The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 1264 - The Demon Swamp (4)
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Chapter 1264: The Demon Swamp (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The demons were completely distressed.

They were ready to battle humans, but what they faced was not a human army. Instead, it was a small bunch of human beings and a dragon. Their well-prepared defense was shot through.

In addition, that bunch of people were scattering a bunch of bones onto their precious Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed. Such an inconsideration!

The rulers were also very puzzled. They did not understand why Ji Fengyan had brought them here, and why the ancient dragon was regurgitating bones at that Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed...

They were so weary...

Very quickly, the materialistic dragon had spewed out the last bone.

The Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was now half-buried in the pile of white bones.

The nearby demons were crying out with vexation as they pawed at the bones.


A red beam suddenly burst out of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, while a similar beam surged out of Ji Fengyan’s chest.

The two red light beams shot straight up into the sky and intertwined into one. In the next instant, it descended forcefully onto the pile of bones.

All the bones emitted a red glow and floated up to be suspended in mid-air. The bones then gradually started to swirl into a circular shape.

A familiar aura was suddenly spread to the bodies of every demon king.

The demon kings were still in attack mode when they paused in shock, before simultaneously kneeling down on the ground in front of the swirling bones.

“We welcome the arrival of our God!”

“We welcome the arrival of our God!”

The demon king all cried out piously.

Tens of thousands of demons bowed down in devotion.

Right before the stunned eyes of those rulers, the scattered bones had gathered together and were gradually forming the shape of a massive beast.

And that red light enveloping the bones had started to solidify into flesh, covering the white bones bit by bit.

In the next second, a huge fox-shaped demon had appeared in mid-air. A powerful demon aura permeated the area. All the demons were bowed down low on the ground, trembling.

“What... what is that?” Long Xi stared with disbelief at that gigantic demon fox.

After feeling the last vestiges of that demon god leaving her body, Ji Fengyan took a deep breath. She looked at that resurrected demon god with a faint smile.

“That is the Demon God. It is a Demi-god and the real leader of the demon clan.”

Ji Fengyan had mobilized the entire Kingdom of Hua Xia and sent them to gather the bones of the demon god in secret. Luckily, the Divine Temple was distracted by the planning of the final battle, and did not discover her movements.

It was not enough to gather all those bones in order to resurrect the demon god. The most crucial piece was the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.

Only the demon aura of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed could support the rebirth of the demon god.

Now, with the reappearance of the demon god, everything will change!

“Demon God...” The crowd was beyond shocked. They stared at that all-powerful demon god with fear and respect.

The demon god turned around and looked at Ji Fengyan.

“I have fulfilled my promise, it’s time for you to keep up your end of the bargain.” Ji Fengyan looked at the demon god without any fear.

A strange glint flashed across the demon god’s eyes. It suddenly opened up its massive jaws and howled into the sky. This was its very first cry since its rebirth!

All the other demons howled in unison at the demon god’s cry. It was as if they were marking the beginning of a new era.

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