The Invincible Full-Moon System

Chapter 10 First Day Of Entering Ocyra University
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Rex walks home slowly with slumped shoulders, hearing those harsh words that come out of his childhood friend really punch him in his heart.

It's freaking hurt to hear her pleasant voice say those harsh words,

What other people said or think usually doesn't concern Rex at all, but when it's Laura who said it, that is one whole different story. She's like a family.

But Rex soon shakes his head, 'Why am I so down for?'

'I have the system, I will be invincible later on! We'll see who's weak then', Rex thought cheering himself up from the gloomy mood that downs on him.

After finding his good mood, Rex runs back to his house and changes into casual clothes.

Rex wears his favorite oversized grey sweater with a white undershirt beneath it, ripped jeans grip his legs tightly, and the casual white shoes he's wearing are just like the last piece of the puzzle of his entire outfit.

He didn't forget to wear his necklace and a watch he got from old times.

With the laptop inside his bag that is being one-strapped on his back, Rex's first-ever university outfit boasting his muscular figure is finally finished.

Since Mrs. Greene's new husband, Robert is a pretty capable man that works in a company and is also pretty high on the corporate ladder, their family's condition turned from not that well-off into a pretty well-off family as Robert even bought a car for Rex to use.

But since he's a pretty busy man, Rex rarely meets with him.

Rex saw that Mrs. Greene is still sleeping so he decided to just leave for the university, he gets into his sedan car and set off to Ochyra University.

The traffic is not bad so Rex arrived at the university in just twenty minutes.

Arriving at the university, he gets out of his car and stands straight examining the surrounding.

Just like any other normal university in the morning, the university is packed with the laughter and buzzing sound of students that fill the atmosphere from left to right. But unlike normal students, there are some students that are playing with elemental control.

Juggling a fireball, pranking their friends with water, and some even went to the extreme as they create a wind barrier to avoid bumping into people.

Mrs. Greene yesterday told him that Ochyra University is a university for Awakened.

Since he's a normal human, Rex is a minority here unlike regular universities.

Only one out of a hundred is lucky enough to become this so-called Awakened, these Awakened get their power from a natural event called Awakening. Awakening can happen anytime and anywhere, usually, it comes naturally because of one's talent.

But sometimes, life and death triggered this Awakening but it's very rare.

Upon looking at Rex's muscular figure that makes him stand out even though it's covered by his oversized sweater, the passing girls glance at Rex in reflex.

Rex can be considered good-looking so it's not a surprise to see something like this.

Not that he ever gets this kind of treatment in the military though, no one dares or more to like being anywhere near the Grumpy Brawny. Except for one.

Contrasting with what Rex thinks,

The girls glanced at him not all because of this look, but there's also another factor that makes Rex seems to have some kind of magnet attracting the opposite gender.

But averting his gaze to the entrance, Rex finally walks inside the university.

Rex asks around and after almost twenty minutes he finally finds the administration room since this university is so damn big, the administration room is a see-through room near the entrance.

'It's there all along...', he thought cursing himself since it's so close to the entrance.

Getting inside the administration room, Rex went and sit in front of one of the receptionists who is a woman wearing formal clothes with long black hair.

"Excuse me, I'm already a registered student but I just got in this day",

Hearing this, the receptionist furrowed her eyebrows before observing Rex for a couple of seconds, this observation caught Rex in confusion as it was more like judging but she then replied, "What is your name?", she asks with a lazy tone.

"Rex Silverstar", Rex replied plainly a bit annoyed by this receptionist.

After hearing the name, the receptionist's face lit up in surprise, she forced out a smile, "Oh? My apologies sir Rex, you will attend the first-year class 1-C. I will inform the class 1-C homeroom lecturer so you can go ahead and attend the class immediately"

"Can you tell me where it is?", Rex asked again remembering this maze-like castle of a university.

The receptionist smiled politely before she points to a machine outside of the administration room, "There is a computer map at the entrance of this room, you can just type the classroom"

Rex thanked the receptionist before he left the administration room.

Just after Rex leaves, the other receptionists crowd the receptionist that received Rex and started gossiping, "Is that THE Rex Silverstar? The military hero?"

