The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 495 - 495: Unity Realm
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Chapter 495: Unity Realm

Translator: Lonelytree

[Chaos Sea], Good People Island.

The leader of the magical beasts in the South Continent, the Green-eyed Lion King, had landed on the island as a lobbyist.

He was trying to persuade Brian William to give up the island.

This place had already attracted the attention of the five great factions.

On account of the city lord of the island, Abyss An kai, who had disappeared for a long time, the Green-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King personally came to persuade him.

Otherwise, he would have followed the other four forces to attack.

The result was obvious.

The Green-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King did not even get to see Brian William.

He was so angry that he kept roaring on the island.

If it wasn’t for his son, the Lion King might have wanted to seek justice for being rejected.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King didn’t know the inside story.

As his son, An Kai’s new mount, the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion, had some insider information.

The most important inside information.

That was his master.

An Kai was back!

Under such circumstances, the Green-eyed Lion King wreaked havoc on the island.

That would really be a death wish.

That was why the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion pulled the Lion King away when his father was about to explode.

He wouldn’t let him cause a ruckus on the island.

Even if he was scolded by the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion because of this.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion was also indifferent.

He thought that after his master returned.

He would definitely take a liking to his father and take him as his mount.

After all, the father of the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion was an enlarged version of the lion.

Other than their body shapes, the father and son were basically the same.

According to Master’s taste, he would definitely choose the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King.

However, there was a prerequisite.

The Green-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King didn’t pick a path to death.

If he were indignant, no matter how suitable he was to be a mount, he would be slapped to death by its master.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King’s curses kept ringing in his ears, such as

” You cowardly piece of trash Useless trash Ant that disgraces the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion Clan “, and so on.

One after another, the Lion King cursed out like a shrew.

Regarding this.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion was just a temporary coward.

He let him scold him.

A cool breeze brushed past his ears. Even though everyone was puzzled.

Even if everyone cursed.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion was also indifferent.

He knew that he was saving his father’s life.

The five great factions seemed incomparably ferocious.

Once Master returned, the five great factions would become prisoners.

“Father, you don’t understand!

” You’ll understand when you experience what I’ve experienced.”

The Green-eyed, Golden-Eyed Lion King was speechless.

The Green-eyed Lion King had lived for 1423 years, 11 months, 29 days, and 13 hours.

Now, a son who had lived for less than a hundred years said that he would only understand after experiencing what he had experienced?!

“I’ll beat you to death, you little brat! “I’ve drunk more water than you’ve walked!”

Playing around was just playing around.

The Green-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King did listen to his son.

Not only did he leave the island.

In the name of educating his unfilial son, he temporarily withdrew from the five forces to besiege the island. free(w)ebnov(e)l

He said that when they attacked, the magical beasts of the South Continent would come to help.

To be able to become the leader of a clan, the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King was not a fool.

Today, his son was acting abnormally. In addition, the Eastern Continent’s Homo Evolutis and the Central Continent’s taboos were mixed together, and they asked the Southern Continent’s magical beasts to take the lead.

The two reasons added together made the Blue-eyed, Gold-Eyed Lion feel the urge to retreat.

The five forces seemed to have been united for 40 years.

In fact, in these 40 years.

The five great forces had never been truly united for a day.

The reason was simple.

That was Central Continent’s Taboo strength, and it had always been a mystery to the five great forces.

Moreover, the position of the central continent’s taboo had never changed.

Central Continent’s Taboo could use the simplest method to rope in and suppress the other four forces.

For example, today, I was on good terms with the East Continent’s Homo Evolutis.

Then, the South Continent’s demonic beasts would be suppressed.

Or maybe tomorrow, I’ll be friends with the West Province’s disciples, and the North Province’s divine remains will be suppressed.

Just based on ‘good’ and ‘bad’, Central Continent’s Taboo easily controlled the four great forces.

Even when they took turns to be the leaders of the five forces, this person was chosen according to the taboos of the Central Continent.

40 years.

The other four forces were furious but did not dare to say anything.

There was no other way, Central Continent’s Taboo strength was not only mysterious, it was also powerful!

Top ten of the Sons of Heaven Ranking!

