The Last Primal

843 Chapter 843
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Filled with indignation and utterly humiliated, Reverend Jor Har was so pent up and upset that he spat out yet another mouthful of blood.


His chest was much relieved after he spat out that mouthful of blood and he lamented deeply.

"That man is probably… invincible among the Martial Knight realm."

At that moment, everyone realized that after this battle, as long as the successor of Holy Fire Island survives, he would be the number one beneath the Martial Grandmaster realm!

The battle was not over yet.

While Aiden sent Reverend Jor Har flying, he was still gripping the Startling Sword with his left hand and contending against Hart You.

The remaining four paragons attacked at the same time!

Snowdrift Valley's Sienna Caliphe burst forth with her secret skill.

Chaos Essence Sect's Xiaoran Lily sent his flying sword forward from a distance, not daring to close in.

Another Reverend tapped his feet on the ground and closed in, conjuring a series of afterimages with both hands as he released an ultimate secret skill of his own.

The powerful palm strike possessed the power to strike an object through a medium.

If it landed on one's body, although no injuries would appear on the surface, the person's organs would be ruptured. It was extremely powerful!

Even Reverend Jor Har who trained the Diamond Body did not dare to take on that attack from his peer head-on.

Flinging around like a chopper, the palm's shadows were chaotic and it was difficult to identity the real one.


At the same time the female priestess of the Reverends took out a copper disc from her storage bag and injected her internal energy into it.

It shone with a bedazzling golden light that was saintly and flawless. The copper disc tilted down and a bright milky white light flowed down towards Aiden's head powerfully.

The four paragons attacked at the same time but Aiden only had his right hand available!

Chaos Essence Sect's Xiaoran Lily's flying sword was the first to arrive and Aiden grabbed it with his right hand without hesitating!

"Frost Seal!"

The voice was icy cold as the surrounding temperature dipped.

Aiden started freezing up from head to toe; even the scarlet demonic energy that was surrounding him was freezing with a layer of frost.

The frost sealed both spiritual energy and mana as well!

At the same time, the copper disc arrived above Aiden's head and descended slowly with a terrifying might, as though it wanted to restrain him within it!

The male reverend priest closed in, releasing a series of afterimages from his palm.

Aiden was gripping the Startling Sword with his left hand while holding off Xiaoran Lily's flying sword with his right – he had no hands left to spare.

Coupled with Snowdrift Valley's secret skill and the descent of Formless Monastery's copper disc, the combined burst power of multiple sources restricted him to his position, unable to move at all.


Ten consecutive palm strikes landed on Aiden's body!

With each palm strike, Aiden's body would shudder once as blood oozed from the corner of his lips.

All the paragons were shocked upon seeing that.

Holy Fire Island's successor was finally injured at this point in the battle!

Immediately after, Hart You and the others discovered that even so, the person remained upright and refused to go down. Instead, the coldness in his eyes was intensifying!

"That isn't even enough to kill him? We merely brazed him?!"

The male reverend priest finally experienced the same fear that Reverend Jor Har and the others felt.

That person endured more than ten ultimate palm strikes just like that!

If it was anybody else, their organs would have exploded long ago with the palm strikes. However, this man seemed like he was fine and his gaze was fierce as ever!

Among body tempering techniques, even the strongest ones out there, one could only swap blood through their marrow at the very most; it was difficult for them to reinforce the organs.

However, what they didn't know that Aiden's body held secrets far surpassing their imaginations.

Aiden's organs were even stronger than most pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

Otherwise, there was no way he would possess such frightening stamina to battle till now!

After enduring more than ten of the reverends palm strikes, Aiden's organs were merely shaken, but his foundation was uninjured.

"Go down!"

The female priestess hollered and shifted her hand and fingers rapidly, conjuring a spirit art that shot beams of spirit lights into the copper disc.

The copper disc expanded rapidly and descended.

Hart You had no other choice but to relent his grip and abandon his Startling Sword.

In the blink of an eye, the copper disc that shone with a bedazzling radiance crashed down on Aiden and locked him to the ground!

Was it finally over?

Upon seeing that, the Guardians that were rushing over gradually slowed down.

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The female priestess sighed with relief as she felt that the deed was finally done and walked towards the copper disc that was now as tall as any of them, saying in a deep voice.

"Everyone, don't worry. All it takes is the time for just a couple of seconds to maybe a minute for anyone that enters my copper disc, even pure-blooded ferocious beasts, to melt into a puddle of water and die!"

The paragons heaved a sigh of relief and their expressions relaxed significantly.

Arriving before the copper disc, the female priestess lowered her head with a dignified expression, causing the light around the strange disc to shine brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, a change happened!


A gigantic bang sounded from below the copper disc.

Hart You and the others were shocked. When they looked towards the copper disc, their pupils constricted!

A large dent the size of a fist appeared on the walls of the copper disc!

What sort of terrifying strength did he possess to be able to create a fist-sized dent on such a unique high-grade artifact weapon?

The golden light around the copper disc dimmed significantly.


Before everyone could reach, a series of sounds exploded like raindrops as fist-sized dents appeared all around the copper disc one after another.

There was a momentary pause.

An extremely dangerous aura was being emitted from below the copper disc!

"Hurry, retreat!"

Realizing what was going on, the female priestess called out immediately.


There was a deafening noise that shook the mountains and earth!

The gigantic copper disc before them exploded into shards that flew in all directions with a massive shockwave.

A tall and mighty figure appeared before everyone's eyes once more. Shrouded with golden light, his exotic eyes shone with a cold glint and he possessed a torrential aura!

The first person to suffer was the female priestess who was the closest to the copper disc. Sent flying by the impact, she was pierced by the shards of her own weapon and died on the spot!

Aiden threw the Startling Sword that was in his hands at an extremely fast speed and instantly, it arrived before Snowdrift Valley's Sienna Caliphe.


Sienna Caliphe was shocked and conjured a frost spirit mirror before her that was filled with chilling intent.


The Startling Sword collided heavily against the frost spirit mirror.

After a momentary pause, a series of cracks appeared on the spirit mirror. In the blink of an eye, it spread everywhere and shattered.

Sienna Caliphe fell to the side, coughing fresh blood endlessly.

Although it was just a simple attack, it possessed the terrifying power that Aiden produced after taking on his demon form, causing Sienna Caliphe to be severely injured.


With a backhanded slap, Aiden released a killing move upon his opponent and collided intensely against the ultimate palm strikes of the male reverend successor.

The successor's eyes widened in shock.

He felt an extremely terrifying ripping force that surged over, threatening to create a ravine through the ground!


A bloodied mist spewed out.

The flesh on the holy man's arm was ripped off and his bones were completely broken as he flew off.

In the blink of an eye, a paragon died and two more had to leave the battle.

Aiden's gaze shifted towards Chaos Essence Sect's Xiaoran Lily, throwing the flying sword in his hands towards the latter.

The sword streaked through the air and arrived instantly.

There was no way Xiaoran Lily would dare receive the attack as he shifted her footsteps, wanting to dodge to the side.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoran Lily's vision blurred and a tall figure had already arrived in front of him, exuding a terrifying might and endless killing intent!

He had arrived almost at the same time as the sword!

"He is too fast!"

Xiaoran Lily's eyelids twitched crazily.


Arriving before Xiaoran Lily, Aiden clenched his fist previously and smashed heavily on the ground.

Instantly, Xiaoran Lily's legs buckled and she slowed down.

The sword pierced through her body.

Xiaoran Lily's eyes went dim as a stream of blood spurted out from her chest, severing her life!

Another one of the paragons, the successor of the Chaos Essence Sect, was dead too!

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