"That is the guy who got two medals of honor, but it seems he's not an Awakened"


"Yes, I don't feel any elemental properties from him"

"I thought that he will be cool and mighty, who would've thought the heroes of Dwight City is just a regular dude. What a let down", another receptionist said before going back to her section.

Not long after, Rex finds his class before he heaves a sigh of relief.

'What the hell is this university, It's too big! Even with the direction from the map, it still took 15 minutes to get here! 15 minutes!', Rex screamed inside his head.

Class 1-C is located on the eighth floor,

The class is on the corner of the floor with a more luxurious door compared to the others.

Looking at the majestic door with a roaring panther symbol carved on it, Rex nodded his head a couple of times, 'So this is the elite class I assume? Pretty nifty', he thought.

But after he thought of that, his heart started to beat faster.

It's been a long time he's been in this kind of situation, for some reason he felt even more nervous entering the class compared to the nervousness he felt during the Ghouls Den mission.

Taking a deep breath, he then braces himself and opens the door.

Upon opening the door, the silent vibe of a classroom greeted him. The lecturer paused in the middle of explaining something, he glances in the door's direction and finds Rex standing there.

Rex started to sweat from the pressure of all the students gazing at him.

"You must be the new kid, you can call me Mr. Joseph. Come to the middle and introduce yourself to the class", the lecturer said signaling Rex to come closer.

The gentle smile on his face makes him look like a nice person.

From a glance, Mr. Joseph is a middle-aged man with a scrawny figure. He's wearing glasses and a foot shorter than Rex. Although he looks weak, Rex can feel his senses honed in the military automatically become alert.

It's like meeting a Supernatural, the lecturer is even more threatening than the King of Ghouls.

Rex nodded his head before he walks to the middle and stands in front of the class with everyone in the class gazing at him.

He faces the crowd of students seated neatly in front of him, he calms himself down before he introduced himself with a confident tone, "My name is Rex Silverstar, nice to meet you all. I'm a new student here at Ochyra University, I hope you all can take care of me"

Upon hearing Rex's introduction, the students being to whisper among themselves.

Suddenly, one of the students stands up before he asks, "Are you the Rex Silverstar? If you are, how come you are not an Awakened?"

"Yes, I am. Getting medals of honor and contributing to the war doesn't mean I'm an Awakened"

"I just did my duty for the Elpida Alliance", Rex replied calmly.

Hearing this, the guy scowled, "It's great that you did your duty for the greater of the Elpida Alliance. But what I'm trying to say is that this is class 1-C, meaning it is for rank three privileged first-year students. In other words, all of us are an Awakened", he said with an unhappy expression.

"I didn't pick the class, I am assigned to this class", Rex replied plainly with a shrug.

But when the guy wanted to argue with Rex more, Mr. Joseph who is watching from the side intervenes, "Jack, you can stop now. Rex is the honored by the UWO with two medals of honor, compared to you, he is way better"

"Sir, with all due respect. I'm an Awakened and he's not", Jack replied not wanting to lose.

Mr. Joseph sighs upon hearing this, he then sent a piercing glance toward Jack and explains with the air of a teacher, "Killing low-rank Supernatural such as the ghouls, all of you might think that it's nothing but a small feat. Of course, if you compared it to us Awakened that killed higher-rank Supernatural Rex's feat does pale in comparison"

"But Rex is a normal human, and you all are an Awakened. Different standards apply to both sides"

"Jack, if you think you're better than Rex by saying you're an Awakened. Isn't that just unfair? If you want to be better than Rex, then you need to become a third rank Awakened that can kill fourth rank Supernatural. How about it? Are you confident?"

Hearing this, Jack went silent as he sat back down unwillingly.

Seeing Jack sitting down, Mr. Joseph then sighs again while shaking his head since he saw Jack is fuming in anger because of his lecture, "In this time of war, the majority of the people fighting on the battlefield are from the military, normal people. By destroying a ghoul's den, Rex just saved millions of lives that might be lost if the den is not destroyed"

"You're all Awakened, but don't think that you're gods", the lecturer added sharply.

After Mr. Jospeh reprimand the entire class, he then glances at Rex who is still standing in the middle, and signal for him to take a seat.

While looking at the students, Rex caught a familiar face in the crowd. In fact, there are three familiar faces.

Since the seats are in an ascending manner just like any other typical university, Rex can see all of the students' faces all the way to the back.

