The King's Game

Chapter 2 - Black Knight II
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Chapter 2 – Black Knight II

Translator: StillAlive, Editors: Elestrea, Cat

「Hiss......」一 A split-second spiritual link.

“Fuck! Are these Zergs all on drugs, ah?! Reporting to the Commander, the right flank is about to be breached!” The front line scout urgently reported the changes to the battle’s situation.

Clearly, they had just forced the Zergs to take a step back and it was only a matter of time before they saw victory. But just now, this group of low-leveled, Delta rank Zergs suddenly displayed a dramatic surge in combat power. As if something had enraged them to the extreme, the group frantically rushed back and immediately tore their right flank’s defence apart.

What type of enemy was the most fearsome on the battlefield? Undeniably, it was the one that wasn’t afraid of death.

Each and every Zerg was a natural born soldier. They disregarded pain, didn’t fear death, and showed no mercy to the enemy.

What was even more troubling was that the Zerg forces were far more powerful than the other races. They obeyed their superiors’ commands unconditionally, and never asked questions.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t it confirmed that the lesser Zergs on this planet have no commander?” The high-ranking human officer dressed in military uniform furrowed his eyebrows and pounded heavily on the strategy room’s table with his right first. The loss of the ground troops had far exceeded their initial estimation. Even if you switched to any other commander, right now the mood was unlikely to be very good.

The chiefs of staff didn’t dared to answer. Looking at the intelligence they had obtained at the start of the war, these lesser Zergs truly didn’t have a commander. Their formation was so fragmented that they couldn’t even be called a squadron. As a result, in the beginning, they’d been able to effortlessly break through the regions one by one.

But now this group of scattered Zergs had suddenly united without any explanation. It was as if each and every one of the Zergs had suffered some kind of major stimulus, resulting in them collectively going berserk.

“Retreat first.” After persisting for a while, the rather young general finally issued this command.

Once the command to retreat was issued, the ground troops that had landed on the planet would no longer take the initiative to confront the currently berserk Zergs and would instead seek an opportunity to evacuate.

To their surprise, the lesser Zergs didn’t pursue them. Instead, they spread out in all directions as if......

It was as if they were looking for something.

This situation wasn’t normal, but the human general who gave the command to evacuate didn’t pay much attention to this anomaly. His thoughts were focused on how he was going to capture this resource-rich planet.

In fact, the Zergs’ abnormal display wasn’t confined to this planet. At this moment, in every corner of the dark and vast interstellar, all the races fighting the Zergs were having the same experience.

But whether it was humanity or another one of the boundless interstellar’s races, not a single one attached any importance to this abnormal phenomenon.

If they had paid more attention and tried to find out the cause of the Zergs bizarre behaviour or reported the situation to their superiors, perhaps they would have been able to unearth the truth much earlier.

That short-lived spiritual link had already allowed the Zergs to receive a very important message——

Their King had just been born and was now in great need of their protection.

At this time, far away on an abandoned planet in a remote part of the galaxy, the originally dark cave was illuminated by the light coming in from the outside world.

Completely unaware of what he had inadvertently done, the handsome figure of the black-haired youth was presently sitting peacefully inside the cave. He was heavily guarded by a swarm of Zerg soldiers, and countless eyes were watching attentively as he ate.

What made Gu Huai somewhat speechless was that he could feel the Zerg soldiers’ hundred thousand points of tension whilst doing so.

“......Do they think I’m a child who will choke on food?” After instinctively learning to perceive the Zerg soldiers’ emotions, Gu Huai couldn’t help but say this sentence to his family’s system as he continued to ‘ka-cha ka-cha’ eat his eggshell.

The narrow space in which he had struggled for some time before breaking free was actually the interior of a giant white egg. He’d been incubated and nurtured in this white egg, and now he’d successfully hatched.

“I’m full.” After eating exactly one-sixth of the eggshell, Gu Huai felt the distinct feeling of having eaten till satisfied. He also felt another type of hard-to-describe but absolutely wonderful sensation.

It was a little like the pleasantly warm feeling of being brimming with energy. It was so comfortable that he just wanted to squint his eyes and curl up.

Because of the system’s friendly reminder, Gu Huai knew that the big eggshell was highly nutritious for him, but he didn’t expect the effect to be instantaneous.

When all was said and done, he didn’t truly have the mind of a young cub. Gu Huai restrained himself from entering that type of eat-then-sleep-then-eat-again mode of a real baby.

In the eyes of the Zergs soldiers who were watching the youth, their King was so very small. After eating he was obviously very sleepy, but he still tried hard to keep his eyes open and resist his drowsiness......


