The King of The Worlds

Volume 1 - Chapter 26
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Volume 1: Chapter 26: Dialogue with the World

Right now, Qin Yi needed Ninjutsu, the simplest the better. Even if these were just C-level Ninjutsu and weren’t as strong as B or A level ones, they were the easiest to understand and the fastest way to learn the basics.

“Qin Lin, what is your Chakra Nature?”

Qin Yi asked Qin Lin.

“it’s Fire.”

Qin Lin said.

“Well, what about you Yang Yi?”

Qin Yi asked again.

“mine is water!”

Yang Yi said.

Qin Yi Nodded as he looked at the water and fire techniques on the scroll. The ninjutsu of each nature is not that much but they were effective and easy to learn

“I will give you some ninjutsu scrolls according to you chakra nature later.”

Qin Yi said.

The two generals were excited.

“Firstly, Gandalf take a look at the ninjutsu of the thunder.” Qin Yi gave the scroll to Gandalf.

Gandalf took the scroll and then the chakra flowed up inside his body to try the technique. and when Gandalf was almost releasing the Ninjutsu, he stopped.

“These ninjutsu are easy to learn, but they are not powerful.”

Gandalf said.

“Yes, these are weak, but they will help us lay the foundations for the stronger ones in the future.”

Qin Yi smiled.

After that, Qin Yi spent a half-hour to copy the ninjutsu of water and fire and pass them to the two generals to practice.

“Before practicing this, you need to learn Shadow clone technique.”

He said.

In Naruto anime, the Shadow Clone technique was very useful. If they were to use it with a good strategy, they can beat most of the enemies,

at midnight, Qin Yi was alone in his room.

He looked at these ninjutsu silently and studied the seals on the scroll.

he seems to understand the meaning of these seals.

“Chakra is the energy stored in human cells. Everyone’s chakra is divided into different properties, and these hand seals are often used to manipulate chakra more easily, allowing shinobi to execute their techniques faster and more effectively”

“Like Gandalf’s stick but with a different way of release.”

“There are twelve basic seals, each one named after an animal of the Chinese zodiac, each one had its own printing action, and the different combinations of hand seals can release different jutsu.”

“And this seal can pull out the chakra from the body instantly and release different powers of Ninjutsu.”

The deeper he goes, the more he understands the power of this world.

The twelve seals can be seen as unique characters. The characters and their different combinations can explain the power of the world. It’s like some elves and wizards in the West Magic world sing and cast spells. One is released by language and the other by hand actions.

“This seal represents chakra nature, this one represents the flow and this represents the form.”

Qin Yi was happier and happier as he continued to learn new things.

This night, Qin Yi did nothing but learn ninjutsu fundamentals from the scrolls,

The twelve seals represented a language.

He interpreted that the hand seals are a way to contact the world’s power and he tried different combinations to understand it.

“The combination of these two prints should mean the release of a small fireball.”

“These three seals form a certain figure or shape.”

“And these two for the dash and of speed up”

Gradually, Qin Yi understood the twelve seals, but he realizes a fact that it could be combined into thousands of different combinations displaying chakra in different forms and properties.

the night passed and Qin Yi was still studying,

The sun rose and Qin Yi who was alone studying suddenly laughed.

“Hahaha, this is it!!”

“Just like the Chinese, English.... their basic characters are so similar but different combinations will produce different meanings.”

“The same is true of the hand seals, but its arrangement must be accurate so that the world can understand it, otherwise it will be nonsense.”

“As long as I understand this, I can develop Ninjutsu by myself.”

He laughed loudly as he felt excited and also shocked by his talent.

Ordinary people only look at the twelve seals, but couldn’t understand this, it is almost impossible to develop something like Ninjutsu,

Only the real genius could explore the truth of the world

“Now, let’ have a try.”

Qin Yi closed his eyes and began to think in his mind.

“Distance, undefined, chakra output undefined, and then the shape is a fire dragon!”

He flashed and already arrived at the small lake in the yard

Qin Yi opened his eyes suddenly and his hands printed quickly.

“Swish Swish!”

he made four prints instantly

“fire release: Fire dragon!”

Qin Yi Said loudly.


In a small courtyard, the voice of a dragon came out and a red dragon swam out above lake.

At this time, Gandalf and the two generals heard the noise and rushed here. Just as they arrived, they saw this scene which left them in shock.


“What is this?! ”

The three of them looked at this in surprise as they asked about it.

The fire dragon lasted only for three seconds and then dissipated in the air.

Qin Yi was so excited at this time. Although chakra was exhausted in the three seconds he was excited.

“That’s the secret behind the seals. it is a language to contact the world’s power!”

“You can master the power of this world if you understand it.”

Even though this fire dragon exhausted all the chakra he had in only three seconds, but this discovery opened new ways to develop his Kingdom in this world.

“geniality, Talent, and understanding the words of ninjutsu.”

“The three are indispensable!”

Qin Yi said and laughed

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