Rex didn't know whether to be joyful or cry, Laura and her brother Tom are in the class!

Aside from that, the beautiful girl that he saw during his morning jog is also here!

While ascending to take the top-most seat,

Rex looks at Laura but she avoids his eye contact, Tom sitting beside her gives him a sharp stare, and even after looking at the beautiful girl, Rex saw her looking at him with furrowed brows.

'This is not what I picture university life will be like', he thought with a sigh.

He then takes a seat on the top corner where only he sat in the entire row, the other students didn't even want to be near him as if he were a plague.

'Ah... My university life... Whatever, I just need to get stronger'

After seeing that Rex already sat down, Mr. Joseph continues his lecture as he explains to the class about Vampires, one of the pillars of the Supernatural. Mr. Joseph turns on the projector and started explaining.

"Vampire is a humanoid nocturnal creature. Vampires are weak when exposed to sunlight, silver is also a great way to hurt them just like any other Supernaturals. But they are deadly creatures that can charm a person with their outstanding looks and also possess great hand-to-hand combat skills"

It didn't take long before the projector booted before shooting the picture of Vampires' anatomy.

While pointing at the picture with a laser pointer, Mr. Joseph then continues, "They have a devastatingly stronger physique compared to normal humans, and even the regular Awakened. Because of that, an Awakened has to have good close-quarter combat capabilities"

"Magic is our main thing, but using a weapon is also crucial in fighting Supernaturals. Some Supernaturals are immune to certain elements. Vampire for example. Vampires have a high resistance to water and fire element, you will die if you are a water or fire Elementalist that cannot use a weapon", Mr. Joseph emphasized with a serious tone.

After briefly scanning the students' eyes, he then added, "So today you will all train in weapons"

"Let's go to the training hall"

The students get up from their seats and follow Mr. Joseph in an orderly manner, Rex cast a glance toward the beautiful girl that he met while jogging, and finds that she's easily the primadonna of this class or even the entire university!

Perhaps more than Laura, if he's not biased of course.

Feeling Rex's stare, the girl glanced at Rex before their eyes met for a second.

She frowns while looking at Rex, and after a couple of seconds, the girl breaks their eye contact and walks out of the class.

Rex packs his stuff intending to leave the class too,

But then he suddenly caught Tom staring daggers at him, this makes Rex confused, 'Why is he looking at me like that? What did I do wrong for god's sake'

After feeling helpless, Rex decided to stare back at Tom.

Tom scoffed before he turns his head away and walks out of the class, this makes Rex grinds his teeth in annoyance, 'Screw him, I better talk to that girl. I don't want to be antisocial like this, this is not the university life I expected', he thought before darting out of the class.

Even when he hurriedly follows the line of students, Rex can't find the girl until he arrived at the training hall where the girl is standing alone.

Some students are still not arrived yet, so this gives Rex a perfect chance.

Mustering his courage, Rex walks toward the girl.

The girl lifted her head up when she noticed that Rex is walking toward her, her forehead creased in confusion while looking at the approaching Rex.

"Hi, May I know your name?", Rex asked with a brimming smile.

Hearing this, the girl looks at Rex's eyes for a couple of seconds before she replied with a hint of coldness in it, "Adhara Alpenore"


The sweet voice that comes out of her mouth soothes Rex's ears.

"What a beautiful name... Anyway, I give a bad impression so I'm kinda lonely now. Mind tt be my friend?", Rex asks with a hopeful expression.

Adhara seems unfazed as she asks, "Why are you two facing everyone?"

"Eh? What do you mean?", Rex replied in confusion.

She then continues, "I know you are angry at Laura, I saw you yesterday when you talk to Laura so that makes sense. But now you suddenly seem to be angry at me too, how can you smile despite the anger inside of you?", there's a spark of curiosity in her eyes.

But this makes Rex even more confused, he doesn't understand what she meant at all!

"I'm not following here, what do you mean by that?", Rex replied honestly.

Adhara seems reluctant to reply but her curiosity beats her, she then finally clarifies her question, "I can see people's emotional aura. All I can see on you is red, so I'm asking you why is your aura so red despite you smiling right now?"

Hearing this, Rex was at a loss for words.

He froze like a statue while looking at Adhara, 'Is this girl a freaking witch?!'

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