The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 589 - 589 Bull Egg and Asura (1)
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589 Bull Egg and Asura (1)

Old Madam’s cry was simply shouted with her life. More than half of the Helian East Manor heard it.

Helian Beiming, who had finally woken up, almost fainted again when he heard that. His father’s grave was going to turn green again. Mom, my dear mother. You could acknowledge your sons and grandsons. But can you not acknowledge your husband all day?

Helian Beiming put down the little snow fox in his arms and sat in a wheelchair to Wutong Courtyard.

Asura had been chosen to join the sacrificial soldiers camp since he could remember. He had experienced the cruelest training, carried out the most difficult missions, killed the hardest people to kill, and suffered the most difficult injuries. He had never been afraid of anything in his life.

He had no natural enemies! However, when the old lady pouted her fiery red lips and leaned towards him, the hair on his body stood on end!!!

Yiyaya! It was too terrifying!

Asura couldn’t even care less about killing people. He pulled away, waved his arms, and fled!

When Helian Beiming arrived at Wutong Courtyard in a wheelchair, Asura was already gone. There was only a painting that had fallen off Asura.

Helian Beiming bowed and picked up the portrait. When he opened it, his first reaction was Ah Wan. When he looked carefully, he felt that the clothes and gaze were wrong. Then, he realized that this was his sister-in-law, Madam Jiang.

Asura’s figure was too fast, and he did not see it clearly. He could only vaguely feel the powerful aura remaining in the air.

“It’s Asura.” Yan Jiuchao said.

Helian Beiming looked up and saw Yan Jiuchao walking out. Helian Beiming was stunned. “Just now… the guy that Old Madam mistook for Bull Egg was Asura? The portrait fell from him?”

Asura always came to Xixia Garden and sat on the threshold with the three little black eggs when he had nothing to do. Helian Beiming had to notice him even if he didn’t want to.

Asura was from the Queen Manor. But firstly, they could not defeat Asura. Secondly, Asura did not have any ill intentions towards them, so Helian Beiming did not care about Asura appearing from time to time.

However, Asura most likely appeared during the day. This was the first time he came in the middle of the night, and it was also the first time he bumped into the Old Madam. Unexpectedly, the Old Madam mistook him for Bull Egg.

Fortunately, nothing irreversible happened.

Helian Beiming shook his head and thought of something. He wondered, “Strange, didn’t he only go to Xixia Garden? Why did he come to Wutong Courtyard? Also, why does he have a portrait of Sister-in-law?”

“Because he wants to kill someone,” Yan Jiuchao said expressionlessly.

Helian Beiming frowned. “Kill… sister-in-law?”

Yan Jiuchao looked at the endless night and said, “The Queen has lost her power. Someone can’t hold it in anymore.”

There was no need for Yan Jiuchao to say who this person was. Helian Beiming had already guessed it.

Helian Beiming knew a little about Ah Wei and the others entering the State Preceptor Hall to steal the handwritten note. They had originally successfully escaped from the State Preceptor Hall, but they met Nangong Li’s mysterious expert halfway, causing Ah Wei to be captured.

That expert was Asura.

Helian Beiming never expected that the commandery prince, who was praised by the world, would be so ruthless behind his back. For the sake of power, he did not hesitate to send Asura to assassinate his own aunt.

Helian Beiming said, “In that case, he already knows Sister-in-law’s identity.”

Yan Jiuchao said, “He’s been to the Great Zhou and the Ghost Clan. There must be a connection.”

Helian Beiming was silent. In the past few years, Nangong Li had not been in Nanzhao. To the outside world, he was traveling to study. It was said that he went to many places. Every month, he would send a letter to the Emperor and the Queen to introduce the local knowledge and customs.


However, who knew that he would actually avoid the eyes of everyone and went to the Great Zhou and the Ghost Clan?

“How did you know?” Helian Beiming asked.

Yan Jiuchao said, “Three years ago, I was schemed against by the Xu family. Now that I think about it, the mastermind should be Nangong Li.”

This did not require much concrete evidence. Just from the motive and ability to commit the crime, Nangong Li was the best choice. As for Nangong Li’s whereabouts in the Ghost Clan, it was Grandma who revealed it to them.

Yan Jiuchao continued, “A few days ago, Nangong Li sent someone to infiltrate the manor to capture Ah Wan. In the end, they arrested the wrong person and captured Grandma.”

“There’s such a thing?” Helian Beiming’s face darkened.

If Helian Beiming had found it difficult to accept that Asura had been instructed by Nangong Li to assassinate his sister-in-law, then after knowing that he had ill intentions towards Ah Wan, he no longer had any illusions about Nangong Li.

“Asura let Grandma go,” Yan Jiuchao said.

Grandma’s words were—”In the blink of an eye, I was hung on a tree branch outside the manor by Asura. In another blink of an eye, I was knocked into the grass by the roadside by the Prince Consort’s carriage…”

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