The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 576 - Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (9)
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Chapter 576 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (9)

There was no sound of miserable laughter.

Tribulation raised his head. The cold mask covered his face and suppressed all his emotions. He held them in his heart, and the vague tear moisture flowed down from the mask. It was extremely cold, with the last of his hesitation and cowardice.

The thundering sound in the sky gradually faded away.

The heavy rain that had covered Eastern Europe for days and nights had finally stopped.

The world was silent.

A depressing and strange atmosphere began to ferment and quickly spread.

Tribulation stood there, as if he couldn’t feel anything.

More and more Saint Warriors rushed into the church, but they slowed down at the same time.

People began to gather and surround the church. fr eeweb novel

Layers of Saint Warriors quietly moved forward, as if they were afraid of waking up something.

Aresis had fallen to the ground at some time. His body was tightening quietly. He looked at Tribulation without saying a word or making a strike.

At this moment, the rising momentum on Tribulation’s body had completely disappeared. He stood there, but it was just like the darkness that could be seen everywhere in the night sky. It was as if he didn’t exist at all.

Aresis’s reason wanted him to take action directly, but his inner intuition kept urging him to retreat. The faintly discernible danger quietly surrounded all of the church. At the source of the danger, Tribulation was only dull.

Sunlight and darkness coexisted in the sky. Reality seemed to have completely merged with the illusion. The temperature was so cold. Tribulation stood there, but he could clearly smell the fragrance of flowers from the north island. After all the cherry blossoms fell, Angel’s figure disappeared completely.

Tribulation reached out with his hand in vain, as if he wanted to catch the floating ashes in the air. However, the night sky after the rain was clear and cold. Heaven and earth seemed transparent and fragile, which made people desperate.

It was gone.

In the end, there was nothing left.

The past surged over like a tide and went away with the wind.

Tribulation thought about many possibilities, and also had fantasized about charging many times.

The young man and the young woman—who had met for a short time but had let their souls become entwined—had met yet again. Either they loved each other and killed each other, or they confided in each other sentimentally, or they were unable to control themselves in such a complicated world, or...

This kind of imagination had appeared in Tribulation’s mind time and again.

However, as time went by, taking so long that it could make any person drop everything, they had never seen each other again.

That is, until this year, until that night.

There was no distinction of life and death, no affection, no restrained will.

The man and the woman who had missed each other didn’t even have time to say a word after years of separation.

There was only one glance.

Life and death were so cruel that they had been separated from each other in two different worlds.

Tribulation’s heart was completely empty. There was only despair.

“I can’t take you away.”

Tribulation’s voice was drifting, weak and powerless.

The night wind blew over. It seemed to be accompanied by the floating ash.

Tribulation took off his mask.

The mask with many special alloys turned into flying ash in his hands.

His face was pale and dull, with countless sorrows. He looked extremely miserable.

He slowly turned around and looked at Aresis. “Why?”

At this moment, Aresis almost instinctively wanted to turn around and escape. The malice and danger that had been lingering in the night almost fell down as real entities. The killing intent all over the sky seemed to be releasing a wild laughter filled with the smell of blood. It was strange and cold like a nightmare; it kept approaching in a swirling motion.

Tribulation’s eyes turned dark.

But Aresis saw endless destruction in his eyes. There was sunshine, darkness, cherry blossoms, and the sea in his eyes. Finally, they became dark and empty.

Tribulation didn’t realize his own change.

All the changes were meaningless.

He wanted to become stronger because he wanted to enter the Holy Land and take his woman out of the place with the most strict defense in the world. But the moment he was on the verge of achieving that, the woman he wanted to save had become a pile of dust in the air.

All of reality had turned into an illusion.

Tribulation tilted his head and looked at Aresis. He whispered, “Say it.”

His voice was so weak and so powerless.

Aresis suddenly took a step back and roared, “You heretics, this is what you deserve.”

He raised his arm and suddenly said, “Kill him! Kill him!”

The Saint Warriors who surrounded Tribulation were getting closer and closer. With Aresis’s roar, countless Saint Warriors suddenly roared and rushed straight at Tribulation.

Thunder light, raging fire, icicles and cold wind roared all over the sky at the same time.

Tribulation’s figure was distorted.

There was no shadow in the area.

He had completely turned into a shadow.

His arms, legs, head, and the rest of his body were twisting, becoming invisible.

The extremely dense darkness was spread, roaring with death.

A bloody light appeared in the darkness.

All the raging fire and lightning disappeared completely, in an instant.

In the extreme silence, the silent and grim smile of death covered all of life.

Blood fell down like heavy rain.

Bits of flesh and blood flew high into the sky.

Only flesh and blood.

The darkness only roared for a moment, but the flesh and broken bones that had been cut apart had already started to make their descent. The large amount of flesh and blood was so dense that people couldn’t even tell which part it was.

The black shadow crossed the crowd of dead people and appeared in front of Aresis.

And then it appeared behind him.

This shadow appeared in Aresis’s consciousness.

The sharp pain had spread all over his body with his back as the starting point.

Blood burst out from behind him. An ordinary dagger had pierced his skin, tearing a large piece of flesh and blood.

Aresis opened his mouth. But before his angry roar could sound, his chest had collapsed under the tremendous force. The roar turned into a mouthful of blood. The extremely vague and distorted figure dragged his body to the ruins on the ground.

