The King of The Worlds

Volume 1 - 18
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Volume 1: Chapter 18: Tree Climbing Jutsu

For the invitation from Hashirama, Qin Yi was not surprised. Gandalf mentioned that before, after a little thought, Qin Yi returned.

“Thanks for the invitation of the Hokage, I’ll be there later.”

Although there was friction between the two sides when they first came to this world, neither Konoha nor Qin Yi tried to come up with a tacit understanding. whether it was out of consideration or future development.

The interests of the big power groups are always more important.

“I am waiting for you in front of the forest to show you the way...”

The Anbu ninja smiled and left the room after turning around.

Qin Yi’s eyes flickered. His mind was clear these days. More than 6000 of his own party must be under the supervision of Konoha. In front of such a large-scale army, the leaves will not be stupid enough to ignore them.

Turning around, Qin Yi found Gandalf and three generals.

“Konoha invited his majesty, we have already prepared for it.”

“According to our judgment, they are looking for his majesty. for three reasons.”

“The first is to calm down the friction we had before, Konoha did not mean to fight, I heard that their Hokage is a peace-loving person.”

“The second is to take a look at our forces. they want to invite us to join them. The actual information we get comes from the fact that Konoha is only a period of initial establishment of forces and is bringing together the forces of all parties.”

“the last reason is Your previous performance in the last battle was amazed them!”

The three generals said clearly, based on the recent intelligence, they could see through the underlying reason behind the incident and made Qin Yi slightly surprised.

He knew a bit that the pillars of the kingdom were actually not the fool ministers, but the three generals standing in front of him.

They are fearless, bold, loyal and selfless, they are good for the kingdom.

Gandalf looked at him with a smile and he did not speak.

“Of course, this is just the approximate estimate of the three of us. We have to see the Hokage to know exactly.”

Yang Yi said with a smile.

Qin Yi nodded, frowning for a while, but said in the end.

“gather 100 of the most outstanding soldiers in Chakra during this time and go with us to Konoha.”

“General Fang Lan, you will stay here and wait for us to come back.”

It is impossible for the army of nearly 6,000 people to enter the village of Konoha. This will cause great shocks.

Their task in this process is only visits and talks.

Soon, they picked excellent Chakra warriors.

Qin Yi glanced at the group in front of him and the soldiers nodded to him

There is no doubt that the Kingdom’s soldiers are the most loyal and powerful. They don’t know their parents, they don’t know from which world they are,

Although only ordinary people, each one is an armored soldier, they can accept very quickly and get used to the fresh environment, and they adapt to a variety of difficult living conditions.

According to his judgment, the talent of these soldiers is also very good. In a short period of time, their amount of Chakra is good.

“It is a pity that Ninjutsu scrolls are not enough.”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart,

“The time is short. I have some scrolls in my hands. just I have no time to teach them.”

Qin Yi thinking slightly, and he didn’t hesitate to wave for the two generals and Gandalf.

On the way

“Command the soldiers to use chakra to try to stick in the trunk and move forward from the branches.”

“In addition, let them learn these three kinds of ninjutsu as soon as possible.”

Qin Yi called to Qin Lin, and put the seals of the three techniques in his hands and whispered. 𝓯𝓻𝒆𝒆𝙬𝒆𝓫𝓷𝓸𝒗𝒆𝙡.𝓬𝓸𝓶

Qin Lin was faintly aware of what Qin Yi had said He felt a little excited. The power of this sub-world is very magical. When applied to swordplay, knives, or even body techniques, it can greatly increase destructive power. In the past two days, when Qin Lin and soldiers were practicing, they had learned how to use this power, which surprised them.

They also understood why there was such a great inequality between them and the ninjas.

“As long as we have this new power, we can be as powerful as they are!”

Qin Lin secretly said in his heart, and he quickly turned to teach the soldiers.

After a while, all the soldiers started their work toward the trunk under the instruction of Qin Yi.

Trying this new force, the soldiers are obviously very excited and interested. And they have good talents. After a little practice, some people have been able to run up the tree parallel to the ground and run up several steps.

breach of the law of gravity has caused the soldiers to yell excitedly.

Qin Yi smiled and looked at the soldiers. He could feel his own king’ power fluctuating. It seemed that as the soldiers progressed, he became more powerful.

Of course, this is negligible, but he also clearly realizes the close relationship between his king and this country.

“Oh, the old man will try it!”

Gandalf took a step with a smile and walked toward the tree.

Qin Yi, the two generals, and the soldiers were surprised. The old man, who was more than 3-meters tall, went so easily along the tree poles that he jumped up to the branch and stood on it.

“Haha, it’s easy!”

Gandalf laughed.

Qin Yi shook his head and laughed, so that’s the demigod, he controls the energy accurately and easily.

Next, Gandalf’s success encouraged the soldiers. Each one began to practice while he was on the road.

One hour later, Qin Lin laughs, crawled along the tree poles all the way, parallel to the ground,

“It seems that the two generals and soldiers, because of the hard work, could actually gain control on their chakra quickly.”

Qin Yi thought

Gandalf can quickly master this as so does Qin Lin. They are two old experienced people.

but the soldiers are still working hard and the progress is obvious.

Two hours later, they were in the jungle and meeting the Anbu.

“Master, did you teach Chakra to your men?” ”

Looked at the group of soldiers in front of the eyes strangely, Anbu curiously asked.


Qin Yi nodded and did not say much.

the Anbu only asked one sentence, and no longer said anything.

but his spirit was watching behind him. This group of ninjas jumped up and down from the big trees.

they can use Chakra yes it is still very low level, but in the sense of this Anbu, these people can already be called ninjas.

And the message he got from his companion seemed to be.

This group of people, just ordinary soldiers!

“In other words, these guys have been in touch with chakra in a short time.”

“Is this their King’s doing it?”

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