This word didn’t exist in the Zerg’s vocabulary, but it was how the group of Zergs soldiers felt emotionally. The existence in front of them was different, it wasn’t something meant only for destruction. (E/N: They are talking about the King.)

Once he’d accepted his identity as a ‘cub’, Gu Huai could perceive the surrounding Zergs’ eagerness to protect him and was no longer bewildered by their attitude. And now, being stared at by so many pairs of vertical pupils once again, he wasn’t the least bit nervous.

These highly intimidating and dangerous creatures bore absolutely no malice towards him. Even in the beginning when they had chased after him, it was completely not for the reason he originally thought......Since learning his current identity from the system, Gu Huai understood this.

“They are afraid to lose you, but they won’t restrict your actions.”

“Mmm, I know.” Gu Huai replied in his mind while simultaneously pulling up the information panel the system had provided him. At the top of the panel, in the most conspicuous region, shone a column of data——

Clearance Value: 15%

Where did this 15% come from?

According to the rules of the game Gu Huai knew, to reach 100% clearance value in each world, he would need to perform the role of his given identity to the zenith and attain the highest achievement that was worthy of praise.

There was more than one way to interpret the role of the given identity. If a different interpretation was selected, naturally the achievement needed to clear the current world would be different.

For example, in this world, his identity was that of the Zerg King. Leading the Zergs to conquer the interstellar could be considered as one example of getting the highest achievement. However, from the beginning, Gu Huai had rejected this method of reaching 100% clearance value.

“Hatching only increased the clearance value by 5%. Where did the other 10% come from?” Rubbing at his eyes to clear away his drowsiness, Gu Huai tried to ask his family’s system.

The reason why the word ‘tried’ was chosen was because up till now, Gu Huai still didn’t have a clear understanding of the system’s attitude toward him. The system’s manner of speech was very cold, nonetheless it had still wordlessly satisfied his previous request for clothes.

“Your pain stimulated the establishment of a spiritual link. It lasted for less than a second, but it was long enough to allow all the Zergs to become aware of your existence,” the system replied honestly.

“The duration of the link was too short for them to determine your exact location so they will turn each and every planet upside down.”

This was okay?? Gu Huai’s slightly drooping eyelids suddenly twitched. “Dear system, let’s discuss. Next time this type of major affair happens can you please take the initiative to tell me?”

After a few seconds of silence the system didn’t answer Gu Huai’s question, only said in neither a cold nor warm tone, “The Zergs above Gamma level possess ordinary wisdom and probably won’t make a big commotion trying to find you. Others won’t have so many misgivings.”

The rioting Zergs needed to be calmed because there was a sad truth being displayed before Gu Huai’s eyes: the Zergs didn’t have a single ally in the entire galaxy. Not only did not have any allies, they also had a lot of enemies, especially the human race with whom their enmity had existed from the old era till the new era. They were truly mortal enemies.

Knowing what he needed to do now, Gu Huai turned his attention towards the encirclement of Zergs that were watching him.

The previous spiritual link was established unconsciously. Since no one had taught him how, it was probably his innate ability.

「I’m fine, you don’t umm......don’t get angry?」

Gu Huai raised his head at this moment. The bodies of these Zerg soldiers were actually enormous, he had to really lift his head to look into their eyes.

The lesser Zergs didn’t have much wisdom. They were good at fighting their enemies and they wouldn’t hesitate to execute their superior’s orders, but their thoughts were very simple.

Despite not understanding language and being unable to respond with words, the Zergs inside the cave nevertheless had a distinct reaction. The tremendous figures of these frightening organisms turned towards the black-haired youth and lowered their heads. Their tightly constricted vertical pupils relaxed a lot and their extremely powerful, serrated blade like forearms lowered immediately after, like they were disengaging from fight mode.

“Very obedient.” Gu Huai approached the Zerg soldier closest to him, and standing on his tippy-toes he just barely managed to reach out his hand and pat the Zerg’s forearm.

This Zerg’s ability level was somewhat higher than the surrounding Zergs. If he weren’t here, this Zerg would probably be the leader of the other Zerg soldiers.

The Zerg who was patted on the forearm by the youth made a weak hissing sound and deliberately lowered its body in order to let him pat it more conveniently. Moreover, it immediately adjusted the angle of its forearm so the sharp point would never touch the youth.

This Zerg, which appeared to be a dangerous creature no matter how you looked at it, was now motionless, bowing its head obediently in front of the youth like a large dog facing its owner.

It worked.

The short distance spiritual link was successfully established. Gu Huai tried to expand the link’s range while consciously selecting a target. He didn’t need to systematically stop the rioting Zerg soldiers one by one as long as he placated the scattered Zerg leaders.

