The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2471 - Imitating Donghuang
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Chapter 2471: Imitating Donghuang

Ye Futian felt a little disquieted inside when he heard what Yumu said. Since his arrival to the World of Buddhism, the name of Donghuang the Great was often mentioned.

This legendary figure, a genius of heavenly might, was a youngster compared to the Lord of All Buddhas. However, he had now stepped into the Imperial Realm and ruled over all of the Divine Prefecture.

Donghuang the Great once visited the World of Buddhism, defeated all the Buddhas who were in attendance, and was favored by the Lord of All Buddhas, who had passed one of the six superpowers of Buddhism onto him.

What a magnificent sight it must have been, for Yumu to be transported to that time in awe at the mere memory of the event. When he spoke of Donghuang the Great, his eyes were full of longing. It was as if he wanted to be transported back to that era and relive the exceptional undertaking of Donghuang the Great.

Although Ye Futian and Donghuang the Great were on opposing sides and each had their own stance, Ye Futian greatly admired the capabilities of Donghuang the Great, whose legendary deeds were breathtaking.

If he was destined to be on the opposing side of Donghuang the Great, what a terrible fate would that be?

Even his own talent was unparalleled. Ye Futian could vaguely sense a powerful oppressive force when he thought of Donghuang the Great. It was an elusive sense of suffocation. Could someone, such as the Emperor of Divine Prefecture, be truly swayed?

Forcing himself to abandon these wayward thoughts, Ye Futian returned to reality once again, as he looked at Yumu, saying, “All the great Buddhas will be attending All Buddhas Conference to discuss teachings and methods of Buddhism. Can outsiders attend as well?”

All Buddhas Conference, held at Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven, was the grandest of all Buddhist events that would be taking place during the All Buddhas Fest.

“There is no hard and fast rule that says you can’t. Hundreds of years ago, Donghuang the Great himself had participated in the All Buddhas Conference to discuss Buddhism. However, Benefactor Ye may encounter greater difficulties in attending the conference this time. After all, many people here are hostile as far as Benefactor Ye is concerned,” Yumu replied. He seemed to have guessed what Ye Futian was thinking.

“I understand.” Ye Futian nodded. When those cultivators left previously, they had already told him threateningly that he couldn’t meet the Lord of All Buddhas.

However, without seeing the Lord of All Buddhas, the matter regarding Hua Qingqing could not be resolved, meaning that they would have failed to accomplish the goal of this trip.

He already had several life and death experiences during this trip to the Western World of Buddhism, which proved valuable. But, he had also suffered heavy losses. The divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor was destroyed, and what was gained by the experience he had was far less than the damages that were caused by the loss of the divine body.

Now that All Buddhas Conference was upon them, they had to give it a go, no matter what.

Even if they failed, at least they tried. For him, the rule that no blood could be shed during All Buddhas Fest was significant protection that could be used to his advantage. He believed that no one would dare violate the one cardinal rule of All Buddhas Fest on such a grand occasion, where even the Lord of All Buddhas himself might appear.

“I heard that on the sacred land of Western Heaven, there are Buddhist scriptures hidden in ancient temples and the like, and none of them are guarded against outsiders. Those who wish may come and go as they pleased to observe and comprehend these scriptures. Am I right?” Ye Futian asked Yumu.

Yumu glanced at him, nodded, and said, “Yes, Buddhism imparts Buddhist teachings. The sacred land of Western Heaven is the holy land of Buddhism. Naturally, it is the first to make those teachings available to all. These Buddhist scriptures are copied by major ancient temples, so that anyone who comes to the sacred land of Western Heaven to cultivate may have access to them.”

Of course, those who could come to the sacred land of Western Heaven were themselves extraordinary figures already. They were cultivators of advanced and profound realms.

These people were all figures in the top echelon of the Western World, and it was very significant for these people to preach Buddhism to them.

“Furthermore, besides the secret methods of Buddhism and other rare superpowers, most of the scriptures of Buddhism can be found in the ancient temples of Western Heaven.” Yumu continued, “Benefactor Ye meant to follow in the steps of Donghuang the Great, comprehend Buddhist methods, and use them to participate in the All Buddhas Conference, to compete with other Buddhas?”

“Does the Grandmaster think it possible?” Ye Futian did not deny that at the moment, this seemed to be the only route he could take.

“It is hard.” Yumu’s eyes appeared thoughtful. He said, “Little monk, I know that Benefactor Ye is talented above all others, but time is pressing. Benefactor Ye has never been in contact with Buddhist methods before, and it is only dozens of days away from the All Buddhas Conference. If Benefactor Ye meant to comprehend Buddhism in order to compete in discussion with other Buddhas. It will not be an easy task. And that is putting it mildly.”

Donghuang the Great had done it once. But, how many Donghuang the Greats were out there in this world?

For thousands of years, there had been no one who could be compared with Donghuang the Great. Several other Great Emperors were all mighty existences before the time of Donghuang the Great.

“No matter how difficult it might be, it doesn’t hurt to try,” said Ye Futian.

Yumu nodded and said, “Benefactor Ye is right on that front, of course.”

“Hundreds of years ago, Donghuang the Great defeated all the Buddhas by the method of Buddhism. Today, Layman Ye, who also came from the Divine Prefecture, would like to repeat history. For this, little monk, I am very curious to see. In the days that follow, I would make sure no one will disturb Benefactor Ye’s cultivation in Buddhism.” Tianyin Arhat’s voice came from the distance as he continued, “Yumu, guard Benefactor Ye well, and don’t let anyone disturb his cultivation.”

