnifying glass.

At this moment, Fu Zhi did not know how to describe her feelings and she just wanted to curse out loud.

This jade stone was the best in the exhibition hall. Even the quality of jade stone No. 26 paled in comparison to the quality of this jade stone.

Fu Zhi stared fixedly at jade stone No. 50. If Chu Yunsheng picked this jade stone, he could really turn the table around. If that happened, she was going to lose a lot of money!

Her heart was fluttering rapidly like a butterfly at the thought. She clapped her eyes on Chu Yunsheng and it seemed to her that he wanted to pick this jade stone.

Fu Zhi felt she had to do something as she could not let Chu Yunsheng pick the jade stone. She fell into contemplation for a while and an idea took shape in her head.

She doubled back to jade stone No. 66 and began caressing its surface.

Unlike jade stone No. 26, this one had a swirling pattern and there were no scabs on the surface. Everyone who had some basic knowledge about stone gambling knew that the appearance of scabs on the surface of a jade stone was directly related to its quality. The more scabs there were on the surface, the lower the quality of the jade.

As for the swirling pattern that looked like a snake, it was the indicator for the color dispersion pattern. However, having the swirling pattern did not guarantee that it was going to be a high-grade jade, so they needed to look from other aspects.

The jade stone in front of Fu Zhi was, without a doubt, a high-grade jade stone, and judging from the swirling pattern on the surface, everyone would pick this jade stone over the jade stone in Chu Yunsheng’s hand. Therefore, it went without saying that Fu Zhi could not go forward and told Chu Yunsheng that she wanted to exchange the jade stone with him.

At the same time, a staff member came up to Fu Zhi and asked, “Ms. Fu. It’s almost time. Have you made your decision?”

“Well,” Fu Zhi replied, “I like this one because I like the number 66, but I don’t understand why there is a swirling pattern on top of the jade stone...”

She did not make any effort to lower her voice, and Chu Yunsheng heard everything she said clearly.

‘A swirling pattern?’

Chu Yunsheng hastily put down the jade stone in his hand. He turned his head around to look at jade stone No. 66 and his eyes lit up.

Chu Yunsheng had to admit that he was really attracted to the jade stone. After all, in terms of both texture and color, the risk of No. 66 was much less than the piece of jade stone he was holding.

He gritted his teeth tightly. He did not know why even God wanted to help Fu Zhi. In the meantime, Wu Zhiheng had noticed the jade stone in front of Fu Zhi as well. He clenched his fists tightly as he could not believe that he was going to get defeated by Fu Zhi again.

Just when both Wu Zhiheng and Chu Yunsheng were chiding Fu Zhi for her luck, they heard Jin Can shouting from afar, “Zhizhi, trust me! Just take that one!”

Chu Yunsheng’s heart skipped a beat. The numbers in his savings account did not permit him to lose again, so he figured that he had to do something to stop Fu Zhi and get his hands on the jade stone.

Fu Zhi turned her head around and she noticed the light in Chu Yunsheng’s eyes. She then continued to ask hesitantly, “Are you sure about that? This jade stone is so ugly. Are you sure it’s a good one?”

‘Of course there is!’ Chu Yunsheng shouted inwardly. However, he could not let Fu Zhi realize anything.

As such, he took a deep breath and said, “The look of a jade stone has no relation to the quality of the jade. As long as there is no scab on the surface, there’s a good chance that it would be a high-quality jade. However, for the jade stone in your hand...”

He stopped midway through his sentence abruptly and acted as if he had just realized that Fu Zhi was his competitor. He slapped himself in his cheek in a dramatic way and turned his head around, sighing and looking dejected.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say at all.

Chu Yunsheng observed Fu Zhi through the corner of his eyes, and he smirked victoriously when he saw Fu Zhi frowned even deeper after hearing what he had said. Then, he turned to Wu Zhiheng and nodded at him.

Receiving his signal, Wu Zhiheng hastily shouted at the staff member, “What are you waiting for? Fu Zhi has already made her decision, so hurry up and take the number tag away!”

The corner of Fu Zhi’s lips twitched, and she continued, “Hold on a second.”

She took a step back and said, “I don’t want this jade stone.”

“Don’t listen to him, Zhizhi!” Jin Can shouted.

The staff member then said, “You need to pick another two jade stones, then.”

Fu Zhi nodded. She turned around and went towards the row of jade stones in front of Chu Yunsheng.

