The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 1265 - The Demon Swamp (5)
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Chapter 1265: The Demon Swamp (5)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The three days passed quickly and nearly ten million soldiers from the various nations soon arrived at the entrance to the Demon Swamp.

Even before stepping into the Demon Swamp, the soldiers could already feel the potent demon aura permeating the air and making it difficult for them to breathe.

Before entering the Demon Swamp, the troops stopped to make their final adjustments. The Divine Temple group led by Xing Hun had been at the forefront of the formation, but was now shifted right to the back.

All the troops noted this change.

“That bunch of fakes from the Divine Temple. I thought they wanted to charge in as the vanguard force. In the end, they were just leading us here, and are sending us in first.” Meng Fusheng fumed.

In addition, although the Hua Xia army numbered in the least, they had been picked as the foremost troop. They would endure the first wave of demon attack the moment the battle begun.

“The Kingdom of Mo Shi has so many soldiers, but we are being placed at the front instead. What are they plotting?” The more Meng Fusheng thought of it, the more angry he became. It was obvious the Divine Temple was targeting them.

Chi Tong and the rest shook their heads with ironic smiles as they watched the raging Meng Fusheng.

“Regardless of where we are positioned, the outcome will be the same. If the Queen’s plans succeed, we will not need to do much in this battle. But if her plans fail, it will be a bloody war no matter where we stand,” Chi Tong spoke placidly. His gaze suddenly shifted to the side.

Apart from the Hua Xia army, the first wave of troops included the Terminators from the various kingdoms!

Xing Hun had gathered those Terminators to form their own troops. Although their numbers were not a lot, they were the elite.

And this Terminator troop was standing right at the forefront of the battle lines with Hua Xia.

Chi Tong immediately noticed Liu Kai, who was jostling his way over.

“How is it? How is it? What’s the situation like now?” Liu Kai asked with a red face, having finally made his way over to the Hua Xia side.

It puzzled the other Terminators. They didn’t know why he was so agitated.

Liu Kai would ask again when Meng Fusheng pounced on him and cupped his mouth firmly.

“My little friend, hold your tongue. We don’t know if the Divine Temple has any spies among these Terminators. We’d be doomed if your questions were overheard.” Meng Fusheng murmured in Liu Kai’s ears.

After a moment’s thought, Liu Kai agreed with that logic and nodded.

“We will launch the attack soon. The demons should have already detected us.” Chi Tong instructed.

No one knew how Ji Fengyan’s side was doing, and they all held grave expressions.

Very soon, the signal for the attack was blasted through the bugle horn. With a deep breath, the Hua Xia army stepped into the Demon Swamp.

Under the intense demon aura, everyone needed to maintain an even breathing to avoid inhaling too much of that energy into their bodies.

In terms of numbers, the human troops had an advantage. However, they were battling on the demons’ turf and the strong demon aura was extremely harmful to humans. If the battle went on for too long, overexposure to the demon aura might shorten their lifespans.

It must be said that to ensure the annihilation of the two races, the Divine Temple made very comprehensive arrangements. Holding the battle in such an environment, even if the humans won, the demon aura would weaken the remaining few. At that point in time, it would be an easy kill for the Divine Temple men.

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