The Invincible Full-Moon System

Chapter 22 Fighting Lucas Platchi’s Group
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"Who are you? What do you want?", Rex asked, he puts his senses to the max and gets into his battle stance.

"HAHAHAHA!", Lucas laugh, he then stopped while holding his hair like a lunatic, "You steal my girl and instead of letting yourself get beaten, you dare beat up my subordinates?!"

Rex knitted his eyebrows, he glances at Rosie with a frown.

Under Rex's gaze, Rosie threw her face away unable to maintain eye contact with Rex.

'Huh, a deal is a deal', Rex thought before he looks back at Lucas again and said, "First she's not your girl but mine, second what kind of logic is that?"

Lucas's face heats up in anger, hearing the words that come out of Rex's mouth makes his mood fouler, "I'm Lucas Platchi! from the Platchi family! You dare offend me?!"

"HAHAHAH!", Rex follows Lucas's words with a laugh, "Dare to offend you? In my eyes, you are just trash who only hide behind the shadow of your family's name"

Veins pop on Lucas's neck, his eyes are bloodshot and his breath becomes heavy in anger, He points his fingers, "You..!", but he stopped midway.

Lucas smiled sinisterly, "Well never mind, You're going to die anyway"

Suddenly, a notification pop in front of Rex,


<Sudden Quest!>

<Protect and Defend Rosie and Adhara,

Lucas's group is here to take revenge because the user steals his girl and beats up his subordinates, Survive the current situation!

Quest Reward: 1500 Exp, and 2 Skill Upgrade>

'Nice, There is no other choice than', Rex thought after given a sudden quest by the system.

The four guys beside Lucas wear the same combat suit as Lucas, from the looks of it, it's top-quality equipment. Two of them didn't bring a weapon, the other two brings a dagger and a sword respectively.

'Two Elementalist and two magic fighters, They all are peak rank two Awakened', Rex analyzed his enemies before he glances at Rosie and Adhara, 'Rosie can't possibly help, that leaves us to Adhara and Judging from Lucas's temper, he probably will aim at the girls if he's backed into a corner'

Adhara stands beside him and whispers, "What should we do? That grey stone they are holding is a magic stone to block sound from coming out while the red stone is some kind of offensive magic"

Hearing this, Rex was pulled in thoughts, 'The grey stone can block the sounds so the lecturers will not notice, the red stones is probably offensive magic of a higher rank. I need to get rid of the red stones because I can sense danger from it"

While Rex was thinking he senses something beneath him, 'Hmm?'

After noticing the thing he senses, Rex smiles sinisterly.

Lucas's group started to move, they emit their own aura respectfully.

The power that comes from Lucas's group frightens Adhara, although she is also a peak rank two Awakened, facing a group of people with the same rank frightens her.

Adhara looks at Rex who is calm as water, she gains courage by just looking at Rex which makes her more confident in winning.

"Adhara, can you create a mini-explosion behind my elbows?", Rex whispers not even glancing at Adhara.

Adhara replied, "I can but why?"

"Just do it when I give you the signal", Rex said followed by Adhara's nod.

Lucas is standing ten meters away from Rex, he rests his saber on his shoulder with a grin on his face.

He then points his saber at Rex, "KILL HIM!"


After Lucas said that, two guys blitz from their spot, one with a sword and one with a dagger.

"Just ignore the girls, I will surely have fun with them after we kill him. Focus on that trash first", Lucas said with lust plastered obviously on his face.

The two guys are fast, if normal people were to look at them, they can only see shadow flashing but not Rex.

Rex puts his concentration to the maximum, He can see the two guys' movement but it is still fast especially the guy with the dagger.

Rex pushes Adhara out of the way and brings his hands up in front of him in defense,

The guy with a dagger jumps high leaving a trail of gust behind him,

He swings his dagger aiming it at Rex,

Rex lean to the right dodging the dagger by a hair length, He can see the dagger slash past his head when suddenly,


Rex's cheeks got slashed, he was shocked and notice that the tip of the dagger is covered by a green hue that makes it longer.

Rex backflipped trying to make a breathing space, but suddenly he saw a sword coming at him from his right.

He twists his torso and jumps backward avoiding the sword,


The sword hit the ground leaving a crack, the guy with the sword didn't move when he missed the slash.

Rex is still mid-air when he saw the elemental aura the guy with the sword gets violent,


An earth spike comes out of the ground just a couple of meters away from the guy with the sword,

Rex didn't have the time to dodge! He brings his hand in front of him getting ready to get hit but Adhara didn't let that happen.



