The King's Game

Chapter 35 - [Black Knight XXXV]
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Ch35 – [Black Knight XXXV]

The place of the meeting was changed to earth. The humans accepted the change without any objection. The place of the meeting was changed to its own base. They had no reason to refuse.

The size of the Zerg Guards were still luxurious, but the other races had adapted from the shock.

Anyway, these Zergs were afraid that their king would be bullied outside. If allowed, the whole zerg clan would accompany their king on this trip.

These Zergs would really do it.

The Zerg fleet landed on earth, and the humans also showed a welcome attitude. How incredible the scene was. In the past, the humans on earth would probably prefer to believe that the sun came out from the West and would not believe the reality in front of them.

It was important to clearly identify the black-haired youth in the Zerg ranks, whose eyes were now golden.

Although not cold, these golden eyes still made people dare not look at it directly.

On Earth, they were an alien race, and also came to talk with the head of the Earth Federation. As time passed, Gu Huai felt that he was a bit fierce, although this was not the Earth he had lived on.

Both sides and even the entire intergalactic community understood the importance of this meeting. In order to prevent any unexpected occurrences, the Earth Federation began to impose martial law from within the planet, and now the entire galaxy was in a state of close surveillance.

If something could happen to such a degree, the Earth Federation would not have to mix it up in the intergalactic space. Of course, the meeting between the two sides could almost be said to have been completed in an absolutely safe environment.

In 217 A.D., the two races that were formerly deadly enemies reached reconciliation, which was of great significance to both the Zergs and humans.

In the second year after that, the Zergs successfully joined the Twelve Star Alliance under the conditions of full voting, forming a consolidated alliance with the other twelve races in the Star Alliance.

Star Alliance was the largest political and military alliance among the stars, which meant that the Zergs could continue to attain the greatest peace from now on and in future unless there was a new race in the universe that was better than the Zergs.

“For members of the Star Alliance, the Zergs should be given a unified preferential regulation, so that all of you here should have no objection. As for participation in peacekeeping, we will mobilize our troops according to the circumstances.” The black-haired youth with golden eyes was a new face at the Star Alliance meeting, but they were not passive at this time, or even had relative initiative.

It was a political and military alliance, but the actual members of the Star Alliance were also mutually beneficial economically, seeking common development, so there was a preferential regulation.

As for the statement of youth, the representatives of all ethnic groups present here really had no opinions and could not find any mistakes.

As a new member, Gu Huai did not say too much or stayed silent in the Star Alliance meeting. He grasped a good standard and sat in a high-backed chair to deal with the meeting with leeway.

In the year when the Zergs joined the Star Alliance, the hottest discussion on StarNet was the term ‘golden age’. Following the old era of frequent wars among various races, a new era of relative peace had entered, and the golden age, which should be the best era of development for all races in the interstellar world.

Clearance Level: 100%

There was a plan that Gu Huai wanted to do long ago, but this plan needed a peaceful and stable environment to start. Now the starting conditions were satisfied.

The plan was to enlighten the wisdom of the lower class zerg, who did not possess too much wisdom, but could evolve, but their own evolution is very slow and the environment was comfortable.

At the beginning of the Star Age in the days of old, when wars were frequent, the lower class Zerg would only follow their instincts to fight. The time between the birth and death of a lower class Zerg was often very short.

In addition to the comfortable environment, the slow evolution of the low-class Zergs itself also needed external help to solve this problem, otherwise it was likely to stagnate.

Gu Huai thought of the spiritual link to this ‘external force’ which must be possessed.

For the remaining eighteen years, in addition to maintaining the management of the planets under his command, Gu Huai had been pondering the wisdom of the lower class Zerg.

“Come and read to me -” sitting on the ground, Gu Huai stretched his finger, and said this again to the Tak Zerg around him. Gu Huai’s eyebrows and eyes were a little helpless, because he always felt that the results would not change.

In response to the young zerg’s foreboding, some of the Tak Zergs around the young zerg made a little movement, pronouncing the word ‘baby’ in a very hoarse voice.

Babies were cubs, the two human visitors in Tuther had successfully conveyed this idea.

These Tak Zergs were stubbornly reluctant to change their minds.

Although the Tak Zergs now understand that the young zerg was an adult, they just didn’t want to change their previous concept, but wanted to continue treating their young zerg as a cub.

Gu Huai: “...”

One of the two visiting human guests laughed, having been a captive several years ago, but later became a commander.

Hearing the laughter, Gu Huai turned his eyes. The two humans in front of him were the culprits of the ‘baby’ he was shouted by his own Tak Zerg.

However, he could not say anything about such a small matter. The Shen family and the Nislok family had also said a lot of good things about the Zergs to the Federal Parliament.

It was a strange scene for the huge, frightening low-class Tak Zerg to shout ‘baby’ around the black-haired youth, but after accepting it, there was an indescribable sense of harmony.

