The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 32 - First Meeting with the Young Master
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Chapter 32: First Meeting with the Young Master

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Yan Jiuchao had merely gone to the washroom, and when he returned, he discovered that there was another person in the carriage.

A woman.

It can’t be helped that no one was watching the carriage. Uncle Wan went to reserve a room, the coachman went to add charcoal, and the guards followed him. But even if no one was watching, not just anyone had the guts to barge into Young Master Yan’s carriage.

Every piece of furniture inside was engraved with the insignia of Yan City’s City Lord Manor. If it were someone else, they would most likely be scared away by this insignia the moment they lifted the curtain.

Unfortunately… Yu Wan did not recognize it.

Yu Wan was sleeping soundly with the jar in her arms, completely unaware that someone had arrived in the carriage. She lay on her side, her eyelashes as long as butterfly wings, casting a faint shadow on her slightly red skin. It was unknown if her cheeks were frozen or if it was because of the charcoal fire in the carriage, but the redness was somewhat alluring.

Yan Jiuchao stared at her flushed face as a murderous aura burst forth from his body.

In the blink of an eye, a little white ball darted in!

Who else could it be other than the little snow fox that Yu Wan had rescued from the beast cage?

The little snow fox steadied its small body and stood in front of Yu Wan, glaring fiercely at Yan Jiuchao. Ever since Yan Jiuchao snatched two of its meat buns, it had always been at odds with Yan Jiuchao three or four times a day. However, it had already caused trouble four times today. Could it be that this little thing wanted to cause trouble for the fifth time?

Yan Jiuchao calmly threatened, “Move aside.”

The little snow fox stomped its feet angrily!

No way!

No possible way!

If you have the ability, step over me!


Yan Jiuchao stepped on Little Snow Fox.

Little Snow Fox, who was lying on the ground and couldn’t even be dug up : “…”

After being interrupted by the little thing, Yan Jiuchao’s killing intent suddenly lessened. He walked calmly to the couch and sat down beside Yu Wan, who was lying on her side.

Not only did Yu Wan board Young Master Yan’s carriage, but she also slept on his bed and wrapped herself in his brocade quilt.

Young Master Yan was afraid of the cold. His quilt was made of the finest fire silk from the Western Regions, and it was filled with the lightest and warmest fire silk. As fire silkworms could not be artificially raised, they could only be gathered in the natural environment. Only three thousand fire silkworms could weave a quilt like this.

It was said that every single strand of fire silk from all the tributes from the Western Regions had been sent to Young Master Yan’s manor. Even the Emperor’s own prince did not have this honor.

However, the blanket that was unique to the dynasty was now wrapped around a strange woman.

Yan Jiuchao gave her a dangerous look. “You’re quite bold. Did Shangguan Yan send you here?”

Yu Wan was sleeping soundly. Of course, she could not answer him.

Yan Jiuchao harrumphed coldly before reaching out with his slender hand to grab her neck. Such a thin neck, it would break with a twist.

You can’t twist it!?Little Snow Fox picked himself up from the ground and flew over to bite Yan Jiuchao’s hand.

Yan Jiuchao didn’t even lift his eyelids as he stretched out the index finger of his other hand and pressed it back onto the ground.

The dumbfounded Little Snow Fox : “…”

Yan Jiuchao’s hand landed on Yu Wan’s neck.

Yu Wan had never covered herself with such a warm blanket before. Without realizing it, she felt warm. She moved her body and kicked the blanket away, revealing her shabby and tattered clothes.

Yan Jiuchao’s hand that was about to strangle Yu Wan froze.

Yu Wan’s dressing was so shabby that it would be an exaggeration to say that she was shabby. Yan Jiuchao had never had anyone who looked worse than this, let alone the woman Shangguan Yan had sent to his bed.?Wasn’t he afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take her??He knew Shangguan Yan well. His taste wasn’t that bad.

So that means she recommended herself?

Yan Jiuchao wanted to kill her again!

The little snow fox jumped over for the third time. It could be said that the sun and moon could witness the vigilance of it defending Yu Wan! It jumped into Yu Wan’s arms and stood on the small jar that was being held by Yu Wan. It glared at Yan Jiuchao like a tiger watching its prey, and suddenly exerted strength with its hind legs!


The jar lid was kicked off.

It should have flown out like an arrow that had left the bowstring, but its claws slipped and it fell face-first onto the jar!

The little snow fox was stunned again.

After the lid slid down, a rich meat fragrance wafted out from the jar. Yan Jiuchao, who had been starving for days, suddenly felt his stomach growl. A meatball rolled out of the jar and hung at the mouth of the jar as if it could not fall off. The color was not very good and the workmanship was not exquisite, but it was fragrant.

Yan Jiuchao picked up the meatball and took a bite.

Yan Jiuchao was stunned. In the next second, he stuffed the entire meatball into his mouth. The meatball was quickly finished, and Yan Jiuchao took another one. He ate even faster.

Fifteen minutes later, Yan Jiuchao had already snatched the jar over. He held the jar in his left hand and held the meatballs in his right hand as he fed them one by one into his mouth. His cheeks were puffed up from eating. Half of the meatballs were finished at an unbelievable speed. Young Master Yan, who couldn’t even eat half a bowl of rice, was surprisingly not full.

He looked at Yu Wan. He seemed to have thought of something as he picked up Yu Wan’s slightly glowing fingertip and calmly sucked it into his mouth.


On the other hand, Uncle Wan had gone to reserve the room. He thought that since it was almost the end of the year and there were many visitors, it would be difficult to book the best room. Who knew that he could book it the moment he went?

It was fine as long as it was booked, in case there was any unhappiness. It didn’t matter if others were unhappy, but if Young Master was unhappy, the world would change.

After Uncle Wan booked the room, he ordered the courier station to stir-fry a few refreshing side dishes. Young Master hadn’t eaten much these few days. He wondered if he should change to a few light dishes as there were too many meat dishes the past few days.

For example, meatballs and meat slices were not to be served!

Once everything was ready, he went to the carriage to call the Young Master. Unexpectedly, the moment he lifted the curtain, he saw Yan Jiuchao holding Yu Wan’s finger in his mouth.

He was dumbfounded.

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