The Invincible Full-Moon System

Chapter 28 End Of Field Test
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'System, what happened to her? Is it some kind of side effect?', he asks the system.

<Yes, By becoming your underling Adhara's hidden desire about you becomes stronger>

Reading this, Rex was conflicted, 'What if Adhara secretly wanted to kill me? Does that mean her desire to kill me becomes stronger?'

The system didn't answer, which brings chills to Rex's spine.

'Adhara didn't become berserk is probably because it's not full-moon yet, I must be careful in turning someone into a Werewolf', Rex thought fearing that someone might just stab him on his back.

Adhara is trying out her new power, she dashes left and right like a gust of wind.

Her speed becomes unbelievably faster because of the agility rune, Her speed is probably as fast as Rex or faster.

Rex nodded his head in confirmation, Adhara's rise in speed is enough to match peak rank three or even early rank four awakened.

Then, Adahara started to use her elemental prowess to enhances her body, instantly, her speed almost double. If before her movement is as fast as Rex, then now her movement is way faster than Rex.

Rex was surprised, 'Damn, I need to become an Awakened too'

While Rex wanted to check the shop, Adhara shouted, "REX!"

Rex turns his head with a confused look, Adhara then continues, "My strength rises into a middle rank three Awakened! That's a huge jump from Peak Rank Two!"

Hearing this, Rex nodded his head with a smile.

Adhara was pissed after looking at Rex's underwhelming reaction, "Do you even know the difference between ranks?"

Hearing this, Rex suddenly realizes that he didn't know anything about Awakened ranks.

For him who is not an Awakened, knowing those things is useless because he will never become one and it prickles his ego but now with the emergence of the System he can become an Awakened.

Adhara shakes her head after seeing Rex's reaction, she then explains, "A rank one Awakened will first make contact with their elemental affinity, in this part, they are only a little bit stronger than regular people, then they will then accumulate mana of their element to raise their rank to rank Two. In rank two, they can make little tricks with their element like covering their body with their elemental mana increasing their body prowess, or make a barrier just a couple of meters outside their body. Rank three is where the fun begins, in rank three your bond with an element is strong enough to conjure them into basic magic, here you can learn spells"

Hearing Adhara's explanation, Rex nodded his head in understanding like a kid nodding to his teacher.

"And now, I can learn spells!", she said excitedly, before she begins trying out her fire element.

Rex smiles wryly, his smile has a tint of envy before he asks the system, 'System, how can I become an Awakened?'

<In the shop section, You can buy elemental affinities>

Hearing this Rex immediately opens the shop tab and search elemental affinities, there he saw many affinities that go from common to legendary.

'The cheapest elemental affinities are 1000 Gold, I only have 500 Gold now, sigh', Rex sigh, he is so poor!

Rex then curls up on the ground with tears, he just wanted to become a turtle to go inside his shell and forget about the world.

Before he goes to sleep, he remembers something and said, "Adhara, three weeks from now is the full moon. Make sure you come to my side before dawn"

Adhara got interrupted in her meditation and replies, "Ok, I'll remember that"

With that Rex closes his eyes feeling tired about the day.

The next day,

The sun shone down the barracks, the sun brought some light to the maze reducing its eariness.

Rex opens his eyes and notices that Adhara is not by his side, he scratches his eyes while standing up.

"Adhara!!", he shouted while still feeling sleepy.

After a moment, Adhara dashes from one of the T-Junction and appears in front of him.

Rex looks at her and saw the watches in her hand show one hundred and fifty, Rex was surprised and asked, "Did you hunt the skeletons all night?"

"Yep! I just wanted to adjust to my current power and help you get points", she said with a smile on her face.

"When did I tell you to get points?", Rex asked.

Adhara's smile become wider and replied, "I saw your helpless face when you look at me yesterday, you want to get the first place right? So did I do good?"

Rex was surprised but that surprise turns into a smile, "HAHA, you did good", he said with his hand reaching out to rub her head but then he remembers Adhara's fear so his hand stopped midway.

Looking at this, Adhara said with a smile, "It's okay, I'm not afraid of you anymore"

Hearing this, Rex resumes his hand but then Adhara dodges it.

Rex was confused when suddenly Adhara said, "Choke me instead", she said while revealing her alluring neck.


