The Invincible Full-Moon System

Chapter 3 Medal Of Honour And System
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Somewhere in the woods of the Ghoul's Den,

*Cough* *Cough*

There was a man lying on the ground with a burnt body that should've been dead but seemed still alive, he is looking at the night sky with gleaming stars.

Rex somehow survived that explosion but not for long,

He can't move any parts of his body, all of the bones on his body are broken.

His right shoulder becomes more bloodied because of the explosion as the wound started to blister because of the heat, and his right arm and leg are burnt and bent the wrong way.

Despite his state, Rex's eyes didn't show any pain or remorse.

He tried to assess his body to no avail, he can't move his neck at all as it tilts his head to the left but this makes him see fire engulfing the surrounding trees because of the explosions.

Luckily or unluckily he is in an empty field that has quite a bit of distance from the fire.

'How did I survive that, I should've died from that'

'I can't hear a thing, my hearing is probably busted from the explosions', he thought to himself.

Looking at the piles of burnt ghouls, Rex is delighted. He can't help but crack a smile especially when he saw the King of Ghoul lifeless on the ground near the fire.

'In the end, you fail to run away. I have no regret now' *Cough*'

Rex slowly closes his eyes, accepting death that is an inch away from taking his life.

The state he's in will definitely kill him in a moment, but as he closes his eyes, a flash of the furred monster smiling devilishly while eating his parents suddenly crosses his mind.

His eyes then opened abruptly, "I can't die! That bastard is still alive!'", he mutters weakly.

Rex tried to fight the helpless situation with sheer determination but it only results in nothing except for a few bloody coughs, he can't do anything.

His body didn't respond to his will,

'I just can't die yet! please! someone...anyone! help me!', he thought desperately.

But all he can see is only fire engulfing the trees with carcasses of the Ghouls, 'Dear God above, please hear my prayer. Please, don't let me die yet. I still want revenge!'



The night seems chillingly silent, or it might just be Rex's dull senses.

'THAT THING IS STILL ALIVE!', Rex exclaim inside his head angrily, he's feeling desperate but even God didn't respond to his wishes in this dire moment.

Rex becomes even more desperate when he feels that he will not survive the next minute.

'If God can't help me then, anyone!'

'I don't care if you're the Devil! Help me live! I'll give you anything'

'Take my soul! Take anything you want! Just don't let me die until I kill that thing!'

Just as Rex finishes his prayer, the seemingly silent night trembles.

Rex looks up to the sky weakly and finds the half-crescent moon that seems to gaze at him back, but he quickly denied it as it shouldn't be possible.

He laughs inside his head ridiculing himself,

'Saved by the God? Saved by the Devil? As if they still exist since the emergence of Supernaturals. In the end, only death awaits me'

The moon that decorates the sky suddenly shot a dark moonlight beam towards Rex.

Before Rex can even process what is going on, the beam struck him and he starts to feel dizzy thinking that this might be his last moment.

<Binding the Host Body>

<Changing Bloodline>

<Accepting the blessing of the moon, healing all injuries>

Rows of notifications appear in Rex's vision,

Rex's eyes are starting to become heavy from the dizziness, he didn't even notice the hologram notification appearing in front of him.

Just before he lost consciousness, the last rows of notifications appear.

<Successfully assimilate with the Invincible Full-Moon System>

<Congratulations on becoming a We...>

Before the notification finished, Rex passed out.


An hour later, the retrieving team arrived at the woods.

"There are two corpses, Kyle and Rex"

"Based on the information, Kyle is on the west side before the cemetery. Unit Five will be taking Kyle while my unit will be searching for Rex around the cemetery", a woman wearing full-on gear said, her slender frame is the only thing distinguishable from a guy.

Unit Five leader nods his head and starts searching to the west, while the woman signals her unit to scatter around the cemetery in search of Rex's corpse.

During the search, there are still some ghouls that are still alive but quickly dealt with.

At first, the woman has some hope that Kyle or Rex is still alive.

She wanted to thank them, because of them the casualties in Dwight City reduce to almost half since most casualties in the Dwight City war is military men not Awakened.