“Reducing the loss of spiritual force is a wise choice,” the spectating system said before adding a sentence of warning. “Every nation has an exploration fleet. Although this abandoned planet belongs to a remote galaxy, it isn’t an unconditionally safe place.”

In order not to attract any attention, there was a need to prevent the lower class Zerg soldiers from acting on instinct and swarming towards this planet. One the other hand, it was also necessary to have enough guards by his side to guarantee his safety.

Ten seconds later, as soon as he had finished stopping the lesser Zerg soldiers, Gu Huai clearly felt a stronger burst of drowsiness than before. It was as if someone were inside his head, continuously urging him to close his eyes.

The limit of a ‘cub’s’ ability, even if it was an innate ability, had not yet matured at this present stage of birth.

Although he still had energy, Gu Huai didn’t ignore the system’s reminder and stopped resisting his drowsiness. Before he sunk into sleep though, he caught the brightest spot in the spiritual field.

Meanwhile, in the Sangta Galaxy ruled by the Sa People, a one-sided and overwhelming battle had just come to an end.

This was a race that was publicly recognized as having the most powerful individual fighting strength. But now, they were all collapsed on the ground, completely depleted of any fighting strength.

The only person who was still standing and able to move normally was currently at the heart of the battlefield. From his appearance, it could be quickly determined that this was a Zerg- a high-level Zerg.

Higher-level Zergs appeared similar to humans, but their eyes had vertical pupils and they still retained a certain Zerg characteristic.

For example, the high-level Zerg standing in the centre of the battlefield undoubtedly possessed exceptionally beautiful features according to the normal human aesthetic. It’s just that the contour lines on his face weren’t gentle in the slightest, but were instead completely cold and stern.

The bloodthirsty smile hadn’t completely dissipated from the Zerg’s face when his vertical pupils suddenly narrowed. With an impatient look, he flicked away the blood staining the tip of his tail. From a distance, he resembled a dangerous beast that had just finished hunting but still wished to continue.

But in the next second, the high-level Zerg suddenly froze.

「......」It was the sound of breathing.

From the clear, even breathing sounds that could be heard, the owner of the voice was most likely sleeping. Although the other side didn’t say a word, the silver-haired Zerg who had just finished fighting looked like a cat whose whiskers had just been touched. His pupils immediately narrowed further.


The rising feeling of irritation produced a desire for destruction, but the place where he could ‘destroy’ his enemies no longer existed.

“Tsk.” The bloodthirsty smile gradually disappeared from the silver-haired Zerg’s face, his expression becoming indifferent. His good-looking skin appeared a little cold.

This spiritual link, for the silver-haired Zerg it was the second time he’d felt it.

Nature and instincts in this high-level Zerg’s body seemed to have lost its effectiveness; he was unable to arouse even the slightest desire to submit to the other party. But the clear sound of breathing being transmitted into his mind once again evoked an indescribable feeling of aggravation.

Just then, another adult male Zerg in the same black uniform quietly walked over.

“Boss ah, there are more and more soldiers in the fleet who want to leave. What do you think we should do......?” Alger stated the current situation truthfully. He’d been waiting until the silver-haired Zerg’s face no longer had a smiling expression before he dared to approach and ask this question.

That spiritual link was extremely frightening. Alger understood this clearly because he too could feel his heart wavering.

There was no doubt that the Zergs’ society was a pyramid society, but the lower Zergs didn’t feel any discontent. On the contrary, they unconditionally surrendered to their superiors.

This was determined by nature and the instincts of the Zergs, which, in the eyes of the other races, was sometimes very difficult to understand.

Their race’s only disunity was the fact that the low-level Zergs had a choice in who they wanted to follow. There were a total of four high-level Zergs with an Alpha grade ability, and the differences in who the low-level Zergs followed had created divergence within Zerg society.

All along, whether it was an outsider or the Zergs themselves, Alpha-level Zergs were considered the ultimate power in Zerg society. Currently though, the facts told them that this wasn’t the case.

“You don’t want to?” The silver-haired Zerg’s face was expressionless. Even when asking this question, his mood couldn’t be deciphered.

Alger spread his hands at his family’s leader, “To betray the leader, this kind of thing, isn’t easy ah. If you don’t speak, I can only endure.”

Fortunately, the spiritual link was brief. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to bear to stay here, let alone speak.

Alger only thought the above sentence in his heart, but then the silver-haired Zerg spoke words that made him dumbstruck.

“Then I will grant your wish.”

The tip of the silver-haired Zerg’s highly dangerous tail unconsciously rose upwards as he said this. The other side’s idea at this time was very simple and cruel. As long as he could see the existence that was calling out to him, he could solve these evoked feelings of irritability very easily——

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