He was also the leader of the five major factions and the only living being ranked in the top ten of the Sons of Heaven Ranking.

At this moment.

The East Continent’s Homo Evolutis had been reduced to the side that was ‘ friendly with the Central Continent’s taboo ‘

As the arch-enemy of the East Continent’s Homo Evolutis, the South Continent’s Beast Clan inevitably became the target of suppression.

It was for these reasons that the Lion King had the idea of withdrawing temporarily.

The Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion’s behaviour could be said to have provided him with a far-fetched reason.

An Kai was quite satisfied with the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion King’s tactful approach.

Just as the Blue-eyed Golden-Eyed Lion had expected, he was indeed prepared to make the Lion King his new mount.

Bigger, yellower, brighter.

It was indeed eye-catching.

In the past, An Kai had developed in a wretched manner.

He didn’t want to cause any trouble.

40 years had passed.

An Kai’s strength had increased explosively.

He felt that he should also enjoy the equal rights brought about by his strength.

When he was in the [Abyss of Desire], An kai had learned about it through the latest detector developed by the Vice President of the [Home of Kindness Blacksmith Association], the fatty, Anton.

As for the other living beings, their attributes were between [30.0001.

50.0000] for Nirvana’s first level.

[Nirvana: Original Enlightenment], his stats were between [50.0000. 100.0000].

[Nirvana: Remodeling], the attribute value was between [100.0000—200.0000].

And this was just a single attribute value.

And An Kai.

Back when he was at the peak of [Legendary: Legendary].

His four attributes had already reached [100.0000].

Now, after leaving the [Fourth Level of the Divine Court], his four attributes had reached an astonishing level of [425.8143]!

According to the reactions of the spies in the [Abyss of Desire] and the five major forces.

An Kai also understood the strength of the leaders of the five forces.

They had just entered the first level of the Unity realm, Domain Glimpse.

The great realm of [Unity] was divided into three levels, namely [Domain Glimpse], [Domain Control], and [Domain Integration].

As for the [Unity: Domain Glimpse] realm, the single high-level energy attribute value was between [200.0001—400.0000]!

In other words, An Kai’s four attributes were only [Nirvana: First Level Remodeling], but each of his four attributes had reached the [Unity: Territory Control] realm!

One had to know that the current Sons of Heaven Rankings.

Even the previous top ranker, Hade, was only at the [Unity: Domain Glimpse] realm!

Therefore, the current An Kai could be said to be invincible with just four attributes!

And this…

It was just the foundation of An Kai’s strength.

At the [Unity] realm, the increase in attribute points was one aspect. The most important thing was to evolve one’s own domain!

When one’s domain reaches a million kilometres, it would be considered the perfection of the realm of the domain.

If he wanted to enter the realm of [Unity: Domain Control], he would need to further evolve the [Domain]!

This allowed [Domain] to have the ability to store magical energy, elemental energy, and blood energy.

This was the sign of entering the realm of [Unity: Territory Control].

An Kai, who had the memories of the [Divine Court], knew…

When the [Domain] evolved to the point where it could produce magical elements, blood essence energy, and other energy on its own, it would enter the realm of [Unity: Unity Domain]!

He was also at the great circle of the Unity realm.

The ‘teacher’ was in the [Unity: Unity Domain] realm.

However, his attainments in the domain were even stronger than some gods.

This was also the reason why his ” teacher ” was able to hunt down gods at a non -god level.

As for the realm above Unity, An Kai only knew that it was the realm of gods.

Now, An Kai’s [Domain] not only had a range of two million kilometres, but it was also filled with magic elements for An Kai to use, as well as the “Abyssal Energy” that could activate his physical talent.

His domain evolution progress was much stronger than the five great factions who were still fumbling about the first step of the domain!

This was the benefit of the [Fourth Level of the Divine Court].

When the fourth level of the Divine Court fused into An Kai’s body, as time passed, An Kai’s domain would grow to the level of his teacher without any obstruction.

At that time, it would fuse with An Kai’s strong foundation and break through his teacher’s upper limit in one fell swoop.

This was An Kai’s current strength.

Even if the spell level did not increase.

He did not panic.

It was just to deal with the leaders of the five forces.

That was simple.

Moreover, he had a bodyguard!

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