But looking at the place,

Mountain of ghoul's corpse, some corpse even scorched to black, the devastating effect of the explosion, 'That's only a wishful thinking', she thought while sighing sadly.

Just as she was about to go back thinking that the corpse is probably black and can't be identified, she saw a lonely human-shaped corpse far away from the other.

She slowly walks towards the corpse,

Arriving in front of the corpse, she looks down before gasping in surprise!

'How can his body didn't get burnt? Although he is bloodied all over, he is not in a really bad shape', she thought, surprised to see Rex's body that should've been in a worse state.

Then something came into the woman's mind, 'Maybe... Just Maybe...'

She approached the corpse hopeful, she then opens Rex's eyes and shone it with light.

'Although his eyes are red, his pupil is contracting', A glimpse of hope came to the woman as he further checks Rex's breathing, she puts her finger below Rex's nose.

The woman then steps back in surprise, "He's alive!", she mutters in utter shock.

She looks back towards the cemetery and Rex, 'That is about fifty meters and he's still alive?! Is he one of the Awakened?' she shakes her head after looking at Rex once more.

"Found Rex's body, meet up at the rallying point" *Beep*


Slowly, Rex opens his eyes as his vision started to adjust to the surrounding.

Just upon waking up Rex grunted feeling his head hurting, unconsciously he rub his head with his hand to ease the pain.

As he lifted his hand, he suddenly widen his eyes while looking at his hand.

Rex looks at his hand in disbelief, 'My hand is still working? How?', he thought but then he notices that he was not in the woods anymore.

Just from the look of the place he's in, it is certainly the barrack's hospital.

'Hmm...but why there's only one bunk bed', Rex thought after looking at the medical equipment in his surrounding with only him lying in the room.

Just as Rex trying to figure out where he's at, all of a sudden the door swung opened.

A woman in her twenties wearing a nurse uniform comes in abruptly while writing something on a piece of paper., she enters the room before he saw Rex woke up.

"How are you today?", she asks, while looking at Rex's eyes that are staring back at her.

But there's only silence between them before suddenly, "Eh...?", she stares blankly at Rex, she then gulps after realizing that she is talking to a comatose patient.

"You're awake?!", the nurse shouted in surprise.

Before Rex can even answer, the nurse runs out of the room hysterically, "Doctor! Doctor! The patient in room 303 that is supposed to be comatose has regained consciousness!"

Hearing this, Rex was confused "I'm comatose?"

After the nurse shouted that, a flurry of hurried footsteps approach Rex's room before the doctor wearing a white coat entered with a doubtful expression.

,m But then, the doctor's eyes widened, "How?"

Although the doctor seems to ask Rex, it was a question that the doctor asks himself as he can't believe what he is seeing right now.

Looking at the dumbfounded expression of the doctor,

Rex then thought to himself, 'Why are they so surprised? Am I really comatose?'

But then suddenly, a flow of memories comes back to him regarding the operation to locate the Ghoul's den where he should've died.

'I was destroyed like a broken doll! How can I recover from that disastrous injury?', he thought.

Rex then looks at the doctor who slowly regains his composure before he asks, "Doctor, how long was I bedridden?"

"it's been two weeks since you were brought to the hospital", the doctor replied.

The doctor then added albeit muttering, "I can't believe you can recover from those injuries this fast, this must be a miracle..."

Hearing this, Rex was stunned, 'What? Two weeks? Am I a superhuman or something?'

After checking Rex's condition and confirming that everything went back to normal as if he never had those injuries before, the doctor excuses himself to write a report.

The nurse stayed back to tell him the details of when Rex arrived at the hospital,

"When the military brought you here, you are in a horrifying state. Half of your ribs are broken, fractured skull, multiple internal injuries, your back and arms bones are crushed, and your left leg is broken. Nobody should've survived such an ordeal"

But then, the nurse started to tear up, "I can't imagine what you have gone through"

Rex was surprised upon seeing this, 'So there are still good-hearted people in this world', he thought before smiling gently and rubbing the nurse's shoulders.

