The Male Lead Suddenly Became My Lapdog after I Annulled Our Engagement

Chapter 129 - 129 Compensation
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129 Compensation

Pan Yue did not need to think too much to know what He Miao meant. She reevaluated the student.

She had performed outstandingly in the competition last time. Pan Yue had thought that He Miao had mastered the perfume-making skills so early because Xu Heng had secretly taught her. However, after she went back to school, she found out that Xu Heng had nothing to do with He Miao’s perfume-making skills.

She would have to find out where she had learned how to make perfumes. However, He Miao was Xu Heng’s student after all. Even if Pan Yue wanted to get to the bottom of it, she did not dare to offend Xu Heng.

So this time, when Pan Yue heard that He Miao had made a mistake and that her student had an altercation with her, she had rushed over. She did not expect things to turn out like this.

Pan Yue looked at Mo Ying with a reproachful look. If Mo Ying had not acted rashly this time, she would not have fallen into such a nasty situation. She gritted her teeth and said, “Mo Ying, you caused trouble on purpose and knocked over someone else’s spice. You should compensate them according to the price.”

“Professor! Why should I pay? She was the one who put the blame on me!” Mo Ying looked at Pan Yue in disbelief. She had thought that her teacher would always protect her, but she did not expect her to abandon her!

Those spices were so expensive, how could she afford it?

“Alright! Don’t say anymore!” Pan Yue rubbed the space between her brows. When she looked at He Miao, her face was frosty. “This should be fine, right?”

This was already the biggest concession she could make. As a teacher, she had completely lost face in front of her students and could only swallow her anger. This was something that she had never encountered since she started teaching!

However, He Miao lifted her chin slightly and said coldly, “No.”

“What else do you want?” Pan Yue was already feeling very frustrated. Seeing that she was still not letting her off, her anger rose. “Don’t go too far!”

Mo Ying turned around and glared at He Miao, her eyes filled with grievance.

He Miao looked straight into her eyes and pointed at the spices on the ground. “What you spilled was my hard work for the past few days, and these were ordered from me by someone else. Not only did you waste so many days of my hard work, but you also delayed my delivery time, affected my business reputation, and destroyed my image in the eyes of my customers. You should compensate for all these.”

“Don’t be so shameless!” Mo Ying really did not expect that this person, who looked like a soft persimmon that was easy to manipulate, was actually so vicious and greedy!

Why did she have to compensate so many things? She had only knocked over a small box of spices. What did the rest have to do with her?

“You’re not convinced?” He Miao raised an eyebrow and her expression softened. “Okay, I’ll get Professor Xu Heng to come over first and then call the police. After all, my spices are not cheap. It’s enough to file a case. We’ll see if you really need to compensate me so much.”

He Miao stood where she was, unruffled and admiring their changing expressions.

She just wanted these people to remember not to think that she was a character that could be easily bullied!

“Enough!” Pan Yue could not take it anymore and panted heavily. She turned her head and looked angrily at Mo Ying, venting all her anger on her. “It’s all your fault. You didn’t go to class and came here to cause trouble! After stirring up such a big mess, you still have the nerve to complain? I was wrong about you in the past!”

“Professor, I really didn’t do it on purpose.” After being yelled at by her, Mo Ying immediately shed tears of grievance.

Ever since she was young, her grades had always been excellent. She had always been the apple of every teacher’s eye, but she did not expect to be humiliated by He Miao today. She had never been scolded by a teacher like this before.

Mo Ying glared at He Miao’s face, which looked as if it was a good show. She turned to Jing Yan, who had been watching her silently, and a trace of viciousness flashed through her eyes.

Now was not the time for her to take revenge.

She raised her chin and glared at He Miao with hatred. She said through gritted teeth, “Tell me, how much should I pay you?”


He Miao opened her palm and waved it in front of her face. “This number. Do you understand?”

Mo Ying was so angry that she almost fainted. She snorted coldly and turned to leave the laboratory.

‘He Miao, one day, I’ll make you pay for everything you’ve done today!’

Seeing this, the others also left one after another. Before Pan Yue left, she gave He Miao and Jing Yan a deep look and entered the elevator with a cold smile.

Jing Yan was used to seeing He Miao’s good side in the past, and it was only today that he found out that she had such a ruthless side to her. He felt it was very fresh. He moved closer to He Miao and said with a smile, “Miaomiao, I find that I like you more and more.”

This was the first time he had ever confessed to her. Compared to the forceful kiss from before, this sudden confession made He Miao’s heart skip a beat. She rolled her eyes speechlessly and pouted. “Don’t you have to attend classes?”

“Because I miss you.” Blushing, Jing Yan leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Did you miss me?”

“Go back to class.” He Miao turned around and left.

Jing Yan grabbed her arm and looked at her deeply. “Miaomiao, you’re not answering my question.”

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