The Last Primal

Chapter 885 885 - Another Storm’s Brewing
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Rainbow Clouds Sect, Ash Heap Mountain.

An old man in scarlet robes flew through the air without relying on any external objects, descending slowly in front of a cave abode on the middle of a mountain.

The sect badge on his waist indicated that he was from True Fire Sect.

This was Sezud Nida, a Martial Master of True Fire Sect.

A towering ancient tree stood in front of the cave abode with a stone table beneath it. A man in azure blue robes sat solemnly on a stone stool, his long, narrow eyes shimmering coldly.

"Brother Cain, why have you called for me so urgently?"

Sezud Nida asked the moment he landed.

The azure-robed man was Mighty Cain Khoren of Rainbow Clouds Sect!

Mighty Cain Khoren had a calm expression and took a sip of tea unhurriedly, only speaking after he put down the teacup, "Young Master Sezud, you don't even know that you're at death's door?!"


Sezud Nida was startled. However, he composed himself in the blink of an eye and shook his head, laughing. "Cain Khoren, what kind of joke is this?"

"That Aiden is at Extreme Martial Knight. Given his vengeful nature, do you think he's going to let us off once he enters Martial Master realm?" Mighty Cain Khoren snorted coldly.

Sezud Nida's expression darkened and he kept quiet for a brief moment. "To be honest, I did think about this after the fight at Azure Myst Sect. However, our sect has already sent people to reconcile with Azure Myst Sect, so there's nothing I can do about it either."

"I can't possibly head over to Azure Myst Sect singlehandedly, right? What's the difference between committing suicide if I did that?"

After pausing for a moment, Sezud Nida continued, "Furthermore, he is a real Extreme Martial Knight. From the legends! Whoever lays a hand on him will have to suffer the wrath of Azure Myst Sect!"

"Others might have their considerations but you and I? We're different."

Mighty Cain Khoren said with a deep voice, "The situation is extremely clear right now. It's either that wretched boy, that Aiden, or the both of us who dies! We only have a shot at this and we have to be quick about it! Otherwise, there will be a lot more things to account for once that lad makes a breakthrough to Martial Master realm."

Sezud Nida's gaze shimmered and he took in a deep breath of air after a moment. "Brother Cain Khoren, what do you think we should do then?"

"There's no hurry. I've already invited three helpers and they should be arriving soon."

Mighty Cain Khoren gestured for Sezud Nida to take a seat and calm down.

Not long after, three Martial Masters arrived through the air. In the middle was a skinny middle-aged man with thin lips and a cold expression.

On the left was a Martial Master holding a long cloth. His face was plump and he was all smiles.

The one on the right was dressed in a martial arts outfit and looked sturdy with muscles bulging like rocks. There was a ferocious aura coming from him.

Mighty Cain Khoren welcomed them.

Pointing to the Martial Master with a long cloth on the left, Mighty Cain Khoren introduced, "This is the most famous warrior of the Northern Region, Mighty Tom Horl."

"This is Master Gao Hu, he's at late-stage Martial Master and specializes in body tempering."

The martial arts man nodded towards Sezud Nida.

Finally, Mighty Cain Khoren looked towards the skinny man in the middle and smiled. "This is the renowned Master Assassin Lian Hen also coming form the Northern Region. At peak Martial Master, he entered the universal phenomenon ranking more than 80 years ago and contested top hundreth spot!"

Sezud Nida's heart skipped a beat.

Within this parts of the realm, there were no sects or factions that had the capabilities to break through the barrier of the universal ranking list and send some martial artists in on it.

Sezud Nida and the others did not have a chance to witness the Universal Phenomenon Ranking, let alone compete for a spot on it with other martial artists.

Lian Hen waved it off and pretended to be humble. "It's nothing much. After all, I did not manage to obtain a spot on it."

"The Universal Phenomenon Ranking isn't something that can be compared with us. The fact that you're even qualified to compete for a spot on it proves your strength, respected Masters." Sezud Nida praised hurriedly.