The nurse wipes her tears and smiles brightly, "I thank you for your sacrifices"

"It's my duty, no need to thank me", Rex replied with the same bright smile.

Just as when the nurse wants to leave the room to let Rex rest, she turned around hesitatingly while holding a piece of paper in her hand.

Looking at the nurse, Rex was confused.

After deliberating for a while, she musters her courage and asks, "By the way, can I ask for your autograph if you don't mind?"

Rex's forehead furrowed, "Why? I'm not a celebrity or anything"

The nurse's brows knitted before her mouth makes an O shape in realization, she then replied, "I forgot you are in a comatose teehee"

She proceeds to sit back down and explains the event Rex missed, "Last week, we won the war in Dwight City. Losing one of its main forces which are the Ghouls, the Supernatural main forces can be attacked easily without getting swarmed, and thus the impenetrable fortress falls"

"Then three days ago a ceremony was held for you Rex Silverstar, Edward Rearta, and Kyle Hinton. The ceremony is held to hand over the Medal of Honour to the three of you, the United World Organization gives you three, two medals. Medal of Bravery, and Heroes of Dwight City"

Listening to this, Rex's eyebrows raise in surprise,

His eyes then lit up as he remembered, "Kyle? Kyle is still alive?", he asks expectantly.

The last thing he remembered is that Kyle leads the Ghouls away for Rex and Edward, but if he can survive the ordeal then Kyle might also survive it.

Hearing this, the nurse shakes her head.

"His family is the representative in the ceremony and your guardian Mrs. Greene is your representative, I'm sorry", she replied, feeling kind of bad about giving Rex the bad news.

Rex's eyes dim after hearing what the nurse said,

The nurse felt a heavy feeling so she decided to leave Rex alone after saying that his mother and Edward have come multiple times in the last two weeks to visit him.

'Although I'm not close with Kyle, I respect him. I probably should visit his family later'

Rex was about to rest a bit when suddenly he remembers a vague notification that appears just before he felt dizzy, it's a weird event that happened when he was about to pass out.

'What is that thing? I don't remember clearly but I clearly saw a hologram notification'

Just after Rex thinks about the notification, out of nowhere a notification appears in front of him in a form of a blue hologram.






"Hmm?", Rex rubs his chin in confusion.

The feature of the notification looks familiar to Rex, it was just like a game.

Rex is adopted by Mrs. Greene who is now his guardian but he considered her to be his mother, years later he joins the military so he doesn't have any time to play games like other kids.

'Is this a new type of game? But logically speaking, It will not randomly appear in front of me when I didn't even buy it', Rex thought.

Finally, he tries to tap the Stats button to no avail.

Rex thought that the notifications part is not important so he decided to see what is in the <Stats> tabs but the truth is, he can't help to get curious about the <Stats> tab.

Upon intending to press the hologram button with his finger,

His finger went straight through the <Stats> button, he tries to think of pressing the stats button, and then suddenly, the hologram screen switched into a new tab.


<Rex Silverstar>

Level: 1 (0/100)

Race: Half-Blood

Full-Moon: 33 Hours - Blood Moon

Berserk: 10%

Sanity: 47%

Mental: 2

Strength: 9

Agility: 7

Endurance: 6


Intelligence: 0

<Average Human Adults have 5-7 points for each stat except for Intelligence>

Rex decided to skip the foreign words and directly see the common stats that he understands.

'Hmm, Is this my overall stats? Not bad, although I'm a little bit disappointed with my strength since I put extra effort in strength training', he thought.

Out of all the details of the stats tab,

Rex knows the common ones like Strength, Agility, and Endurance, these three are easy to understand but Intelligence, Mental, Sanity, Berserk, and Full-Moon.

He has absolutely zero clues of what those mean,

After thinking too much, Rex's head started to hurt again so he decided to close the tap by thinking of closing it but before he can do that.

His eyes darted towards the race section,

The word beside the race section puts a frown on Rex's face, but that frown soon turns into anger as he shouted, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HALF-BLOOD!"

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