Rex coughs after hearing what Adhara said, he didn't expect that kind of reaction, 'What the hell did I turn her into'

On the last day of the field test, the lecturers are busy saving students because the students become more wreckless due to time pressure.

Many of the students are already out of the field test because of their injury, some even got back to the field test to help their team after healing their injury, the field test becomes more competitive.

Rex and Adhara are beating skeletons left and right trying their best to catch up to the number one spot, they already become the second position and only seventy points left to catch up with the number one.

"Adhara! your left!", Rex said after he punches the skeletons near him to shreds.

Adhara looks to her left and saw dozens of skeleton approaching her, she then smiles and musters her mana, and blast them all with fire.

The skeletons are charred after getting hit by Adhara's fire, dozens of skeletons are reducing at a fast speed before the last of them turns into ashes.

The other students who saw Adhara and Rex in action have their jaw dropped to the floor,

"What a monstrous duo!"

"Who are they? They're not in Ivy's team or Gregg's"

"They're probably the holder of the second position! Rex and Adhara!"

Adhara and Rex quickly accumulating points, based on the corpse of skeletons around them it is probably enough to reach the first position.

The other students look at their watches as Adhara and Rex were collecting the points from the skeletons they killed.

"Look! Only fifty points left before they get the first position!"


"Oh my god, the time! It's running out!"


"Fifteen!! They can do it!!"



"The field test is over! All students get back to the entrance this instant!", Dave's voice was heard signing as the end of the test.

Rex stopped mid-track just an inch more before he touches the last couple of skeletons, he looks at his watch and saw that he is still behind by three points from the first position.

Rex sigh, "Well we tried"

"It's okay, the second position is not that bad", Adhara said while tapping Rex's shoulder to console him.

The both of them dashes back to the entrance, the students already gathered there crowding the entrance.

Before long, the lecturers appear in front with a disappointed look on their faces.

"SILENCE!!", the muscular middle-aged man said with a fierce glint on his eyes.

"I will now announce the result of the field test! The first position goes to Gregg with five hundred and thirteen points, The second goes to Rex with five hundred and ten points and the third goes to Ivy with four hundred and seventy-four points!", he declares loudly.

The students burn with chatter, Gregg's team is happy with their score ignoring the fact that they are almost slipped to the second position.

"SILENCE!!", Dave shouted after hearing the happy discussion of the students.

He then takes out a paper and said loudly, "WHY ARE YOU ALL HAPPY?! Look at this! The Faraday University third position reach one thousand points! and you students have the guts to be happy?!"

Hearing this, the students were silent.

Then Dave continues, "Gregg Team! You are a group made of five class 1-D students but you barely hold onto the first position! Rex's team only has two members from 1-C and they got similar points with you?!"

Gregg, the team leader for the first position group was at a loss for word, he looks at Rex with disbelief.

'This fucker almost got ahead of me with two members?!', he thought while glaring at Rex.

Rex on the other hand frowns, 'Sir Dave, please stop, I don't want more enemies right now'

Then Hera a.k.a the Red Rose steps forward and said, "In our eyes, you are all a disappointment. I can't believe trashes like you all pass the Ochyra University exam. Idris and Harmen who is believed to reach the top three positions didn't even reach the top three, how pathetic"

The atmosphere becomes gloomy, the students hang their heads low as the lecturers reprimand them.

Hera then caught Rex's eyes, she is also surprised that Rex can reach the second position with only two members. She wanted to ask Rex a question regarding his strength but she knows that Rex will not answer.


Rex calmly stood there, he notices that Hera is stealing glances at him.

'Nope not going to happen, I won't go near her. I got too much on my hand already', Rex thought after feeling that Hera wanted to pry into his life.

The lecturers are still scolding the students when suddenly,


The sound of an explosion was heard from outside, the ground tremble, everyone was shocked by the sudden explosion.

An oppressive aura envelopes the entire city, it is suffocating. The pressure brought by the thing outside is enormous that almost all the students fall to the ground.

Rex widened his eyes in surprise, his body also felt heavy.

'This Aura!', Rex looks at Adhara which in return Adhara also seems to notice the aura too.

Adhara and Rex's body trembled in fright, this aura is, they can't be wrong!


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