The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 37 - Young Master Arrives
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Chapter 37: Young Master Arrives

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Yan Jiuchao had his own manor in the Capital. After he entered the Capital, he didn’t go anywhere. He was focused on staying in his manor until this morning when Uncle Wan ‘scooped’ him up from his blanket.

Yan Jiuchao looks irritated.

Uncle Wan tried his best to persuade him. “Originally, the Princess Consort wanted you two to go together. If Young Master doesn’t want to go, she can go too. After all, both of you haven’t gotten married yet. This can be considered giving face to the Yan Manor, but the Princess Consort suddenly has an urgent matter…

“It won’t be long. Young Master can leave after showing your face.

“You’ve already slept with her. What’s wrong with taking a look?”

“Yeah.” It was unknown which words touched Yan Jiuchao, but he actually agreed good-naturedly.

Uncle Wan, who had saved a lot of saliva, was afraid that this little ancestor would go back on his words. He dashed out like lightning and got someone to prepare a carriage.

The Yan Manor had made ample preparations to welcome Young Master Yan.

“I heard that Young Master Yan’s taste is very picky. Yu’er specially hired a chef from Lu City. She’s a very capable chef. Everyone is full of praise for her dishes,” Mrs. Yan said as she looked at the madams and daughters gathered in the greenhouse.

“Lu City? Is it Madam Du?” A lady who had been to Lu City said.

Mrs. Yan beamed with joy. “Mrs. Wang has also heard of Madam Du?”

“I’ve heard more than that. I even went there especially for the sake of tasting her dishes. Unfortunately, she only receives three customers a day and doesn’t accept reservations. Whoever she wants to do business depends entirely on her luck. I don’t have the fortune to do so.” Mrs. Wang, the wife of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, sighed and said.

In terms of status, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Works was a major fourth-rank official while Yan Congming was merely a minor fifth-rank official. Mrs. Wang shouldn’t have treated Mrs. Yan with such flattery, but who asked the Yan Manor to have a certain Young Madam?

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Works didn’t even have a chance to carry Young Master Yan’s shoes.

“Miss Yan actually invited her over? This is incredible. Even Prince Rong was unable to invite Madam Du back then.” If one were to say that she was flattering her just now, then these words came from the bottom of her heart.

Madam Du of Lu City was indeed proud and arrogant. She did not even think highly of the status of the head chef of the Prince’s mansion. She did not know how Miss Yan invited her out of Lu City.

However, Mrs. Yan skipped this topic and cleverly shifted the focus from Madam Du. “Everyone, try this fermented winter bamboo shoot. How does it taste?”

The ladies picked up their chopsticks and tasted the winter bamboo shoots on their plates. Everyone was stunned.

It was sour, spicy, refreshing, and it helped to digest the greasy food. They had eaten too many pastries just now, and now that they had a taste of the sour bamboo shoots, it was simply comfortable to the bone.

“Madam Du’s craftsmanship is indeed worthy of its reputation!” Mrs. Wang exclaimed sincerely.

Mrs. Yan pulled her daughter’s hand and said with a deep smile, “This isn’t Madam Du’s cooking, it’s Yu’er’s.”

“What? Your daughter?” The ladies exclaimed in unison.

Yan Ruyu smiled reservedly.

Mrs. Yan smiled and said, “On the way to the Capital, I’ve learned a few dishes from Madam Du. Today, I embarrassed myself in front of all the ladies.”

Everyone was stunned. This was called embarrassing herself? Then their chefs could simply end their own life!

Moreover, she had only learned it for a few days and already had such superb craftsmanship. Even those who looked down on Yan Ruyu because of her loss of virginity could not help but praise her for being exceptionally smart.

Mrs. Yan smiled smugly. Her daughter had been smarter than her brothers since she was young. Not only was she better at reading books than her brothers, but she was also proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy and painting. Her riding skills and archery skills were outstanding. What was a mere cooking skill?! Even if she didn’t become a daughter, she could be an admiral or general!

A maid hurried in and reported loudly, “Madam, Young Master Yan’s carriage is here!”

Mrs. Yan’s eyes lit up. “Quickly inform Madam Du!”


Yan Jiuchao’s carriage indeed came, but it didn’t enter the Yan Manor. When the carriage was halfway there, he suddenly heard a smacking sound. He opened the curtain with a strange expression, and the fragrance of fried onion oil and mutton fiercely rushed over.

His gaze froze.

“Stop the carriage.”

The carriage stopped. The handsome attendant got out of the carriage and knelt on the ground.

Yan Jiuchao stepped on his back and walked into the alley between the two manors. He faced the tall wall that the fragrance had wafted from and stared at it for three seconds before saying, “Ladder.”

The accompanying guards disappeared!

The accompanying guards came back again! And they came back with two ladders, one outside the wall and the other inside.

The ladder was tilted at an extremely high angle. Even without support, it was as if one was walking on flat ground.

Yan Jiuchao calmly walked over. The cold wind blew against his sleeves. He walked step by step, his expression cold and lonely. He was obviously trying to climb over someone’s wall, yet he exuded the aura of a coronation!

Little Bruiser grabbed the green scallion he had brought from the kitchen with one hand and his sister’s scallion pancake with the other. He was engrossed in eating it when a ladder appeared behind him. A man walked down the ladder and came up behind him.

Yan Jiuchao looked down at Little Bruiser and used his elegant toes to poke his butt.

Little Bruiser turned around with wide eyes.

Yan Jiuchao glared at him fiercely.

Little Bruiser’s jaw dropped.?How could there be such a beautiful brother… He was even more beautiful than Mom and Sis…

“Do you want some?” Little Bruiser handed over half of the scallion pancake.

Young Master Yan, who had thought of a hundred ways to snatch the pancake: “…”


It was time for the banquet to begin. Everyone was busy with their hands and feet. Even Yu Song was so busy that his feet did not touch the ground. No one slipped to the secluded corner in the backyard.

“Okay, it’s hot. You should eat.”

Not only did Little Bruiser warmly invite this handsome brother to share his sister’s pancakes with him, but he even considerately started a fire and heated up the two pancakes that had already cooled down.

Young Master Yan picked up a scallion pancake with his chopsticks.

“It only tastes good when you add the scallions.”

“I don’t eat that!”

Fifteen minutes later, Uncle Wan finally caught up to his master with three large carriages full of congratulatory gifts. However, there was no one in the carriage anymore!

He hurried up the ladder to the wall. He looked into the distance.

He saw his noble young master, who was otherworldly, squatting in front of the stove like a poor old farmer with a country bumpkin who came out of nowhere. He held a scallion pancake that was bigger than his face in his left hand and a scallion that was thicker than his finger in his right.

“Hold it!” Little Bruiser said.

“Make it!” Young Master Yan said.

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