The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 843 - 843 Myth from A Hundred Years Ago
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843 Myth from A Hundred Years Ago


The moment Xu Feng fainted, dark clouds swept over from the horizon. Surging heavenly lightning tore through the sky, and the world suddenly changed.

“What a powerful aura!” Lin Qingzhu’s expression changed and she hurriedly called Linglong back.

At this moment, Ye Qiu, who had been silent from beginning to end, finally walked out of the gazebo. He looked up at the sky, his eyes flickering with displeasure as he stared coldly at the clouds in the sky. “What is that?”


On the other side, a cry came. Everyone looked at the clouds in the sky at a loss. A handsome young master in white walked out from the dark clouds.

“Xiao Jinse!”

Everyone was shocked. That person was none other than the young and handsome disciple of the Heavenly Dao lineage, Xiao Jinse, who was already famous in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands a hundred years ago.

This person was famous a hundred years before Ming Yue.

“How can it be him?”

Everyone was shocked. It was rumored that a hundred years ago, Xiao Jinse became famous with a single strike and stood out in the competition for the geniuses of the myriad races. After he became famous in the world, he disappeared.

No one had heard any news about him for a hundred years. However, no one expected him to appear at this moment.

“Heavens! Senior Brother Xiao is out of seclusion.”

As disciples of the Heavenly Dao lineage, others might not know where Xiao Jinse had gone in the past hundred years, but they naturally knew.

Ever since the battle between the geniuses of the myriad races a hundred years ago, Xiao Jinse had returned from the Immortal Ancient Battlefield and was sent to the forbidden land for seclusion by Daoist Tianfeng. This seclusion lasted for a hundred years.

A hundred years passed in the blink of an eye for cultivators. However, to ordinary people, it was an incomparably long period of time. No one knew what Xiao Jinse had experienced in the past hundred years and how strong he was now.

Now that he had returned, everyone was shocked. At this moment, the wind and clouds on the divine mountain changed. Countless blessed lands’ doors slowly opened. Everyone looked at the white figure in the sky in disbelief and looked troubled.

“Xiao Jinse, this guy… actually came out of seclusion.” Ye Qingxuan looked solemnly at the figure in the sky, his eyes erratic. All these years on the divine mountain, he had heard many legends about this person.

If Ming Yue was the most stunning genius in the past hundred years, then he was the one who stood alone before Ming Yue.

The legend created by these two people was like a huge mountain that pressed down on everyone’s hearts and could not be crossed.

No one knew what Xiao Jinse’s return meant after disappearing for a hundred years.

Seeing that the Heaven Mending Assembly was about to arrive, the wind and clouds were unpredictable. For a moment, a silent storm had already spread to the entire divine mountain.

“Xiao Jinse, it’s really him…” Standing at the peak of the divine mountain, Ming Yue’s gaze was cold as she stared at the figure in the sky. Behind her stood another her.

This was Ming Yue from the heavens and Ming Yue from the mortal world. After returning yesterday, the two of them had a long night of communication and had already reached a consensus.

The two of them stood at the peak of the divine mountain and watched all of this from above. After a while, Mortal Yue said, “Is he very strong?”

Heavens Yue did not answer. She only looked in the direction of Violet Cloud Training Hall worriedly.

After an unknown period of time, she slowly said, “This person’s realm has already reached the extraordinary realm. His various Daos have already entered the extreme realm. After a hundred years of bitter cultivation, his cultivation has probably already reached the extreme realm of the Dao Sacrificial realm.

“I’m afraid I might not even be his match.”

This might be her humility, or it might be her recognition of Xiao Jinse’s strength.

The meaning was different when Ming Yue gave such a high evaluation.

When Mortal Yue heard this, her expression instantly became solemn. Currently, the Heaven Mending Divine Mountain is filled with turbulent undercurrents. The various factions were fighting openly and covertly. Although it couldn’t affect them, she couldn’t help but be a little worried because Ye Qiu was in the vortex.

After hesitating for a while, she said, “A person who can be praised by you must not be an ordinary person. Don’t you want to meet such an opponent?”

Heavens Yue shook her head and turned around to look at her. She said coldly, “Before we resolve the bond between us, anything is unimportant to me.”

“But I saw the hesitation in your eyes. You’ve clearly fallen for him.”

“Shut up!” Heavens Yue denied it and said coldly, “This is not something you should care about. What you should care about is whether you can retain a portion of your subjective consciousness in the upcoming fusion.”

It was a very cruel reality. A trace of despair and loss appeared in Mortal Moon’s eyes. Even though she did not want to admit it, she had to admit that she was indeed not as outstanding as the other party.

The difference between the two was not the difference in talent, but her heart had already entered the mortal world and was tainted with a trace of the aura of the mortal world. She did not have the pure heart of the Heavens Yue anymore.

Although she was doing her best to catch up, the other party was still improving. This gap seemed to be slowly approaching, but also getting further and further away. She could not guarantee that she would be able to keep her part after the future fusion.

She fell silent! She looked at the familiar figure below, the figure that had appeared in her dreams countless times. She was very reluctant, but there was nothing she could do.

“Yes… I understand.” Nodding, she turned and walked into the cave abode. According to their agreement, she needed to disappear for a while.

During this period of time, the Heavens Yue would continue to replace her identity and walk in the world.

Ming Yue suddenly felt a heart-wrenching pain in her heart as she looked at her lonely figure. It was so painful that it was difficult to calm down.

The conversation that night made the distance between them less unfamiliar. It also made her deeply understand how important her missing mortality was to her. That was her incomplete Dao, and also an indispensable part of her upcoming immortal path.

Only by completing that portion could she truly gather her own immortal energy and advance to the Dao Sacrificial realm. It was said that there was a world of difference between above and below the Dao Sacrificial realm.

The greatest difference between the two was that only by comprehending the immortal energy that truly belonged to her could she transcend.

Therefore, she looked forward to the arrival of the Mortal Yue and the fusion between them. Even though she understood that fusion was an extremely cruel thing, the path had been chosen, and there was no turning back.

Be it Heavens Yue or Mortal Yue, they tried their best to retain their own portion in the subsequent fusion.

At this moment, standing at the peak of the divine mountain, Ming Yue’s eyes were a little melancholic. She stared at the figure in the sky thoughtfully. Suddenly, a door opposite opened and an incomparably beautiful figure slowly walked out. That cold aura instantly surged over.

Ming Yue looked at the other party in surprise. She didn’t expect there to be a woman more cold than her in this world.

“It’s her?”

The moment she saw the other party’s true appearance, Ming Yue immediately understood that this should be her first time officially meeting Lian Feng.

The two of them looked at each other across the river and did not say anything.

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