Forget it, he wouldn’t correct it... It was obvious that the Tak Zergs around them liked to call him that so much, and Gu Huai accepted his fate.

If the low-class Zerg studied hard under guidance, they could actually use the language normally, not only making a single hoarse hiss.

Guidance could be accomplished by spiritual links. So far, the low-class Zergs in the Zerg clan had mastered the basic language ability under the guidance of their king, and their wisdom had also been improved accordingly.

Although there was still a long way to go to possess a high degree of wisdom, it had undoubtedly achieved considerable results.

In fact, Gu Huai was quite satisfied that the plan could be carried out here within the remaining clearance time limit. At first, the spiritual link guidance was necessary, but now at this level of wisdom, the remaining distance, even if he was not there, the lower class of the Zerg clan could find their own way, and from then on get a high degree of wisdom.

At the same time, the research team responsible for soil improvement of Tuther had made new progress. Soil testing in the experimental site had tended to be benign, which was good news for all the Zergs on Tuther. It should be some time before the experimental area could grow beautiful flowers, and the gifts they wanted for their king’s birthday would be made smoothly.

“Chirp?” The tail was fluent and naturally circled around the waist of the young zerg. Alvis hugged the black-haired youth who had taken the initiative to lay in his arms and lowered his head to gently rub his cheeks.

He noticed that his partner’s mood did not seem to be very good. At this time, the youth should just be guided by the spiritual link after the end of the day...

“If I suddenly disappear one day or something, you don’t have to wait.” Gu Huai stretched out his forefinger and poked at the cheek of the silver-haired Zerg who was holding him. His cold and beautiful face was very soft.

As for the young zerg’s statement, Alves only slightly tilted his head. He reached out and took the youth in his arms and poked his cheek back, then gently pecked and kissed the fingertip of the white finger. “Wait.”

“Wait for Ah Huai.” He had no intention to contradict his partner. Generally speaking, Alves was obedient to the young zerg, but this was not the case.

If he couldn’t wait, look for it. Turn the whole intergalactic space over, even in a different space outside this world, until he found him.

Without letting the young man in his arms think more, Alves carefully kissed the young man on his lips, stretched out his tongue and licked between the young man’s lips, and then plunged into a deep kiss.

Compared with the fact that he only knew how kiss his lower lip at the beginning, the practical knowledge of the silver-haired Zerg was obviously much more abundant nowadays.

Day after day, it seemed that there was no big difference between them. One day, a new piece of good news came from the research team.——

“It’s a flower bud.” Small and very tender, as if it could be broken. Looking at the small flowerpot with flower buds, the Zerg people present showed an obvious joy.

This achievement was handed over to his leader by Aljer. Alves acted slightly unnaturally while holding the flowerpot, but it was good to hold the flowerpot. If he was asked to pinch such a small flower bud, he might not be able to control his strength.

The black-haired young zerg, curled up on his side in bed, was sleeping quietly, because he did not want to disturb the youth’s sleep.

So Alves sat down on the edge of the bed, holding the flower pot carefully while waiting for the young man to wake up quietly.

Giving him flowers, Alves was happy... When he thought about it in his heart, the silver-haired zerg, who looked very cold, his pupils dilated slightly and he suddenly looked a little like a big cat that had been gently scratched its jaws.

The flower buds in the pot were very tender, and maybe only one small flower would grow after that, but as the first flower to survive on Tuther, Alves thought the existence of this flower was very meaningful.

But from afternoon till evening, the young zerg showed no sign of waking up. Alves put the little pot on his hand down on the nightstand and hugged the young zerg curled up to his bosom with his tail.

“Ah Huai?” Still thinking that the young zerg in his arms was just sleepy, the silver-haired zerg pecked the cheek of the youth in his arms and whispered his name.

A loud voice would wake the young zerg up. He didn’t want to see a panicked expression on the young zerg’s face.

It was only after a low-pitched call and quiet closure of the eyes of the young man in his arms that Alves felt uneasy.


Still no response.

The sudden sleep of the King spread rapidly among the Zergs, and the Zergs living on other planets rushed to Tuther, which became quite crowded after a while.

Smooth breathing, normal heartbeat, quietly lying in bed, the black-haired youth looked like he was just sleeping, but for some unknown reason could not wake up. The previous flower buds had now grown into a yellow flower, which was now placed on the window of the youth’s bedroom.

“Flowers.” Another new flower was successfully planted on Tuther, and Alves, as usual, approached the young man’s bed with a twig and pushed the flower in front of the young man a little.

Again, there was no response, but the silver-haired zerg was not disappointed. He just waited quietly for a few seconds and then lowered his head to peck the young man’s lips.


While waiting, all the Zergs on Tuther were working hard.

There was no doubt that their king would wake up, but it would take a little time, so they had to work harder during this period.

So when their king woke up, he could see a planet of flowers.


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