Mighty Cain Khoren said with a smile as well, "Master Lian Hen missed leaving his name on the Universal Phenomenon Ranking by just a little 80 years ago. For the next Universal Phenomenon Ranking, you'll definitely be able to rank within the top ten!"


Lian Hen nodded, pleased with their flattery.

He did not have much ties with Mighty Cain Khoren. The reason he came this time round was mainly because he heard that Aiden had a peak artifact weapon!

If he could obtain that peak artifact weapon, he would definitely be able to obtain a spot on the Universal Phenomenon Ranking the next time he entered the ancient battlefield!

Of course, it was a fool's dream to want to obtain a top ten spot.

The top ten of the Universal Phenomenon Ranking were even more terrifying than the other!

Sezud Nida asked, "Right now, Aiden should be in seclusion within Azure Myst Sect and would most likely not appear before he formed a core. Do we have any way of luring him out?"

"Yes. I've got a young girl, that he cares about, currently being tended to by some mortals. She is young child called Tolliah that he cares about immensely. At most he has one guardian we can take care of."

Mighty Cain Khoren declared confidently with narrowed eyes, "If he hears that her life is in danger, he'll definitely come forth!"

Sezud Nida's eyes lit up and he nodded in agreement.

Hearing these information Tom Horl pondered for a moment before saying with a smile. "I've got three questions. First, you said that they are easy targets. This seems way too simple. Would he really come forth just for someone that's about to die?"


Mighty Cain Khoren's tone was confident.

"Alright, second question."

Tom Horl continued. "We can't set the location at Rainbow Clouds Sect. Otherwise, that lad might not take the bait."

"Of course, I've already taken that into account and planned things," Mighty Cain Khoren asserted.

Tom Horl nodded before adding. "The third question is that even if he takes the bait, how do we kill him down? The fight at Azure Myst Sect, he, had quite an impact in the martial world. I heard that this Aiden boy is at Extreme Martial Knight realm and has the capabilities to kill Martial Masters beyond his level."

"With the five of us Martial Masters attacking together, do we have to fear a single Martial Knight martial artist?" Gao Hu asked darkly.

Tom Horl remarked, "It's not about fear, I'm worried about accidents. If he manages to escape, we won't get a second chance."

"His death is certain with me around!" Lian Hen declared coldly.

"Everyone, please listen to me."

Mighty Cain Khoren said with a dark tone, "This kid is at Extreme Martial Knight realm and has many trump cards up his sleeves. He possesses a strange physique and even has an extremely terrifying secret skill that can go against my Martial Master phenomenon!"

Lian Hen, Gao Hu, and Tom Horl's expressions changed slightly upon hearing that.

The rumors were real.

A secret skill released by a Martial Knight martial artist could truly go against a Martial Master phenomenon!

Even though Mighty Cain Khoren's Martial Master phenomenon was not considered to be strong, it was still a shocking fact.

"Even a lion uses its full might to chase down a rabbit. Since I chose to make a move, I won't underestimate my opponent, even if the kid is only a Martial Knight martial artist!"

Mighty Cain Khoren said darkly, "Fellow Daoist Tom Horl, you have to set up your trapping formations before hand to ensure that this lad doesn't escape!"


"No problem."

Tom Horl replied with a smile, "With me setting up the formations personally, even Martial Masters won't be able to escape!"

Mighty Cain Khoren narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Everyone, take a look at what I've truly prepared for this kid!"

With that said, he withdrew a crystal bottle from his storage bag. There was a scarlet flower that resembled an orchid in the middle of it, giving off a faint fragrance.

The other few Martial Masters swept their gazes across and their expressions changed as they retreated one after another.

"Blood Cloud Flower!"

Lian Hen frowned and asked, "This fiend flower has already gone extinct in the ancient era. How did you get your hands on it?"

The Blood Cloud Flower would not cause any direct harm to a martial artist.

However, its fragrance had a fiendish power that could lock a martial artist's spirit energy; even Martial Masters could not defend against it!

The Blood Cloud Flower was one of the most famous fiend flowers of the ancient era!

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