The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2413 - The Coming of Catastrophe
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Chapter 2413: The Coming of Catastrophe

Blind Chen did not move. He stood there, still leaning on the cane in his hand.

Chen Yi didn’t move either. He merely raised his head to look at Lin Xi, who had taken a few steps forward, stopping right on the edge of the old house. Close behind her in the sky above were cultivators from the Lin family, who were extraordinarily talented.

Ye Futian and the others stopped as well as they directed their attention forward.

In this suppressed space, the Sword Will seemed to escape into the invisible, hovering above Blind Chen and the others. Everyone’s attention was on Blind Chen and Lin Xi. They wondered if she would actually do something.

If Lin Xi were to make a move, what would be the outcome?

No one knew if the outcome predicted by Blind Chen was technically a prophecy or not.

Lin Kong was watching as well. Up until this moment, he hadn’t stopped Lin Xi. However, the aura of the Great Path permeated from his body as his divine consciousness covered this area. He believed he could take action in a single moment.

For cultivators at their level, this space was far too narrow, and they could easily cover it in a single thought, attacking from any direction, ultimately razing this entire area to the ground.

“Then try it,” Lin Xi spat. His voice still held an incredible sense of cold arrogance. The moment her voice fell, an invisible Sword Will directed towards Blind Chen. This invisible Sword Will seemed to meander in the void, which could not be detected by the naked eye. Nevertheless, the existence of the Sword Will was real enough.

Finally, Lin Xi made her move. She was no longer able to resist the temptation of giving it a shot. Even though the man in front of her was the mysterious Blind Chen, she still had her disbelief.

Today, she wanted to find out, once and for all, if this blind man had been deceiving everyone all along.

But the moment she acted, Lin Xi saw a ray of light. The light was extremely dazzling. It bloomed right next to Blind Chen, stinging everyone’s eyes. At this moment, she could not open her eyes, so she closed them tightly. She felt the whole world had turned into a world of light, which submerged everything in this space. She could not see anything except the light.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment, and Lin Xi suddenly felt the breath of death. In this instant, countless thoughts burst into her mind, and there was shouting.

“Get back!” the voice said.

She heard it, but there was no time to react at all. In Lin Xi’s world, there was only the light. The light occupied her entire world and swallowed up everything, including her body and her spiritual soul.

At this moment, she realized that she had lost, after all.

Blind Chen’s “prophecy” had been fulfilled.

Lin Xi’s body disintegrated under the light, turning into countless dots of light in an instant. It was as if she had never existed. Not only were the cultivators behind her unable to save her in time, but they simply had no way of saving her either. In that instant, the light also invaded their worlds and occupied everything.

When they could finally see the world outside clearly, Lin Xi’s body had already turned into numerous spots of light, dissipating in front of their eyes.

A figure appeared where Lin Xi was. It was Lin Kong. He stretched out his hand, trying to grasp something, but that spot of light evaporated in his palm, escaping his grasp. He had thought that he would be able to respond no matter what happened.

But what had happened was so ruthless. No matter how fast the reaction, it could never be faster than the power of light. Under the light, Lin Xi was wiped out as if she had always been dust and smoke. How could he have stopped it?

At such a close range, the light was shining upon them in an instant, and he was too slow. All he could do was watching his descendant disappear right before his eyes.

As a matter of fact, just as Blind Chen had prophesized. It was the catastrophe of death!

“The power of light...” The hearts of all the cultivators trembled. They all looked at the man who released the light. It was not the blind man but the young man next to him.

This young man’s appearance was not the most outstanding. But at this moment, there was a light shining upon his body; it was extremely dazzling.

Chen Yi, the young man raised by Blind Chen many years ago, had now returned. He had the body of light, and his cultivation was tyrannical. This was the aura of a Renhuang in the Eighth-Realm, which was just a step away from the peak of Renhuang.

Those cultivators from the Lin family who had clashed him in the ruins felt extremely apprehensive at the moment. Had they engaged with him in a fight then, they probably would have perished already.

