The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya

The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya

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    Freya, head of the Tokyo yakuza, is suddenly betrayed and murdered by one of her subordinates.

    “Well, I thought I would end up in hell and now a Goddess is interested in me to fight against humans from another world reincarnated as a Wolf Demon? Nani ?????”

    [Empress System Initialization Successful 100%]

    Follow Freya the ruthless Empress of Ice as she draws her story in an enigmatic new world of magic and fantastic creatures. She'll discover that life is no easier than on Earth, if not harder and crueler. In this world where humans act as tyrants over all other races, hunted, denigrated, killed, tortured, even if the law of the strongest humans reigns, she'll rise to the top.

    “Humans ? Exterminate them to the last one ! My family, companions and Empire ? I will give everything to protect them !”

    From a cruel monster to a loving woman, watch Freya found her Empire to change the whole world and tint it with her color. Accompanied by her new family, companions and subordinates be the first to witness the ruthless Empress Freya writing her legend.

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