The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1092 - The Trial Begins
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Chapter 1092: The Trial Begins

“Do you see the field of stars? That is the first trial!”

The old man turned around and pointed at the vast starry sky.

“Beyond the field of stars is the location of the second trial. You cannot fly or fight within the starfield. You can only rely on this.”

As he spoke, the old man waved his hand, and a black silhouette flew over rapidly.

Upon closer inspection, it was a small bronze platform that could barely accommodate one person.

“This is the lowest grade. There are better ones.”

As he spoke, the old man waved his hand again, and another two platforms flew over. One was golden, and the other was silver.

“The three types move at the same speed, but they have different degrees of toughness. The golden ones are the toughest, the silver ones are the second, and the bronze ones are the worst.

“Whatever you get depends on your luck. Luck is an ability too!”

“There are many other ways to gain an edge in the trial, but I won’t go into the details. I hope you can discover them on your own! Alright, who will be the first?”

“I’ll be the first!”

Someone jumped out immediately. It was the Path-Chosen of the Great Allheaven Sect.

“Stand here!”

The old man pointed at the center of the plaza.

The Path-Chosen took another step forward. He saw a beam of light speeding through the starry sky. When it neared, he saw that it was a silver platform.


The Path-Chosen cursed in frustration.

The old man had said that fighting was forbidden in the trial. If the platforms moved at the same speed, it meant that they had to rely on bumping into each other to gain an edge.

Gold platforms were the sturdiest, so it was most resistant to collisions. It had the greatest advantage.

“You’re considered quite lucky. Step up!” The old man said.

The Path-Chosen leaped up the platform.

The platform flew up into the sky.

“Next!” The old man shouted.

“It’s my turn!” It was the Path-Chosen from the Great Sacred Flame Sect.

When he stood at the center of the plaza, a beam of light shot over. It was also a silver platform.

Following that, everyone went up one after another. Most of them received bronze platforms, and silver platforms were relatively uncommon. Gold platforms appeared only one every one thousand people.

The appearance of a gold platform would cause everyone to be envious.

Ji Wu also stepped forward, and a golden beam of light came to him. The golden platform was even bigger and shone more brilliantly than the other golden platforms.

Moreover, there were yellow dragons engraved on it. It was especially eye-catching.

Everyone was immediately speechless.

“How incredibly lucky!” Yao Tian grimaced.

The old man was also stunned, and his face was full of disbelief.

“How... How is that possible? That is the platform that my master once used. It shouldn’t have appeared!”

When everyone heard that, they immediately exclaimed in surprise.

“Isn’t that cheating?”

“Change it!”

They shouted agitatedly.

The old man looked at Ji Wu and seemed surprised. “This young man is extraordinary. He is a person with unbelievable luck!”

He was silent for a while before he said, “As I said, luck is also an ability. If the platform has chosen him, there is no reason to change it.”

In an instant, the crowd was filled with angry curses.

Almost all the humans had received their platforms, and the primordial scions began to step forward. They had shrunk their bodies so that they could fit on the platforms.

Tang Hao was not in a hurry. He sat there and ate the grilled meat in peace.

After eating an entire lion, he packed up his belongings, stood up, and walked toward the center.

In an instant, everyone in the sky looked downward.

Everyone stared at him intently, wanting to see what kind of platform he would receive.

He stood at the center of the plaza. In the next moment, a beam of light swept over from the starry sky. Upon closer inspection, it was a bronze platform.

Everyone laughed out loud.

“Hahaha! It’s bronze. He’s too unlucky!”

“Serves him right! Just you wait, Qin. I’ll be the first to knock you over later!”

Many people were excited. They had finally found an opportunity to teach that despicable guy a lesson.

Tang Hao was speechless as he looked at the bronze platform descending toward him.

‘Bronze is too bad. At least give me a silver one!’

He cursed his luck for a while before leaping up.

Eventually, everyone was standing on their respective platforms. The tens of thousands of platforms floating in the sky was a spectacular sight.

“Before we start, I’ll emphasize once again that fighting is absolutely forbidden. Once you violate the rules, you’ll be immediately expelled. Other than that, there are no other rules. Alright! Get set, go!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the platform began to move. Some of them shot out into the starry sky, while others tried to knock away the platforms around them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The platforms collided with each other. Soon, many platforms were shattered. The people on them fell and were disqualified.

Generally, the gold and silver platforms were the ones knocking into others. The gold platform pretty much charged forward without any restraint.

“Hahaha! This feels so good! Where are you, Qin?”

The Path-Chosen of the Deathless Sect rammed the other platforms with his gold platform. Wherever he passed, bronze platforms were sent flying away, and a few of them shattered. The people on them screamed and fell down.

Everyone tried to keep their distance as they rushed into the starry sky.

Many people were looking for Tang Hao for revenge. However, there were too many people on bronze platforms, and they could not find him for now.

After searching in futility for a while, they could only charge forward into the starfield with the rest of the people.

The humans and primordial scions were competing intensely and knocking into each other.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of collisions were incessant. From time to time, humans and primordial scions would fall down.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao had changed his appearance and was hidden amid the swarm of bronze platforms.

Tang Hao flew forward on his platform. From time to time, he would look around and watch the collisions in the distance.

He thought to himself with amusement, ‘Aren’t these like bumper cars? How did Pathmaster Huang Long come up with such an interesting trial?’

A wry smile appeared on his face when he looked at the bronze platform beneath him.

About ten minutes later, the sound of the collisions gradually died down. All the platforms were traveling at the same speed. After flying for a while, they kept some space between them.

Everyone calmed down and flew forward.

Tang Hao was in the middle of a swarm of bronze platforms.

After flying for a while, he suddenly heard a scream from the front.

“What’s wrong?”

The group was in an uproar.

Soon, someone shouted, “Something’s coming! Dodge!”

The platforms in front of him immediately scattered, trying to dodge something.

Tang Hao looked closely and saw something black coming his way. It was an asteroid swarm.

Many people could not dodge in time. The asteroids shattered their platforms, which caused them to fall and be disqualified.

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