The whole ground shook, and endless smoke and dust rose. The black shadow kept changing, not dodging in the slightest. It attacked all the way. The unimaginable power fell on Aresis at the same time with absolute explosive power.

Countless Saint Warriors were still charging forward. The moment the loud noise sounded, they subconsciously turned their heads. Before the sound in that direction had faded away, Aresis had been forced to another direction by a strike.

Aresis’s mind was completely blank.

At this moment, he was finally sure that Tribulation’s body hadn’t turned into a ghost that could be completely twisted.

It was because of speed.

Tribulation was too fast!

That speed had completely exceeded the human body’s reaction speed in an instant. Aresis wanted to fight back, but countless attacks fell on him. He couldn’t figure out what the other party was doing.

Because he couldn’t see the other party clearly.

Countless attacks broke out at the same time. The injuries on Aresis’s body were getting worse and worse, but he just couldn’t see what Tribulation was doing.

It wasn’t until this time that fear appeared in Aresis’s heart.

Tribulation was an assassin.

From a certain point of view, Rothschild’s Martial Arts were also inclined to this kind of speed and explosive motions in the assassin’s way. As a destined enemy, Aresis was completely an expert for an enemy with such a style. He had fought against Paul in Rothschild, and Paul’s combat capability was already at the peak of the Invincible Realm in KingTong’s domain.

But in that state, Paul was not as good as Tribulation, at all.

He was far from Tribulation’s league.

In a so-called contest between top assassins, even if Paul stood in KingTong’s domain, it would still be difficult for him to hold on for ten seconds in front of Tribulation.

He was no longer at the peak of the Invincible Realm.

In the eyes of the whole Dark World, no one knew that after Wang Tianzong, the one who had passed the peak threshold of the Invincible Realm was not Deity of the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, Lin Fengting, or Li Tianlan who was most likely to be the Chosen One.

Instead, it was Tribulation!

Half-step Chosen One!

The black shadow was whistling fiercely.

Darkness kept surging.

Aresis’s massive body was constantly moving under Tribulation’s lead.

He didn’t dodge.

There was no way for him to dodge.

He was beaten, and he could only be beaten. Countless forces were striking his body, making him move. At this moment, the speed at which his body was beaten away was almost faster than the speed at which he burst out his full strength at his peak condition.

The ruins of the entire church kept shaking.

The sturdy divine statue, the collapsed hall, the thick pillars, the messy crowd, and the attacks were everywhere. As the black shadow passed by, everything that was blocking his path was shattered in an instant, and blood was spilled all the way. Aresis’s consciousness finally made him roar. But this roar was drowned out in an instant, soon after becoming weak and miserable.

The strongest domain of the Invincible Realm in the church seemed to appear for a moment, and then it was instantly shattered. The dense crowd of Saint Warriors were affected by the single-sided battle. In an instant, they turned into blood and minced meat all over the ground. Thick blood fell from the sky, carrying a mass of blurred flesh and blood. One of Aresis’s eyeballs had been dug out and thrown to the ground by Tribulation. But when a scream sounded, Aresis’s figure had already appeared in another direction.

There was no mighty change of heaven and earth in a battle at the peak of the Invincible Realm.

Only unimaginably fast speed and strength.

No one knew whether Aresis was fighting or not. No one was even sure whether he had fought back.

The so-called Realm, the so-called power, and the so-called number one in close combat in the world was being completely crushed in front of the black shadow. Only blood kept spurting out, and screams were heard one after another.

Countless Saint Warriors squeezed uneasily, and finally stopped due to the more and more miserable and horrified screams.

Everyone wore blank looks on their faces.

It seemed that no one had ever thought that Aresis, the Saint War Angel who had supported the development of the Vatican for many years, would be treated like this one day.


This was a complete massacre.

Aresis had finally given up the intention to fight back. He was trying his best to run away. He didn’t even care about what was in front of him or behind him. He ran away like a headless shadow. The black shadow lingered around him all the time. Blood fell down from the sky. While the screams went from high to weak, his thick bloody fingers fell to the ground, with hair, eyeballs, teeth, and arms.

The parts were thrown down from the sky one by one.

The last row of Saint Warriors had begun to retreat quietly.


There seemed to be a sound of cloth being torn apart.

Aresis’s miserable scream had become extremely hoarse.

An extremely tall but bloody red figure fell to the ground. The figure bounced as soon as he fell to the ground.

The distorted black shadow gradually became clear.

There seemed to be a bag in his hands.

All the Saint Warriors took a step back at the same time. Everyone looked at Tribulation with endless fear in their eyes.

The bloody figure fell at Tribulation’s feet and kept twitching.

No one could tell that it was the once arrogant Saint War Angel.

In everyone’s eyes, it was just a bloody monster.

The real Saint War Angel was being held in Tribulation’s hand.

Countless drops of blood fell from his hand.

It was a piece of human skin!

It was Aresis’s human skin!

Tribulation stretched out his hand.

The cold wind was like a knife, gathering in his palms.

The cold and sharp blade fell on Aresis’s body and began to dig every inch of his flesh bit by bit. Aresis’s scream was extremely hoarse. But his body kept trembling under the intense pain.

Tribulation threw the man’s skin on the ground.

The blade condensed by the cold wind was extremely cruel and cold-blooded. It tortured Aresis’s body little by little.

Tribulation burst into tears, as if he had lost his whole life as a failure.


He looked at the Saint Warriors in front of him, trembling and crying. “Go to hell.”

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