The Lazy Swordmaster

The Lazy Swordmaster
nataehan sodeumaseuteo, 나태한 소드마스터
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The Lazy Swordmaster

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    I finally managed to kill the demon lord.

    Can’t I rest a bit now?

    Just leave me alone.

    Let me rest.


    Riley Iphelleta, in his past life, was a hero who defeated the demon king. Although he emerged victorious throughout his battles, the emotional strain of continuous fights got the best of him.

    After experiencing rebirth in a household that upholds their reputation through sword skills and that doesn’t lack power to support a leisure life, he decided to be Iphelleta’s House’ lazy swordsman, but the course of life isn’t easy as he wants it to be so he must make a choice if he will bare his fangs or continue…

    … his naps.

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