Yumu pondered for a moment, then nodded. “Very well!”

“I wouldn’t dare trouble the Grandmaster to such extent.” Ye Futian said, “The Buddha Lord has already come forward to intervene on my behalf once in person. I’m sure no one will come and make trouble. All Buddhas Conference is coming soon. I’m sure the Grandmaster must have a lot of things to do before that. Please don’t trouble yourselves on my account.”

Yumu was a disciple of Wutian Buddha Lord, so his title ought to be somewhere close to an Arhat. Even though he had been more than polite and humble in Ye Futian’s presence, he was undoubtedly a great Buddha himself, with lofty status in the Buddhist Sect. To trouble others for his own protection was not something Ye Futian felt he was entitled to, nor did he wish to bother the others unnecessarily.

“It’s no trouble. I am taking this opportunity to review some of the Buddhist methods. For, little monk, this is also cultivation,” Yumu replied.

“If the Grandmaster insists, I will have no mind to concentrate on my studying of Buddhism.” Even if the other man had expressed his willingness, in good conscience, Ye Futian couldn’t very well delay others in what they had to do.

Seeing that Ye Futian was persistent on this point, Yumu didn’t force the issue. Instead, he said, “Since Benefactor Ye said so, little monk will not disturb Benefactor Ye’s study of Buddhism. However, if there are unforeseen incidents taking place here, little monk will come and handle them. Right now, when All Buddhas Fest is happening, there should be no one in all of the sacred land of the Western Heaven will disturb Benefactor Ye.”

Ye Futian nodded and bowed to Yumu with his hands clasped. “Thank you, Grandmaster.”

Likewise, Yumu put his hands together and replied, “Then, little monk will take my leave now.”

“Safe travel, Grandmaster,” Ye Futian responded and saw Yumu stepping forward. However, after just a few steps, the other man’s figure disappeared without a trace; it was as if he had never been there before. Even Ye Futian could feel a fluctuation of power originated from the Great Path of Space.

Ye Futian was quite amazed by what he saw. Was this Buddha’s Celerity? Indeed, the six superpowers of Buddhism were endlessly wonderous.

After Yumu left, Chen Yi asked Ye Futian, “Do you really mean to cultivate in Buddhist methods?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Ye Futian asked Chen Yi instead.

Chen Yi shook his head, “It’s just that with only a few dozen days left, will that be enough time?”

The methods of Buddhism may be different from all the methods they had cultivated before. The more advanced the Buddhist methods, the more difficult it was to cultivate. For Ye Futian to cultivate these methods in a limited period of time was something short of a tall order, with high levels of difficulties, as he had to compete with other Buddhas using Buddhist methods.

Never mind that those figures of Buddhas or Arhats were enchanting genius talents themselves; even those many disciples of Buddhism were impressive and striking figures. It was equivalent to the top geniuses in Divine Prefecture all gathering together in one place.

“The Great Paths are connected, and I am not so slow in my cultivation,” Ye Futian responded; however, he saw that Chen Yi didn’t quite believe it.

Of course, even Ye Futian himself knew just how complicated this matter was. After all, he would be facing the topmost group of people in all of the Western World of Buddhism.

However, the road that Donghuang the Great had walked once, he must now travel on it as well, no matter what.

“When you cultivate Buddhist methods, I can be by your side. Perhaps it will be of some help to you,” Hua Qingqing said, which surprised Chen Yi to no end. Was this possible?

Chen Yi stole a glance at Hua Jieyu, whose expression did not change one bit. At this time, Chen Yi couldn’t help but admire Ye Futian’s ability.

“Very well.” Ye Futian nodded, and the admiration in Chen Yi’s eyes turned into worship.

Ye Futian had no idea of the thoughts that went through Chen Yi’s mind. Hua Qingqing’s words didn’t mean anything else. Only Ye Futian knew how special she was.

This was the reason why they came to the sacred land of Western Heaven in the first place.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said as he started moving forward.

“I’ll pick a place,” Hua Qingqing said. Ye Futian looked at her and agreed, “Good.”

With that said, Hua Qingqing went first, and everyone else followed behind her.

It didn’t take long for the group of them to come to an ordinary temple. Very few people entered, but Hua Qingqing stepped right into it. Ye Futian accompanied her.

After entering the temple, they found its library. In the library, there were rows upon rows of bookshelves on which were all the scriptures cast in jade slips. The bookshelves were engraved with words, clearly denoting their categories.

Hua Qingqing took out a volume from a specific place on the shelf and handed it to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took the scripture and looked at it. This sutra was none other than one of the Buddhist basics, the Heart Sutra!

Not only that, but the scriptures here all seemed to be basic Buddhist scriptures, not some high-level cultivational method, nor had they seen any scriptures about powerful Buddhist superpowers.

However, Hua Qingqing brought him here first and handed him a volume of Heart Sutra.

Ye Futian knew that Hua Qingqing had some prior exposure to Buddhism, although that was when she was in the Lower Worlds.

“If you can thoroughly understand the important scriptures here, then when you cultivate methods of Buddhism, you will get twice the result with half the effort,” Hua Qingqing said to Ye Futian, and Ye Futian agreed. As his divine consciousness pried into the scriptures, all of a sudden, the words floated in his mind. They were the content of the scriptures.

At the same time, Hua Qingqing, who was beside him, closed her eyes, and there was a mysterious force gushing out of her. Her soft lips seemed to be moving. A strange Sound of Buddha seeped into Ye Futian’s ears, and instantly Ye Futian entered into a state of selflessness. At that moment, it was like he had entered the heart of Buddhism, which was an amazing feeling!

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