The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu's Pampered Wife

Chapter 2090 - Son or Daughter? (1)
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Chapter 2090: Son or Daughter? (1)

When he came out after changing his clothes, Leng Xinran had already prepared the noodles and brought them over to him.

“Fried egg with preserved vegetables. I don’t know if you’re used to it, but I’m used to cooking with one pot, it goes a with fried egg and lemon water.”

Leng Xinran placed the tray on the table in front of her and beckoned him over to eat.

Lan Xiu had smelled the aroma from afar, so he walked over unceremoniously and sat down.

The appearance of the noodles was very good. An alluring aroma assaulted him, causing his stomach to feel hungry.

“Eat, I’ll go pack a few more books.”

Leng Xinran handed the chopsticks in her hand to him.

Lan Xiu paused and looked at the chopsticks in front of him for a moment. Then, he suddenly reached out and held her hand that was holding the chopsticks. He tightened his grip and could vaguely feel the warmth in her palm. After hesitating for a moment, he suddenly raised his head to look at her. “Thank you, Xinran.”

When Leng Xinran heard this, she immediately gave him a side glance and said in a calm tone, “When I said thank you, you either answer me bluntly or grunt. Do you think I should accept your gratitude as a matter of course?”

“I’m sincerely saying these two words to you, Xinran.”

Lan Xiu thought for a moment and explained.

Leng Xinran smiled faintly, pulled out her hand, and gently patted his shoulder, “The word ‘thank you’ is not really useful to me. Let’s not say it in the future. If we really want to thank each other, we should cook a few more good meals to show our gratitude to each other in the future.”

As she said this, Lan Xiu quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. He slowly raised his long arm and held her slender waist. He raised his gaze and looked at her. “Why did you agree to it? When you hesitated, I thought you were unwilling.”

Leng Xin naturally understood what Lan Xiu meant.

“I don’t want to be too pretentious. After all, we are now engaged as husband and wife. If I only want to hide in my shell, it would be too disloyal. If I don’t take a step forward, you will never know what will happen next. Moreover, all of my beautiful years have been squandered by me. If you really want an answer, then just take it that I want you to remember my young and beautiful appearance.”

Leng Xinran smiled and looked out of the window. The storm outside was still ongoing.

“What kind of weird answer is this?”

Lan Xiu raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“The noodles are getting cold. Hurry up and eat. After you finish eating, wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. We won’t be coming back much in the future.”

Leng Xinran quickly came back to her senses and instructed.

“I don’t think you’ll come back either. Sell it later. If you really care about the surroundings, we can visit other villas another day. I’ll buy one for you and we can move there later.”

Lan Xiu would not tell her that her name was already on the property certificate of his villa. Just because she was willing to be engaged to him, he felt that he should treat her well.

He had already understood the kind of person Leng Xinran was recently. When she was determined to be engaged to him, it had already indicated that she was willing to follow him. It was just that both of them needed some time to pace themselves.

“No need. The place I’m staying at now is very good. I quite like the environment there, so there’s no need to change it.”

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

Hearing Leng Xinran’s answer, Lan Xiu changed the topic.

“Secret lemon sauce duck.”

Leng Xinran quickly caught up with the rhythm.

This dish was Lan Xiu’s specialty. After showing off her skills twice, Leng Xinran began to think about it. She never liked meat dishes, so this dish was a little special.

“I thought you didn’t have any requests?”

Seeing her figure move forward, Lan Xiu chuckled and said.

“I’m not a saint.”

Her gentle voice drifted over.

The smile on Lan Xiu’s lips widened slightly...


Without caring about the heavy rain, the two moved all their luggage back to the villa. When they were done packing, it was already dark. Lan Xiu also made her lemon duck and some side dishes to go with the wine.

Leng Xinran was a regular drinker, but unlike Dongfang Liuyun, she did not drink beer and only drank some alcohol. However, she did not drink too much, and her face began to turn red after drinking one cup.

“Don’t drink so much. This wine is a little strong, and you are not the kind of person who can drink.”

Seeing that she wanted to pour another glass, Lan Xiu reached out to stop her. His gaze was very gentle. “We’ll drink it in moderation.”

Hearing this, Leng Xinran’s eyes were also filled with a hint of gentleness. She gave him a side glance, then lowered her eyes and said calmly, “It’s not that easy to get drunk. Moreover, we should remember a time like this. In the future, we’ll take care of each other. Please treat me kindly.”

Leng Xinran picked up the glass and toasted Lan Xiu. “I hope that we’ll get along well in the future.”

Seeing this, Lan Xiu did not know what to say. He thought for a while and raised his glass to return the toast. “You’re too polite. I hope we can end things well. In the future, we can still be together like this until we’re in our 70s.”

When Lan Xiu said this, there was a hint of hope in his eyes—

Really, if they could really end things well, it would be a very happy thing. However, could they really?

They were engaged and were only one step away from getting married. When would they be truly happy?

Lan Xiu’s words seemed to be especially useful in Leng Xinran’s ears. She thought for a moment and suddenly laughed softly. Her smile looked a little brilliant.

“If we can continue to be rational like this, I think we can definitely do it. Without the so-called pettiness, it could be pure.”

Lan Xiu listened and after a moment, he nodded his head gently. “What you said is very reasonable. If we were too petty, then our hearts will not be able to let go. Sometimes, I don’t have such an open-minded state of mind like you.”

“No, actually, it also depends on who you are talking to.”

When Leng Xinran said this, she glanced at Lan Xiu meaningfully, “Just like the fate between us. If you weren’t open-minded enough, you wouldn’t have been able to facilitate this whole thing. I have also met Dongfang Liuyun, she is a very good woman.”

Leng Xinran was not a fool. She could naturally see how special Dongfang Liuyun was to Lan Xiu. However, she did not care because she did not fall in love with Lan Xiu either?

In fact, this was pretty good. They were evenly matched in terms of love and their backgrounds were of equal status. To maintain a long marriage in such a state, she expressed that she personally had a positive attitude.

However, after Leng Xinran said this, Lan Xiu was a little stunned. He raised his wine glass slightly and paused for a moment. He actually could not quite swallow the wine in his mouth...

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