The tip of the spike got destroyed by Adhara's explosion making it dull,

Looking at this, Rex punched the dull spike and shattering it into pieces.

The guy with the sword was shocked when he saw Rex destroyed his spike,

In that little gap of surprise, Rex flash steps towards the guy with the sword just a second after his feet touch the ground.

The guy with the sword widened his eyes in shock, he then waves his hand and summons a wall made of rock.

"Wall of Rock!"

Rex brings his fist back to punch the wall when suddenly he grins,

Instead of punching the wall, he steps on the wall and launches himself towards the guy with the dagger that wanted to ambush him from the back.

The guy with the dagger was caught in surprise, Rex wanting to punch the wall is just a fluke!

"NOW!!", Rex shouted while he sent a fist forward.

The guy with the dagger makes an X with his arm to block Rex's punch,

Adhara musters her elemental mana, a red aura is emitting from her body as she creates a mini-explosion just behind Rex's elbow,


Rex's fist was accelerated by the mini-explosion, his fist travels so fast that the guy with the dagger can only grit his teeth to prepare for the punch.

Just as Rex fist a couple of inches away from the guy's face, a translucent barrier of water shields the guy.

Rex's eyes glint with brutality, "Force Beam!"

Rex's fist that is strong enough to hurt a rank three Awakened becomes even stronger! his fist releases a faint white hue, this punch is the strongest attack Rex has ever made!


The fist obliterated the water barrier shielding the guy, the fist didn't stop and punch the guy on his guts.


The guy spits a mouthful of blood as his body flung hardly towards the ground and bounces back up, he can see the world spinning.

Before he can think another thought, Rex follows with a roundhouse kick making him fluttering away before crashing to the maze wall.

<Defeat a Peak Rank Two Awakened, Obtained 400 Exp>

Lucas's group sucked in a cold breath, The power that Rex shows makes them shudder in fear.

'That's the power of non-Awakened?! How could this be?!', this thought travels to each of their minds.

Amidst the dust of battle, Rex's eyes shine a fierce glint as he looks at Lucas.

Lucas gulps under Rex's gaze, 'How can he be so strong?! This is not possible!'

Rex cracked his knuckle, he then stomps on the ground with his Force Beam


A web-like crack appears on the ground beneath his feet, the power that Rex got from attributing to his strength shows on full display.

Rex cracked a devilish smile, "What's the matter? Still confident in killing me?"

After saying that, Rex takes advantage of their shock and dashes to the guy holding a sword.

The guy snapped from his daze but it is too late, Rex's fist is already a couple of inches away.


The guy flung away, rolling on the ground before crashing on the maze wall unconscious.

<Defeat Peak Rank Two Awakened, Obtained 400 Exp>

A beautiful sound creeps into Rex's ear, "Is this the extent of the mighty Lucas Platchi? What a joke", Rex said mockingly.

Lucas's eyes turn bloodshot, "YOU! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

"HAHAHA!", Rex laughs loudly, "To think that everybody is scared of a wimp like you", Rex then stomps on the ground again using his Force Beam.


The crack under his feet becomes larger, "Come on, What are you waiting for? Come and try killing me", Rex said trying to taunt Lucas.

Lucas can't hold back his anger anymore, he grabbed the red stones from the guy beside him.

"You forced me, Rex! I will honor you by dying with this magic!", He said while holding the Red stones up.

Rex once again stomps his feet on the ground forcefully,


"I'm waiting for you! Trash, no matter what I will not lose to trash like you!"

Rosie and Adhara were confused as to why Rex is doing this, the magic emitted from the red stones is at least mid-rank three magic.

"REX STOP!", Rosie shouted as she looks at Rex taunting Lucas recklessly.

In a fit of anger, Lucas holds the stone up which starts to glow brightly.


Rex gritted his teeth and stomp the ground once more, 'Come on! Wake up!'

"DIE!! FIRE NOVA!!", the stones grow more brightly, fire element started to circle around it.

The fire element concentrated into a single point and condensed into a circle of fire,

Rex is stomping his feet multiple times, the ground is a mess because of it when suddenly,


The red stones fire a fire beam towards Rex that burns everything around it,

Rex started to sweats, "GET UP!!!", Rex musters all his strength onto one last stomp!


Just after Rex stomp it, A huge skeleton burst from the ground.


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