But at this moment, he had killed Lin Xi.

“Does the clan leader of the Lin family believe in the prophecy I foretold?” Blind Chen said as Lin Kong turned to look at him.

Prophecy? Did he consider this a prophecy?!

Of course it was.

He predicted events that had not yet happened, but the young man next to him determined whether this prediction would become a reality. In fact, Lin Xi and the cultivators from the Lin family had always had a choice. Lin Kong could have stopped Lin Xi in time. Or Lin Xi could have left instead of making her move.

Then, would his prediction have failed?

But there were no “if”s now. The fact remained that his prediction had come true and Lin Xi was dead.

Lin Kong stared at Chen Yi, holding back the grief and anger in his heart. At this moment, he could still maintain his sanity without taking direct action, demonstrating his tremendous self-control.

“The elder’s reputation is well-deserved; even your disciple is outstanding. A Renhuang of the Eighth-Realm at such young age,” said Lin Kong. Not only did he not retaliate, but he kept his composure enough to give a compliment.

Of course, the reason why he didn’t retaliate was because of fear.

A young man taught by Blind Chen had become a Renhuang in the Eighth-Realm. So, what about Blind Chen himself? Was he really just a crippled old man?

What if Blind Chen’s cultivation was higher than his? If he made a move, the outcome would probably be no different than Lin Xi’s, so he dared not act recklessly.

“He is not my disciple,” Blind Chen replied.

“Whether or not he is a disciple of yours, he must have gotten this power of light from you, elder,” Lin Kong probed tentatively.

“What are you doing, continuing to step on my roof?” Blind Chen did not answer him but commented lightly. Lin Kong was silent. He looked in front and saw Blind Chen walking towards the old house with a cane, working his way towards him.

The aura of the Great Path from Lin Kong enveloped this space, which was extremely oppressive, to say the least. However, Blind Chen seemed to have not perceived it, still moving forward slowly, approaching the old house with each step. In the meantime, Chen Yi’s attention was focused solely on Lin Kong, who was above the old house.

As for the cultivators who were here, besides being shocked by Chen Yi’s strength, they were more curious about the identity of Ye Futian and those in his party.

Chen Yi was raised by an old blind man, and he had returned to the Great Bright City many years later with spectacular strength. But who were Ye Futian and the others?

Ye Futian and the others were the only distinguished guests who had compelled the old blind man to come out of that old house of his and welcome them in person.

Were they invited by Chen Yi?

If so, what realm was their cultivation level, and how were they related to the Temple of Light?

These were all burning questions to them, but Blind Chen probably wouldn’t give them any answers like they wanted.

The light was still on Chen Yi, shooting out in the direction where Lin Kong was. Lin Kong could make his move in a single turning of the mind, and Chen Yi could do the same. In such a short distance, once the battle broke out, no one could predict what would happen.

Previously, Lin Xi insisted on doing what she wanted to do, and it had killed her. As for Lin Kong—the clan leader of the Lin family—what would he do?

In the area around the old house, everyone’s eyes were fastened on Lin Kong.

If he did not back off, what would happen?

The sounds of the cane hitting the floor could be heard loud and clear. Blind Chen was getting closer to the old house. Lin Kong’s focus was always ahead. Finally, he said, “Let’s go.”

When his voice faded, Lin Kong levitated into the sky, taking the cultivators of the Lin family away through the air.

After they left, Blind Chen stepped into the old house, and the door closed. Ye Futian and the others disappeared.

But no one left, as they were still standing quietly in the distance. Lin Xi was killed, and Lin Kong, the head of the Lin family, would not drop the matter so readily.

Perhaps Lin Kong was getting reinforcements and would be back soon.

People in the Great Bright City knew that among the four top principalities, the clan leaders of the three families were not necessarily the strongest characters. Within the families was also the existence of old monster-level figures who were the actual support these families relied upon.

The matter this time probably wouldn’t be resolved so easily!

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