The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 84 - Blushed
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Chapter 84: Blushed

Yu Wan did not know that there were a few neighbors next door. She was carrying a hoe and working in the fields.

After the New Year, the weather became warmer every day. Although it was not that warm yet, there was no more snow. The spring sowing would start after they endured one to two times cold snap.

Before the spring sowing, she had to turn the ground over.

She had thought about it. She didn’t have much land, so she wouldn’t plant grains and soybeans. Instead, she would plant vegetables. She would first plant some pumpkins and celery. When the weather was slightly warmer, she would plant some chili, rapeseed, and bean sprouts.

Actually, she did not know how to farm. When she was young, she had followed behind her aunt and watched her plant. However, she had already forgotten most of it after so many years. It was not good to let the villagers see through her so she could only plant whatever she saw.

Her land was adjacent to the Bai family’s. In the past, Aunt Bai and Uncle Bai would be working in the fields at this time. The reason why she would plant celery was because she had overheard Aunt Bai and Uncle Bai say that it was time to grow seedlings for celery after the Lantern Festival. When she passed by Aunt Zhang’s field, Aunt Zhang asked her when she would go to town and asked her to help buy some high-grade pumpkin seeds.

Yu Wan looked at the Bai family’s land and then at the Zhang family not far away. She blinked in confusion. Did everyone make an appointment today? Why aren’t they on the fields today?

Yu Wan waved the hoe a few more times. Suddenly, she heard the sound of wheels.

The sound stopped near her house.

She stood on her tiptoes and looked from afar. Across a small fish pond and a row of large locust trees planted in front of her house, she could only vaguely see the shadow of a carriage. There was a shed and that was not Shuanzi’s cart.

Could it be that there was business again?

It was almost time for dinner anyway. Yu Wan simply stopped and returned to her house with the hoe and basket. When she approached her house, she realized that the ox cart was not parked at her door, but next door.

Yu Wan had once heard Madam Jiang mention that a Ding family lived next door a few years ago. After the Ding family moved away, this courtyard was left idle. The house they were living in now also belonged to the Ding Family, but it was their old house. Not only was it dilapidated and small, but the roof was also leaking.

Ah Wan only separated from the old residence after she returned from her “cousin-in-law’s family”. At that time, Ah Wan had a few hundred taels of silver on her. She didn’t lack the money to buy a house, but she abandoned the new house and bought the old house. And it was because the new house was haunted.

The Ding Family made it sound good by saying that they need to take care of their second son-in-law’s business. In fact, they were so frightened that they could not stay in the house anymore, so they sought refuge with their second son-in-law who was far away.

The villagers would never dare to buy this haunted house. Those people who bought the new house must have been fooled by Little Chen.

Yu Wan’s guess was right. Not only did Little Chen not tell them that this was a haunted house, but she also hid the fact that his neighbor’s house was about to be demolished.

Yu Wan looked at the house sympathetically and thought to herself,?I really don’t know where this sucker came from.

The gate of the house was tightly shut. The house, which had been in disrepair for many years, was in an unsightly mess. The spotless red carpet was especially eye-catching in this messy scene.

Yan Jiuchao sat on a chair on the red carpet with his long legs crossed. He looked up and down with his cold eyes and said, “Wipe this, this, and this place a hundred times!”

After driving the ox cart all the way, not only did he not get to rest, but he also had to be a servant for this little ancestor. Uncle Wan held his old waist and panted. “We agreed to do as the Romans do. Young Master, people will see through you if you’re so particular.”

Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six nodded in agreement!

“Oh.” Yan Jiuchao nodded and rubbed the little snow fox on his lap. “That makes sense. Then let’s do it ninety-nine times!”


The three of them were speechless…

While Uncle Wan, Shadow Thirteen, and Shadow Six were busy cleaning, the three little lads took advantage of the chaos and slipped away.

The Ding Family’s houses were not far away. After leaving the back door of the new house and entering the bamboo forest, they turned left and arrived at the back door of the old house.

The back door of the old house was wide open, and Yu Wan was cooking inside.

Today, Uncle brought the three siblings to accompany Aunt back to her maiden home so they had to cook by themselves.

The braised meat was ready-made and could be eaten after being heated in the pot. However, it was not nutritious to eat only meat. Yu Wan cut a bag of fresh cabbage from the ground. After washing it, she cut it into pieces and stir-fried it with smoked cured meat.

There were also a few yuanxiao that she had just learned how to make. However, Little Bruiser and Madam Jiang did not like to eat boiled food, so she decided to fry them.

The yuanxiao had meat stuffing and bean paste stuffing. She boiled the oil in a pot and placed the two kinds of yuanxiao into it. The oil pot immediately emitted a sizzling sound.

The sound was so loud that it covered the little munchkins’ footsteps.

The little munchkins slipped to the back door and stuck their heads in one by one by the door frame as they lined up from the bottom to the top.

The three of them widened their big black eyes and looked at Yu Wan without blinking.

They watched as Yu Wan cooked.

They watched as Yu Wan cut the vegetables.

They were still watching when Yu Wan was frying the meatballs.

Their eyeballs were about to fall out, but they did not dare to go forward.

The yuanxiao was about to turn black from frying. Yu Wan quickly pulled open the cupboard and took out a large bowl. She rinsed it with clear water and walked to the back door to splash the rinsed water out.

The three little fellows retracted their heads in time, afraid of being discovered. The moment Yu Wan turned around, the wind blew her skirt up above the three little munchkins’ heads with a gentle whisper.


The three of them blushed.

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