The Male Lead Suddenly Became My Lapdog after I Annulled Our Engagement

Chapter 234 - 234 Stab Wound
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234 Stab Wound

He could see an old urban area through the window. In the distance, Jing Yan could see the name of a shopping mall not far away. He looked at the building opposite and counted the floor of the house he was in. After confirming the location, he jumped off the balcony again.

However, after the intense exercise, Onion’s limbs could not bear the burden anymore. He fell heavily on the cold concrete ground and hit half of his front teeth. He gritted his teeth in pain and did not cry out.

“Onion!” He Miao was lying on the ground. When she heard the commotion, she tried her best to turn her body to see if it was injured. Unfortunately, the arm that she was pressing down on was in too much pain. She only moved it slightly, but it was so painful that she gasped in pain, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

Jing Yan heard He Miao calling for him. He did not want her to worry, so he forced out a sound from his throat and continued to crawl to her side. The pain was so unbearable that even moving his body would make him feel like his heart was being torn apart.

He could only lean into He Miao’s arms and gasp for air, praying that time would pass faster so that he could return to his own body faster.

He Miao lowered her head and looked at the severely injured Onion in front of her. Her heart ached as tears fell from her eyes. She bit her lower lip hard to stop herself from whimpering.

In order to protect himself, the man threw Onion into another room. Then, she heard countless yelps. Her heart clenched as she was afraid that Onion would leave her forever.

She was extremely lucky that the puppy was still here.

It was not until the sky turned completely dark that the door was opened with a crisp sound. However, to He Miao, who could not move, and Jing Yan, who was covered in wounds, this soft sound was like a curse that urged them to their deaths.

Jing Yan stood up from He Miao’s arms almost immediately and bared his teeth in anger at the door. He wanted to pounce on the man who kidnapped He Miao and bite his neck.

The sound of the door closing soon came from the door, and then the man could be heard walking to the opposite room. When the man realized that the dog that had bitten him was gone, he immediately rushed into the room in a fluster and said through gritted teeth, “D*mn dog, it’s actually not dead yet!”

Jing Yan moved his aching limbs without hesitation and stood in front of He Miao, his eyes full of hatred as he glared at the man in the green military coat.

“You still dare to glare at me!” The man walked around the room. When he saw the scissors on the cabinet, he immediately picked them up and stabbed at Jing Yan.

“Onion! Quickly run!” He Miao shouted at the top of her voice.

If Onion was stabbed by the scissors, it would be dead. She could not lose Onion!

However, Jing Yan could not avoid it at all. Standing was already his limit. His body was like lead, unable to move. He gritted his teeth and barely managed to stabilize his trembling dog body.

Moreover, once he moved away from He Miao, the man would probably stab He Miao, who was also lying on the ground and unable to dodge. If He Miao was injured because of him, Jing Yan would hate himself to death for the rest of his life.

He Miao saw that Onion was standing in front of her, unmoving. She panicked and tried her best to move her body. She used her head to knock the scissors away just as they were about to stab her. She let the scissors stab into her shoulder, and she screamed in pain.

Jing Yan’s eyes widened in shock. Just as he was about to jump on He Miao to check on her injuries, his vision went black. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in the car. Chen Zhao was still staring at him with a worried look from the front seat.

“Drive! I know where He Miao is!” Jing Yan broke out in a cold sweat. When he thought of the scene just now, he felt a lingering fear. His fingers, which were always calm and composed, were trembling at this moment, and the sweat in his palms wet the phone screen.

He quickly found the shopping mall on the map and directed Chen Zhao to drive to the old house.

In the room, Onion whimpered as it fell to the ground. It was twitching in pain.

Half of He Miao’s body could no longer move. The scissors were still in her shoilder, and it was so painful that her vision turned black. She bit her lower lip hard to keep herself from fainting completely.

In this situation, being unconscious was the most dangerous thing. No one knew what kind of beast this man would do to an unconscious woman, not to mention that this man obviously had an inexplicable hatred for her.

She slowly opened her dazed eyes and stared at the man in front of her, who was equally shocked. She gasped and asked in a weak voice, “Why did you capture me?”

The man looked at the pale and bloodless girl on the ground and panicked. He was afraid that someone would really die, but very quickly, that little panic was wiped away by the hatred in his heart. He glared at He Miao angrily and said, “You still have the nerve to ask why? Do you know who I am?”

“Who are you?” He Miao had lost too much blood, and she felt dizzy again, but she still held on to her consciousness and asked.

To He Miao, who had nowhere to run, the only thing she could do now was to get more clues.

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