The Indifferent Young Master's Flash Marriage

Chapter 615 - Moving Faster Than His Consciousness
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Chapter 615: Moving Faster Than His Consciousness

Su Wan stared at the expensive blue diamond bracelet in a trance.

They were too similar. Su Wan could not convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

Even if the two personalities of Jiang Xuecheng were separated, would they still vaguely remember things about the other personality?

Su Wan frowned. Just as she was distracted, a gentle call interrupted her thoughts.

“Miss Su, what’s wrong?”

The little handmaiden looked at Su Wan in confusion. She did not understand why Su Wan did not look happy when she saw such beautiful clothes and jewelry. Instead, she frowned.

Hearing the little handmaiden’s surprised voice, Su Wan came back to her senses and smiled apologetically at the little handmaiden.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of something. Thank you for the gift.”

The little handmaiden nodded shyly and suddenly realized that she had been here for a long time. She slapped her head and looked upset.

“Ah Miss Su, I forgot that I have other things to do. Goodbye, Miss Su!”

As the little handmaiden said this, she rushed out of the door. The girl was so fast that she even forgot to close the door.

Su Wan stared at the little handmaiden’s back as she disappeared out of the long corridor and could not help but shake her head and laugh.

She quite liked this little girl. Her words were sweet and she felt that although she did things a little rashly, she was definitely not annoying.

Su Wan gently closed the door. She swept her gaze across the gorgeous clothes and jewelry on the table and was in a daze.

A banquet...

Perhaps it was because she was naturally more homely. In the past, when she was on Earth, Su Wan had been respectful towards such occasions and refused to go to it if she could.

Without even thinking, it was obvious that this kind of upper-class banquet should be one where the clothes were fragrant and the hair on one’s temples were shapely.

The only things that entered her eyes were prosperity and smiles. However, what was hidden underneath was a complete alienation. It was even more terrifying. If she was not careful, she would hurt herself.

Su Wan sighed softly. When she thought of the little handmaiden’s words just now, she finally picked up that set of clothes and wanted to try changing it.

What if it didn’t fit?

Instead of embarrassing herself, she might as well check it out now.

Just as Su Wan was about to pick up the dress to change, she suddenly heard a clear male voice from outside the door.

“Su Wan, are you there?”

This voice was too familiar.

Su Wan blinked her eyes. She didn’t seem to expect that Jiang Xuecheng would come to find her so quickly.

Su Wan put down the clothes in her hand and gently opened the door from the inside.

In fact, she didn’t really lock the door just now, so she was a little surprised that Jiang Xuecheng would greet her first.

Because it seemed that no matter what time it was, Jiang Xuecheng always liked to come in directly without saying anything.

Of course, it had nothing to do with being polite or impolite, but because he seemed to only treat her like this, which was a special case.

After the door was opened, the slender figure outside the door suddenly came into view.

He was handsome and outstanding, always the focus of attention.

“Your Highness.”

Su Wan’s eyelids drooped slightly, and her expression revealed some faint respect.

The emperor walked past her and walked into Su Wan’s room without looking askance. Then, his gaze directly swept toward the gift box that was opened on Su Wan’s back.

From the way the clothes were ironed, he knew that she had not changed into them.

The man frowned, and there was an undisguised look of scrutiny on his face.

“Why don’t you try it on?”

Su Wan saw the displeased expression on Jiang Xuecheng’s face and smiled bitterly in her heart.

She did want to try it on, but before she could do anything, the man came up to her first.


Su Wan opened her mouth and was about to explain, but the man raised his arm and interrupted her impatiently.

Then, the man put down a small square box in his hand.

What was this? It looked like it came in a set with the clothes and jewelry.

Were they all things that would be used at the dinner party?

But for Jiang Xuecheng to actually go through the trouble of delivering it personally, it was really...

Su Wan was curious. Because Jiang Xuecheng was still around, she was too embarrassed to ask this question directly.

As if he could see her curiosity from the expression on Su Wan’s face, the emperor raised his eyebrows and opened the box.

In an instant, a pair of silver ankle-high heels came into Su Wan’s sight. They were a thin heels. The silver high heels were inlaid with fine diamonds and sparkled.

It was actually a pair of shoes...

Su Wan stared at the pair of high heels in surprise. She could not help but sigh at how Jiang Xuecheng was even more meticulous than she was. He actually did not miss a single detail from the clothes and jewelry to the shoes.

This guy must have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Go and change into it...”

The emperor picked up the light blue gown and handed it to Su Wan. There was a hint of impatience in his expression.

Su Wan quickly nodded. She quickly walked to the bathroom with the dress in her arms and closed the translucent crystal glass door.

Su Wan removed her original dress and carefully began to wear the gorgeous dress.

Her every movement was extremely gentle. She was afraid that she would accidentally tear the gauze on the dress.

She finally put it on. Fortunately, nothing went wrong.

The design of the dress was really complex. Su Wan felt that if her waist was just a little bit thicker, she probably wouldn’t be able to wear it.

After putting the dress on with great difficulty, Su Wan suddenly discovered a big problem.

The zipper of the dress was very deep. It seemed that she couldn’t reach it.

Actually, it was also true. Many dresses often needed a helper to wear because of design problems.

But now...

Su Wan frowned. She was too embarrassed to call Jiang Xuecheng in. She stared at the gowns for a while and was at a loss. Finally, she tried to reach for the zipper at the bottom of the gown.

Phew, Su Wan finally reached for the zipper after much effort!

Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes were filled with surprise. However, before she could rejoice, a small lock of her hair was suddenly stuck inside.

Oh God, it’s over!

Su Wan’s hair was very long and had always been cherished by her. She did not expect it to become a burden now.

Su Wan tried to pull the lock of hair out. However, just as she tried to pull it out, she cried out in pain!

Hiss, it hurts!

Su Wan’s beautiful brows were tightly knitted together. Because of the sudden pain, tears could not help but appear in her eyes.

Su Wan bit her lips, not knowing what to do. She tried to pull her hair, but she did not dare to pull too hard.

It was indeed three thousand strands of annoyance.

Then what should she do now?


The emperor stood outside. Seeing that Su Wan did not come out for a long time, he became more and more impatient.

He swept his gaze over the faintly discernible figure through the crystal glass door. His slender brows were tightly knitted together.

It was just a change of clothes, how much longer was this woman going to torment herself?

Just as the young man was about to lose his patience, he suddenly heard a low cry of pain coming from inside.

What happened to Su Wan?

The man did not even think about it, his actions were even faster than his consciousness. He pulled open the crystal glass door and rushed in!

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