The Little Brat's Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1053 - Was Even Better
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Chapter 1053: Was Even Better

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Finally, Number Three was the first to cross the finish line!

Endless cheers filled the air above the racetrack. Many of the spectators whistled excitedly or waved their hats in the air.

Next came Number Four!

Yu Pingchuan slapped the railing hard, his face full of regret and frustration.

Beside him, Gu Siyang was no better than him. When he saw Number Eight finally cross the finish line in third place, his lips moved, but he did not speak for quite a while.

Why had he not listened?

Why had he insisted on making her own choice?!

Shen Zhijin looked at Shen Li, his brows relaxed and a faint smile spread across his face.

“Ah Li, congratulations.”

Shen Li’s gaze lingered on Number Three and Number Four at the finish line for a moment. Then, she turned around and smiled at Shen Zhijin.

“Thank you, Dad.”

“Ah Li must have earned quite a lot this time, right?” Gu Tinglan said with a smile.

Shen Li glanced at Yu Pingchuan and Gu Siyang and tactfully said, “That’s all I have. I didn’t make much money.”

“That’s still a profit.” Gu Tinglan seemed to have completely forgotten that there were still two sad people here. He gently added, “Originally, when it comes to betting on horses, it’s a profit even if you didn’t make a loss. What’s more, you’ve bet on so many rounds.”

Yu Pingchuan held his heart.

Gu Siyang had a bitter look on his face.

“Uncle, there are some things you don’t have to say so bluntly.”

Gu Tinglan shrugged.

Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li had both said that Number Three could win alone, but the two of them had refused to believe it. They had insisted on following their instincts no matter what they said.

Look… this had been the price they had to pay.

“But it’s still a lot worse than Second Brother,” Shen Li said as she looked at Lu Huaiyu.

In three days, he had bet on all the matches.

Such a winning rate was almost terrifying.

Gu Tinglan also agreed with her words.

“It’s a pity that Second Brother Lu did not bet much on each match. Otherwise, he would have really made a fortune.”

Lu Huaiyu had come here just to accompany Shen Li at betting the entire time.

He had given his own suggestions for each match before betting with Shen Li.

Lu Huaiyu met Shen Li’s gaze and chuckled.

“Didn’t we agree before? If we lose, it’ll be mine but If we win, it’ll be yours.”

He said these words casually.

However, with his spending these past few days and winning all of them, the prize money he had earned was still a very substantial figure.

Shen Li blinked.

Gu Tinglan looked at the staff member beside him.

“The competition has already ended. The results of the backstage statistics should be out as well, right? What were the win and loss results of the six people who had placed bets?”

The staff member said, “There were winners and losers among those.”

Gu Tinglan was surprised. “Oh? Which two won?”

Actually, he could already guess in his heart.

Sure enough, in the next moment, he heard the staff member read out two familiar names.

“Gambler, and Saint.”

Shen Li took a sip of peach juice before looking up.

Gu Tinglan’s interest was piqued.

“Both of them won? Does that mean that they both bet on Number Three to win alone?”

However, the staff member shook his head.

“No. Gambler bet on a winning streak.”

“A winning streak?” Gu Tinglan reacted for a moment, and a guess appeared in his mind. “Could it be–”

“Gambler bet on Number Three and Number Four to win the first two places, and on Number Four to win the championship and Number Four to win the second place.”

As soon as these words were said, there was a moment of silence in the room.

Consecutive wins were also a type of betting on horses. As long as one guessed the first two places correctly, they would win. Generally speaking, the odds were lower than the odds of winning alone.

However, if one successfully predicted the first or second place, the odds would double.

Now, Gambler had not only bet on Number Three to win first place, but they had also bet on Number Four to win second place!

This way, the prize money would really far exceed their previous predictions!

“He actually bet on a winning streak…”

Gu Tinglan muttered softly, his eyes filled with shock.

He had been in charge of the Jockey Club for many years, and it was not that he had never seen someone successfully bet on a winning streak. However, there were really not many people who had been able to accurately predict the first or second place.

This was especially so since Gambler had bet all of his money on this time!

When Gu Siyang heard this, he almost died from jealousy.

“Who is this person? It’s fine if he managed to guess one, but he actually managed to guess two accurately?”

Was he even allowing anyone else to live or not?

How could he bear this situation where he could not even guess the winning streak?

Yu Pingchuan’s reaction was much better than Gu Siyang’s.

He did not say anything. He merely walked to the side silently and drank the full cup of iced bitter melon juice without saying a word.

Gu Tinglan thought for a moment.

“If that’s the case, Gambler should be the one who earned the most at this year’s horse race, right?”

Shen Li blinked and picked up a cheese puff. However, just as she was about to put it to her lips, she heard the staff say,”No.”

Her movements suddenly froze.

However, this subtle change in her movements was not noticed by the others, because they were also shocked by this answer of “No.”

Gu Tinglan frowned slightly, obviously very puzzled.

“They had a high winning streak and bet an extremely high amount of money. If it’s not this person, then it could still be–”

His voice suddenly stopped.

Only two SSS-level members had won the last round.

If it was not Gambler, then it could only be…



The private room quieted down again.

Gu Siyang said in disbelief,”How is that possible? Didn’t Saint bet ten million USD? Although Gambler’s bet is not as high as his, he bet on a winning streak! This–”

Shen Li slowly put the puff back on the plate.

The staff member’s voice was clear as he explained,”It’s because Saint bet on the position.”

The position meant that he had bet on the top three places from the horse race.

“Number Three in first place, Number Four in second place, Number Eight in third– Saint managed to hit the jackpot.”

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