The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu's Pampered Wife

Chapter 9 - Fireworks Are Beautiful, But They Don’t Last (1)
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Chapter 9: Fireworks Are Beautiful, But They Don’t Last (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the same time, in another luxurious VIP room within Emperor Entertainment City, a room was filled with joy.

Dishes were served on the table. Aside from Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi being present, there were also two pairs of middle-aged couples.

“Is Yifeng going to settle down after coming back this time? Hopefully, he isn’t traveling for another year or two again after this.” A middle-aged lady in a maroon dress sitting beside Xi Xinyi smiled.

This lady was Yue Lingsi, Xi Xinyi’s biological mother. She was about 50 years old, but her outward appearance was so well-maintained that she looked as if she was just about 30 years old.

Sitting beside Yue Lingsi was a cold-looking man in a gray suit. The serious-looking man was Xi Mushan, the respectable mayor of City Z.

Opposite them were Han Yu and Huang Ziyao, Han Yifeng’s parents. While they were past their fifties, it was obvious that they had their heydays. If not, they would not have such a handsome and exceptional son.

“Mmm, I’ve decided to settle down this time,” Han Yifeng replied.

“Our elder wanted Yifeng back this time to take over the business. After all, we’re getting old and we need the youngsters to take the responsibilities off our shoulders. Yifeng’s been doing pretty well abroad the past few years, so I discussed with his father to let Yifeng completely take over the company. Then, both of us can step down and relax.”

Huang Ziyao smiled. As she was explaining, she put some food onto Xi Xinyi’s plate. “Xinyi, it must’ve been tough for you to take care of Yifeng abroad these past few years. Eat more. You’re too skinny. Has this boy been bullying you?”

Xi Xinyi blushed as she lowered her head and peeked at Han Yifeng. With a smile, she said, “Thank you. Actually, Yifeng’s the one taking care of me. Of course, he wouldn’t bully me! Right, Yifeng?”

Xi Xinyi turned to Han Yifeng who gave her a gentle look. He pursed his lips and did not say anything.

Han Yu smiled warmly as he saw how loving Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi were towards each other. He turned to the silent Xi Mushan and said, “It seems like you guys are doing pretty well abroad. After Yifeng takes over the Han Corporation and familiarizes himself with the work there, let’s have them get engaged. What do you think, Mayor Xi?”

Xi Mushan put down the wine glass and threw a sharp glance at Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi, his tensed up face relaxed, he nodded, “If you both have no objections I wouldn’t disagree as well. Next week is the elder’s birthday, please come over and we can talk about the engagement, is that alright?”

Xi Xinyi’s face blushed even deeper when she heard her father’s words. She gently bit her scarlet lips and looked at Han Yifeng.

Han Yu and Huang Ziyao nodded and agreed with the plan.

“How about Yifeng?”

Xi Mushan looked at him with his sharp eyes.

“I’m fine with it as long as Xinyi is willing to become my bride.”

Han Yifeng smiled and focused his eyes on Xi Xinyi. With her blushing face, she nodded and said, “I’ll follow Father’s plan.”

“It’s set then. Let’s eat.”


During the meal, Huang Ziyao kept serving Xi Xinyi food, and she flashed smiles and thanked her constantly. Huang Ziyao was really satisfied with her attitude.

“Father, is Grandfather healthy? The first thing I want to do after I come back this time is to spend more time with him. I’ve always worried about his health the whole time I was overseas,” Xi Xinyi asked when she saw that Xi Mushan did not mention it. She looked like she really missed her grandfather.

Xi Mushan looked at Xi Xinyi and then said in a regretful tone, “He’s still the same. He still misses your sister dearly. Next week is his birthday. Since you’re back, tell your sister to go back just this once.”

“Sister? Father, just now, Yifeng and I met Sister at the airport, but she...” Xi Xinyi bit her lip and lowered her head sadly. “She’s still...”

“That’s alright, Xinyi. Don’t be sad about your sister acting this way. Mother believes that she still cares a lot about you,” Yue Lingsi comforted her daughter.

“Xiaye... in recent years... she really stepped over her boundaries, but just let her be. Don’t worry about it, Xinyi. Yifeng, spend some time walking around with Xinyi later. There’ve been quite some big changes in City Z in the past few years.” Huang Ziyao did not know what else to say, so she gave Han Yifeng some suggestions.

Han Yifeng’s eyes widened slightly when Xi Xiaye was mentioned, yet he did not say anything and just nodded lightly.

Afterward, while Xi Mushan and Han Yu started talking about business, Han Yifeng would sometimes voice out his opinions. Xi Xinyi went to the toilet after a while.


Xiaye washed her face in the toilet. She had both her arms on the sink as she looked at her pale self in the mirror. She closed her eyes and calmed down. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly saw through the mirror that Xi Xinyi had just entered through the door.

Her body trembled while her arms on the sink suddenly froze.

Xi Xinyi saw Xiaye as well. She stopped in her tracks and stood behind Xiaye as she attempted to smile.

“Sister, I didn’t expect you’d be here too.”

Her voice sounded gentle and a little surprised, yet it sounded like screeching in Xiaye’s ears. “That’s great. Father just mentioned you. It’s been a really long time since you’ve gone back. Father, Mother, and Grandfather really miss you. If it’s because of Yifeng, I’m willing to apologize, Sister... Yifeng and I... I’d rather have you scold me and beat me up if you’re feeling unhappy. Could you please forgive us?”

Xi Xinyi’s expression turned sorrowful and her eyes were filled with mixed emotions and struggle. “It’s already been some years. I thought time could wash those unpleasant moments in the past away, but I’m really sad to see the current you, Sister. You told me before that a relationship’s worth is based on whether two people really love each other. Forcing a relationship can never bring happiness, isn’t that right?”

Xi Xiaye felt pain bloom in her chest as she heard Xi Xinyi’s words. A suffocating pain intruded her entire being, yet she put on a smile and glanced at the pitiful-looking Xi Xinyi in the mirror. Her tone sounded calm. “Xi Xinyi, didn’t you know that Han Yifeng was engaged to me?”

“Sister, I... I know it’s my fault. In the beginning, I was just curious about what kind of person your fiancè was, so I got closer to him... I never expected to be attracted to him... and to fall so quickly for him...”

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