At the moment Fu Zhi put down the number tag, Chu Yunsheng immediately ran forward and took the number tag for jade stone No. 66. Then, he handed the number tag to the staff member. “I’m taking it!”

Everyone was stunned and Jin Can’s face turned livid with rage.

“How... How could you do this to someone younger than you, Chu Yunsheng? Have you no shame at all?”

Chu Yunsheng harrumphed coldly and said, “Since Ms. Fu doesn’t want it, so why can’t I take it?”

Jin Can was exasperated but there was nothing he could say. After all, Chu Yunsheng was right. Fu Zhi was the one who did not want the jade stone, so it went without saying that he could take it.

“If you hadn’t said those things to her, would she give up on the jade stone?”

“So?” Chu Yunsheng replied, “That doesn’t prove anything at all. I’m just stating my opinion and she doesn’t have to listen to me at all. Besides, you said I took Fu Zhi’s jade stone, didn’t Fu Zhi also take the jade stone that I didn’t want?”

Truth be told, Chu Yunsheng did not know why Fu Zhi gave up on such a good-quality jade stone to take the jade stone that he did not want.

Could it be that the grass on the other side of the fence was greener?

Just when Chu Yunsheng was figuring out Fu Zhi’s intention, Fu Zhi said something to Jin Can before sending a cold glance at him.

Chu Yunsheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he did not know why but he did not have a good feeling about it.

Although he knew very little about Fu Zhi, he had a hunch that she was not a pushover, and she was someone who practiced eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Everyone in the scene could see that he had deceived her, but she did not say anything.

Chu Yunsheng picked another three jade stones before handing the number tag to the staff member.

The head of the Long Family upstairs shook his head. “Ms. Fu is going to lose this time.”

As for Jiang Zong, he pouted his lips.

‘Instead of worrying about her, you should be worrying about that guy. Unless the sun comes up from the east, she will never get deceived by the others.’

Half an hour later.

The staff of the Lucky Cloud Pavilion moved Fu Zhi and Chu Yusheng’s jade stones to each side of the entrance respectively for the lapidary to cut them open.

Everyone stepped forward and looked at the two lapidaries with bated breath.

The one who started first was the lapidary from the Wu Family. He made a mark on jade stone No. 66 before beginning cutting it, filling the air with the whirring sound of the machine.

Chu Yunsheng got the jade stone from Fu Zhi, and he had a lot of faith in it. This jade stone cost them about 40 million. Right now, Wu Zhiheng was so nervous that his hands were sweating profusely, as 40 million was not a small amount.

Jin Can was pacing back and forth as if there were ants in his pants as well. He was worried that Fu Zhi would pass out due to her rage after learning that this jade stone that she gave to Chu Yunsheng was a high-grade jade. However, just when he looked towards Fu Zhi and was about to comfort her, he saw that she was talking to her father. “Can we stop by the milk tea shop later? I’d like a cappuccino slushie.”

Jin Can did not know what he should say. It seemed to him that he had underestimated Fu Zhi.

Just when he was going to say something to Fu Zhi, someone shouted.

“It’s coming! It’s coming!”

He turned his head around and then he saw a shade of green from the cutting machine.

Then, the lapidary made another cut to split the jade stone into two.

“Here is it! Here is it!”

“Look, guys! It’s a Grade A jade!”

“No! It’s not a Grade A jade. This is a Floret Jade. It’s one of the Grade S! Look at the texture and the color. Although it’s not the best, its size and weight can make up for it.”

“You’re right. It’s indeed a Floret Jade! Congratulations, Master Chu!”

“Congratulations? He took the jade stone from Ms. Fu! He deceived her!”

“No, he did not. This is called wise!”

A group of people was arguing with each other outside, while the group of bosses inside the building was dumbfounded.

Due to the scarcity of jade, a Grade S Floret Jade was sought after by many people and its market value was rising steeply.

The market price for a pendant made of a normal Grade S Floret Jade was about ten thousand yuan or more, and the higher the quality of the jade, the higher the price of the jewelry.

All of them could not believe that the Wu Family would get a Grade S Floret Jade. They all thought of getting a doctor for Fu Zhi as they were worried that she might vomit blood and pass out.

However, little did they expect that the first one to pass out was Jin Can.

His eyes rolled to the back and fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Fu Zhi was speechless. She wanted to tell him that her jade stone was better, but it was too late.

Jin Can had fallen unconscious, and the paramedic team had brought him into the lounge.


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